Is Ableton Better than GarageBand? ultimate comparison

Garage band is so famous among mac users and some even stick to it and don’t even go towards logic pro even when they reach a pro-level of music production. That’s how much people are sticking to it. This fascinates me because when you have so many options to choose from as a beginner I understand it’s going to be hard to choose music production software. This is not the case when you reach a pro-level, you can switch and you don’t even have to spend much time like a newbie to figure out how stuff works in the new software.

On the other hand, there is Ableton… If you have read my articles you would know that I am an Ableton fanatic but I use FL Studio and Cubase just to switch things up often.

Garage band has very minimal functionalities even though they are trying to improve it, does it show up to the amount of competition that Ableton live throws at it?

The short answer goes something like this,

Yes, Ableton is 10 times better than the Garage band when it comes to music production. Garage band is designed to serve as an entry point for music production enthusiasts where as Ableton stands tall as a complete music production package that can be used in live performances as well.

In this article let’s compare and contrast how good is Ableton when compared to garage band and does it throw a solid punch.

How good is the garage band?

Garage band is available only in mac and it’s used by mac users as music production software all around the world. Even though it’s not regarded as the professional software that is used in the studios for recording garage band can do a lot of things that a newbie producer might want to learn which makes it the ideal option for a Mac user who is looking for a digital audio workstation other than logic pro x.

When it comes to the functions of the garage band it works similar to the functionalities of recording software but it holds way back in so many areas of music production.

Good music production software should allow you to increase the speed of your workflow and allow you to customize and manipulate the crap out of the software the get the desired result.

Sadly, this is not the case with the Garage band at all. There is zero manipulation in terms of midi and audio editing and the systems are way off when compared to professional software like Ableton Live.

Even though this is the case garage band can be used as music production software for any beginner who is starting to learn the basics of music production. Once you get good at it you can transfer yourself to Ableton or logic pro.

How good is Ableton?

 I don’t have to talk about this at all, about 45% of all new records that are in the top 100 of the billboard list have been created, started, or even edited in Ableton.

That’s how many people trust Ableton for their hard-earned money and business.

Now let’s talk about the functions of Ableton shall we,

The session view, this particular view is just enough to beat any other digital audio workstation out there. Session view offers the ability to perform live without any issues and even gives us the ability to record our ideas directly without wasting any time or losing inspiration.

The arrangement view offers you the ability to even split the timeline based on the time signature. If you are looking for professional software for music production that is well-rounded then Ableton live should be your preference.

The user interface that Ableton has is the best in the game when put together with other digital audio workstations. The browser window just keeps everything neat and tidy for anyone to access and save time without searching.

Ableton has amazing pricing plans which make it easily affordable for everyone no matter what budget range you are in.

Here are the three versions of Ableton live you can get them from zzounds.

Click here to get Ableton live intro

Click here to get Ableton live standard

Click here to get Ableton live suite.

Now let’s look at the differences each of them have when it comes to music production.

What’s the difference between GarageBand and Ableton?

There are a million reasons that can be stated as to why Ableton is different from the garage band. Both of these software cannot be compared together at all. They are entirely different and are made with different visions

This is one of the reasons why in this article I dint go over specifications. The final verdict is simple, if you are a beginner you can go with both Ableton as well as a garage band. If you are an intermediate music producer with 2 years of experience, you are missing out on so many darn things buddy get yourself an Ableton license.


No matter which digital audio workstation or software you use finally it all comes down to; how well you can perform with the tools that you already have in your hand that matters.

I know several people who started with the garage band but advanced so quickly to learn and invest time in music production and being successful as well.

There is no quick rich scheme when it comes to music production. If you love it go all in.

If you are starting, it’s going to take a life long journey to get better at everything.

You should have the heart to always keep learning and never give up.

If you are interested check my article on why Ableton is the best DAW and my article on how long does it take to learn music production?

Hustle harder guys

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