Ableton 11 Released !! Complete Features List

ableton 11

This is something we all have been waiting for!! finally and finally the Ableton 11 is here. if you are wondering if Ableton has a comping feature, yes it does.


Midi track has scales function and folds function which allows selecting scales from a preset of 35 scales. If you don’t know music theory, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Chance and probability for midi clips. There is a chance and probability editor below the velocity editor. this allows to create clips that has probability variation built in. this allows the clips to sound different every time it plays.

The velocity editor is also remodeled to adjust the velocity range feature that has been newly added. This allows you to add more dynamics to your midi clips.

Usually, we had only 8 macros on a rack. Abelton has expanded it to 16 macros.this has been a long time feature request from many users. this opens a new world of sound design opportunities.


They also have added (+) & (-) controls to show all macros or even hide some macros. this makes the racks easier to work with. You also get a randomize button at the top of the rack to quickly randomize all of the functions. You can also exclude a particular macro from randomization.

You also get a new feature called macro variation. This allows you to save a snapshot of a macro variation. This allows you to toggle between the variations using the play can rename the variations and update them as well.


The most awaited and always told as a limitation of Ableton is the comping feature. In Ableton live 11 they have added both live track recording and live comping features. This allows you to multiple takes within a track and comp the perfect take.

Recording in a loop will automatically create takes within the track instead of overwriting the previously recorded loop. Just by selecting a portion of taking and hitting enter you can easily put together a comp. you can quickly audition takes with the take lane button. Each take is treated as an own clip. You can do everything that you do to a normal audio clip.

Linked track editing – this allows the functions and actions performed on one track to be performed in all the tracks that are linked.this can be implemented by selecting the tracks that you want to link and right-clicking, selecting link tracks.

The takes feature and link track editing make Ableton live the only DAW you will need for any music-making feature.

MPE support

Midi polyphonic expression – (MPE) support. MPE allows users to use much more expressive midi data. It brings electronic instruments much closer to live instruments. You can access the features of MPE even if you don’t have an MPE controller. Clips now have an expression editor where you can edit (slide, velocity, pitch, release, pressure).

You can do per note pitch bends and various automation for all notes with more flexibility. MPE might be confusing at first but the sound design possibilities are pretty endless. MPE support has been added to simple, sampler, and wavetable.

FX – That are new in Ableton 11

New FX – hybrid reverb – multiple reverbs, algorithm modes.
New two spectral devices – spectral time and spectral resonator. Both effects use spectral manipulation. Both effects allow you to use the frequency for new sound design opportunities.

The chorus and flanger have been revamped with chorus ensemble and phaser flanger doubler. the new devices have so many new features, the interface also makes sense.

Redux the bit crusher In live has also been updated in the Ableton live 11. This allows for much more flexible sound degradation.

There are a lot of max for live devices has also been added in the live 11.
The tension, electric, corpus, and electric devices interface has also been updated.


Live 11 adds a new feature called tempo following. Using the beat seeker max for live device. Essentially, live can listen to the tempo of an external sound and set the tempo In the software automatically. This can be a hit or miss, but this will be a useful feature for live performances in a band.

Scenes have been improved in terms of its look and feel. the names of the scenes also defaulted to empty. this makes a lot of sense than how they used to be numbered.this also helps to function along with the scene follow the action. Now you can add the following option to scenes as well not just the clips.
This opens up creative opportunities to work with live performances in live 11.


The browser is re-designed and several updates have been done. There is a dedicated category for grooves. There is a dedicated templates category as well. if you look into audio effects in Ableton Live 11, you will see that the effects are grouped based on function. this makes the effects much more approachable for beginners.

Max for live features appears directly inside the effects as well. this allows max for live to feel like part of Ableton live rather than to be orphaned.
Live 11 adds better templates and default set features.

You are also getting an improved clip detail view in live 11. Every option you will get in an improved clip view has been detailed and properly organized.
Refined clip and multi-clip editing have been implemented in Ableton live 11. You can also use the focus mode to edit multiple clips are a single clip.

You also get a new pitch lock setting to work with the draw mode for a midi which allows you to stay within the pitch.


The new feature shows under the tracks the amount of CPU usage of each track. This is my favorite feature, this allows us to pinpoint which track is using the most processing power. this allows you to check which track eats up your computer juice.
There is also a CPU display that shows average CPU usage and current CPU usage across your set.
Numerous themes are included as well which are easy on the eyes to use as well.
The all-new create crossfeed commands allow us to create crossfades pretty quickly.

Ableton live 11 also includes a sound library with collaboration with the orchestral giant spitfire audio.

There aren’t any new additional features to push or push 2 but all these features translate well with push devices.

where to get ableton live ?

Ableton live 11 is now only available to the live 10 users. inroder to get live 11 grab live 10 from the zzounds below.

click here for abelton live standard

click here for ableton live suite


The revamped Ableton live 11 looks amazing and the features are so premium that you won’t need any more software to do your comping or vocal recordings. everything is in Ableton live 11.

pick the software up and make awesome music. if you are interested in checking out the differences in both suite and standard check my article here.

hustle harder folks.

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