Should You Buy Ableton Standard or Suite?

Choosing which version of DAW can be quite the struggle when you want the best version but the Ableton website doesn’t tell you exactly what the difference is between those two software licenses that they offer. On paper, they might show you things but we will never be able to tell whether that’s exactly where we should spend our money or not.

The short answer is,

If you are an experienced music producer go with Ableton live suite. If you are in the first 5 years of music production you wouldn’t need Ableton live suite version for music production.

There are four versions of Ableton live available in the market. Ableton live lite which is a complimentary version of Ableton which is given along g with midi keyboards and audio interfaces. Then there is Ableton live intro which is the entry-level license at 99$ but has great value when compared to other 99$ licenses like FL studio.

Then we have the standard version which is mostly good enough for people who are in the 1-3 year range of music producer journey. Then we have the masterpiece Ableton live suite version with max for live, which helps you to do incredible things.

If you are in hurry here is the link to get Ableton live standard version

Here is the link to get Ableton live suite version.

Ableton standard vs Ableton suite

Without wasting time let’s look at the only big difference that is there when you look at both of them is max for reality, it’s not the case.

FeatureAbleton live standardAbleton live suite
Software instruments515
Audio effects3455
Midi effects817
Max for liveyes

As you can see at first it may seem like there is not much of a difference to consider while there is so much packed into it when you buy the suite version.

There is a major difference in the number of midi effects that you get in the standard version versus the suite version, the same applies in the case of audio effects as well.

The sound library that you get with Ableton live suite is about 70+ GB which turns to be 5000+ sounds.

The huge difference is the software instruments. 5 to 15 that’s a difference.

If you care about all these amazing things that Ableton suite license has then that’s exactly what you should buy.

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Advantages of getting Ableton suite

Whenever you make a huge investment like buying an expensive software product there are going to be advantages as well as disadvantages let’s look at the advantages first

  • Ability to grow -the ability to grow faster is a big advantage when it comes to having an Ableton live suite version. You will never be restricted by anything at all when it comes to software limitations.
  • More resources – Ableton suite version provides so many resources that you may not even need to invest in third-party plugins and sound libraries too much.
  • Expand easily – if you were using an intro version or a standard version it’s really hard for you to expand and multiply the rate at which you are growing and how you are expanding your music production business as well.
  • Production and workflow improve – the more plugins and sound libraries that you have in Ableton the more the ability to create unique processes, racks, chains, and multi-functional tracks and templates to go deep into music production.
  • Create unique plugins – the ability to use max for live to create and also use other products developed by various music producers to solve problems that they encountered is a blessing to have when your time is more valuable.

Disadvantages of getting Ableton suite

If there are advantages then there are some disadvantages as well

  • Distraction – when you have so much at your disposal it sometimes becomes a distraction, you will not be even able to choose a single compressor that your mind will be running towards the shiny object. Having too many resources is sometimes a disadvantage.
  • Dropping music production – if you have started this journey as a hobby and you suddenly left it in the middle. It’s a huge financial mistake of investing so much money into a piece of software.
  • Treating as a hobby – investing money into a software license is one thing but not treating as a business to make money from it is another. Even if you don’t want to treat it as a business has some passive funnels to make money from your music.
  • Budget – if you are in debt or running on a budget to make ends meet. My brothers don’t make this mistake of investing 750 bucks in a piece of software.

If you are interested in buying,

Click here for Ableton live standard version

Click here for Ableton live suite version.


Sometimes the investments do matter and sometimes investment doesn’t matter what your heart says and the drive you have matters.

Whatever you are focusing on to achieve in your life has a direct correlation to where you invest. may it be time, money, and value.

Investing in software like Ableton live can change your life or sometimes it may not do anything at all. It depends on what you do with it and how much time you spend with it to learn music production.

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Hustle harder folks.

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