Difference between Ableton live lite and Ableton live Intro

Getting a free version of a premium software is something we always think about when we are starting a particular professional work. Let’s look at music production first, there is not a lot of free music production software out there.

If you can find a free music production software then that’s a feat, when it comes to paid premium software. Yes, some of you who are smart will download cracked versions in torrent.

Is there a legal way to get the license of this software for free that’s where Ableton and companies like pro tools have put their mark on?

I have more than 3 licenses of these lite versions as I have bought music production equipment over the years. If you are in hurry here is the short answer,

Yes, there is a major difference between Ableton live lite and Ableton intro. Ableton live intro is a premium entry-level license whereas Ableton live lite is a very restricted complimentary license given along with music production equipment and products. The main restriction is usually lite has only 8 audio and midi tracks combined whereas intro has 16 tracks.

They offer a limited or you can even call it a restricted piece of software for people to use along with products like audio interfaces and midi keyboards.

Why Ableton live lite?

This is one of the marketing strategies used by Ableton to spread the word about their product. All they did is to give an Ableton live lite version license as a complimentary gift.

If you look at the psychology of a new music producer, first they start to look at midi keyboards and audio interfaces and then at the digital audio workstations.

If you can catch a budding music producer by giving them access to your limited version of Ableton and make them fall in love with it, you have done half the job right.

I have seen so many music producers where if they start with music production software, they just stick to it. In Ableton’s case, they may even buy one of their premium licenses

Btw you can get the three premium licenses here from zzounds,

Ableton live intro

Abelton live standard

Ableton live suite

What is Ableton’s live intro?

Ableton live intro is the actual starting license from Ableton which has proper features for you to make a song rather than Ableton live lite. The restrictions in Ableton live intro are much less than Ableton live lite and offer much more capabilities to its users.

Ableton live intro comes with 16 audio and midi tracks that you can use, which are more than good enough for a producer for the first 6 months of his music production journey where he/she is trying to learn the nuances in music production.

Let’s look at other feature that comes with Ableton live intro as well.

FeaturesAbleton live liteAbleton live intro
No of audio tracks48
No of midi tracks48
PriceComplimentary gift (free)99$

The differences are not much noticeable when you are using both versions. if you did dive in to check what you get with both you might notice one or two things here and there.

Does it matter which version I use? The answer is not really. Whichever version you go with May it is Ableton live lite or intro, some point in time you have to upgrade to a better version of Ableton license.

 Is Ableton live lite good enough for a beginner?

Yes, Ableton live lite Is good enough for a beginner to get his feet wet in music production. I would say you can learn most of the functions in the digital audio workstation using this version of Ableton.

Check my article on how long does it take to learn Ableton live as well. You will get a basic understanding of when to purchase an intro or standard license to level your skills one step higher.

If you are planning to do music production for a long time then defiantly invest in Ableton the standard version which is good enough to handle everything for the first 5 years of your music production journey.

Get Ableton live standard version here.

Why should you choose Ableton live lite?

 The only reason I would advise you to pick up any version of Ableton may it be lite or even intro is if you are in a situation where you are trying to move from a digital audio workstation or even trying to learn a new digital audio workstation. If you are planning a long game go with the standard version.

If you are dabbling around with software to see which one fits you the best, yes of course go ahead with the intro version which comes around 99$.

You can get it here.


Learning a digital audio workstation is not a hard task at all. All digital audio workstations are the same thing doing things a little bit differently. If you even learn a free digital audio workstation with a little bit of fiddling you can easily get yourself around any digital audio workstation.

Some people might say you that all music production software is different its hard to switch.

Never believe in them you are not learning the workflow. You are instead understanding the workflow and its fundamentals, which will help you in using other music production software.

If you are interested check my article on is Ableton good for recording here.

If you are looking for a midi keyboard or an audio interface check my articles on them as well.

It will help you to take good decision.

Hustle harder folks.

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