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5 things music producers should learn? Not Music production

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Just knowing music production is not enough nowadays as we are in an era where record labels are irrelevant and independent musicians taking over the music industry. independent music producers making six and seven figures is more common to see nowadays. When I started music production it wasn’t the case but today music production has come so far that it’s a career that you can choose to enjoy and earn money from.

Let’s look at 5 things music producers must learn as they begin their music production journey.

  • Photoshop
  • Video editing
  • Marketing
  • Investing
  • Vocal Mixing


In today’s world music producers have to do their own artwork and do all the photo manipulation works .yes, all these things can be outsourced but it’s getting costly .if you are broke or in school, you have no choice of paying 200$ for a professional artwork. the only thing you can do is to learn photoshop and do all the photo manipulations yourself.

One more amazing thing that you can do is to sell this skill to your musical artist clients by providing them with artwork .this is an amazing way to stand out in a crowded market.

Learning photoshop as a music producer may be daunting at first but if you really think about it and immerse yourself into it you will find that it’s really simple and almost the same as layering a song but you do layering with colors and pictures.

If you are interested to learn photoshop the only place I would advise you to learn is skillshare.if you try to buy a course in skillshare you have to spend 10$ every time you need a course.

skillshare offers you all the courses for free on a monthly fee of 10$ and the ultimate steal Is that they offer 2 months premium for free .click here to sign up

Video editing

We live in a world were visual things are more valued than any other form of content. having the skill to edit videos is something you should learn as a music producer if you are looking to start your business as a music production journey.

As I said before you don’t have to worry about this and can always outsource but if you are broke as I was when I started to in music production .please immerse yourself in learning video editing.

Video editing can help you in making useful content to reach your target audience in one or the other way. You can make beat videos, thoughtful music videos, and even double down on making videos for your artist clients.

The best way to learn is to turn to youtube. The problem with youtube is that it doesn’t have any structure or even a definite pathway to follow and be like oh sure ! is this how it’s done. You will always be in the search for a video all the time.

This is the prominent reason that I promote skillshare to all music producers. it is so much you can learn from skillshare. It’s worth the money you pay. You can get your free subscription for 2 months here.


The never talked about part of the music production business. You have to learn marketing. You should know how to sell, how to negotiate, how to read contracts, and how to work with brands.

I am still learning marketing and I think for a music producer learning marketing never stops as it just like a game where you are trying to meet people and provide them help.

Should you go and take an MBA course. Absolutely not. You don’t need a degree. you have to observe what other industries are doing in their industries and try to replicate them. The more you invest your time to learn from other industries the more clarity you will get about marketing.

Are there marketing courses? Yes, there is. where am I going to point you? Obviously skillshare.

There are some techniques you can learn from people who are already experienced in marketing so that you can avoid those mistakes.
Let me give a personal story of how tried and failed miserably in marketing my beats.

When I started selling beats I saw that people are selling like “buy one get one free”. I was like

I am going to top this off so I put my campaign as “buy 25 and get 75 free” .is it ridiculous? If you don’t find it ridiculous man you sure need to sign up to skillshare.

But anyways I learned how poorly the artist will think about the quality of my beats if I was able to throw them away just like that.
So never underestimate the power of experience and learning .spend a couple of hours learning in skillshare and you will be on a good spot.


When music production is one of the art forms where the revenue can be unstable the only thing we can do is to invest it properly without wasting it on a bunch of music gear that is unnecessary.

Well, there are multiple ways you can start investing. I am an expert investing no at all. But one thing I know is that having index funds that grow along with the market will help you to finally be free in your old age.

I became financially awakened when I started to listen to Dave Ramsey. There are a lot of people who say a lot of things about him. But for a person with no self-control like me, his advice is the best.

Check his videos on youtube.

Vocal Mixing

Mas this is part of our job we will do it nonetheless” no you won’t!
You have to learn and update yourself with the vocal mixing techniques that are currently used by all the genres of music.

This might be a small thing at first .keeping ourself relevant has a lot to do with constantly learning and working on new music.


Wellbeing jack of all trades is actually a good thing when it comes to music production and being your own boss. improving ourselves in our business and in our skills are going to create a lot of opportunities that we might not come across if we are not knocking hard enough on where we should concentrate.

It’s all about going after what we want to do with our life. If music production is something that you desire, strap yourself to tell a lot. this journey will be interesting you will be satisfied that you chose this other than anything.

Start your journey with skillshare today

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Hustle harder.

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