why Ableton is the best DAW? 7 Real Reasons

When it comes to music production software’s as a music producer everybody has their favorites. Everybody has an opinion on which one is better and which one is not. People who start with FL studio say that FL studio is the best.

I started with FL studio, saw that it lacked a lot of things, and had to change to Ableton live. I don’t think that FL Studio is a bad option to go with, If you want to play live then go with Ableton live.

I have also used reaper and pro tools; they both seem to be focused on recording rather than live performance. I have been a live performer for more than 10 years and I love to use

The top 7 reasons why Ableton is the best DAW are,

  • Auto slicing
  • Midi capture
  • Max live
  • Session view
  • Racks and chains
  • Warping modes
  • Organization of views

Auto slicing

This is an amazing feature that’s available only in Ableton Live and is implemented and crafted so perfectly for slicing samples based on a variety of parameters. Any hip-hop producer who is into sampling will love this feature that’s available in Ableton Live.

The slicing feature allows full control in analyzing samples ranging from drum beats to leads.

The Ableton auto slicing feature is better than all the third-party plugins that have this feature.

Midi Capture

The midi capture function is very new to the digital audio workstation world. The only Ableton has this feature.

If you have never heard about this midi capture feature let me explain this in simple words,

Let’s say you fire up your Ableton live instance in your laptop.as soon as the window opens you are starting to jam in your midi keyboard without pressing record.

Usually, other digital audio workstation wouldn’t record this since you haven’t pressed the record button.

The difference in Ableton is that you can retrieve that small inspirational piece of music that came through when you opened Ableton.

This is a feature that was added a year ago that revolutionized the way digital audio workstations are working.

Max Live

Max for Live is an option that is available to use if you have the Ableton suite version installed in your laptop/pc.

Max for Live allows you to use and create complex plugins that create the next level of experience in working with music.

The collection of max for live plugins available in the Ableton live store is mind-boggling as you would never think that there is a plugin for such functions.

Usually, these small or even some complex functions would be done manually.

In the case of Ableton Max for live is an opportunity for anyone who wants to bring the idea for a plugin to life.

It’s amazing what you can do with Ableton.

Session view

The most talked-about feature in the music production community is the use of Ableton live’s session view.

It has taken the live performance game for producers to new dimensions.

Nobody would have thought that there will be a software that can both perform as a digital audio workstation and also a software that can be used to perform on stage.

You would have never expected it to do that.

This is one of the big advantages that Ableton has over other digital audio workstations.

Recently Apple’s logic pro x took a step in this direction and I don’t think that they will ever catch up with the functionalities that session view in Ableton provides.

Session view can easily integrate with the arrangement view and bring more value to your ideas and instantly turn them into complete songs.

Racks and chains

If you haven’t heard about an Ableton user praising this feature then he/she won’t even know to use Ableton.

This is a feature that I would want every digital audio workstations to have but most don’t.

What this feature allows you to do is to create a track with a sample and effects on it and save that single track, you can pull this track out whenever you want.

If you recall this amazing soundscape you created over a month ago you can easily recall that track inside Ableton as well. If this is racks lets talk about chains.

Chains are nothing but effects that affect the sound in the track on an instance.

Let’s say you want the reverb to be on an instance with affecting left channel alone and echo on the right channel you can do that in a single track by creating two chains that do this.

This chains and racks feature is available only in Ableton.

Warping modes

This another feature that not most digital audio workstations have. Let’s say you input a small sample into a sampler in Ableton .usually most music production software will simply warp it based on the global time signature and tempo inside their software.

Ableton does that for you and offers even more stuff. It allows you to modulate the warping using functions based on which kind of audio sample it is.

Is it a beat part or a small melody?

You can go crazy with this and make amazing beats.

Warping modes are being introduced in third party plugins nowadays if you have Ableton you don’t have to worry about this.

Organization of Views

If you look at any other Daw you will start with a view of using the tracks and the organization will be the worst. You have to click the buttons and go over things to even find how to get to the plugins section or how to assign plugins.

In the case of Ableton, everything is simplified with the four different available views

  • Session view
  • Arrangement view
  • Device view
  • Audio/midi editor view

you don’t have to be master to use these functions as well .they are pretty simple to navigate using the tab key in your laptop.

This organizational structure makes Ableton stand apart as a premium music production software.

If you are interested in purchasing Ableton click the links below,

Ableton intro

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Ableton Suite

You can check the article on Ableton here


There are weaknesses in using Ableton as well.there is not one Digital audio workstation that you can point to and say that’s the best.

Every digital audio workstation has its advantages and disadvantages,

I use Ableton because it feeds inspiration, faster to use, and helps me stay organized.

If you are interested check my article on how long does it take to learn Ableton here.

Hustle harder folks.

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