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Is Ableton worth buying?

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It’s a good question to ask if you are new to music production. I had the same question when I wanted to start music production as well. The doubts and the questions were bugging me when I started to research about the digital audio workstation. There were countless options available and the functionalities they were showing were intimidating.

Certain things helped me to decide to invest in Ableton and it was the best decision I have ever made in my music production journey. Investing in music production software adds accountability to work towards your goals and put in the time to learn Ableton live.

So what’s my short answer on “is Ableton worth buying?”

Yes, Ableton is worth buying as it provides endless capabilities to make music, reduce time, and be efficient in your workflow when compared to other digital audio workstations.

You don’t have to think too much about the price or even the think about it when it comes to Ableton because of the capabilities it provides when it comes to making music. I have used and tested so many software’s none of them stands a chance against the fastest workflow that Ableton offers.

Why Ableton?

Ableton is a digital audio workstation that can produce music and act as a medium to create an audio universe. It’s better known for its capabilities to sound design and to perform live.

All the other music production software is catered towards a particular audience but in the case of Ableton live it just covers all the bases properly. Ableton live the only all-round software that can handle either it is a live performance or 170 track music composing project.

Ableton has been the software that innovates every year with something new and brings an out of the world experience when it comes to the actual workflow of music production which matters a lot when you are working on a high level.

What makes Ableton stand part is the functionalities that it has that no other digital audio workstations have it. After 7 years logic pro x was able to add the live playing feature which is similar to the session view in Ableton. This sets Ableton apart from all its competitors

I have suggested Ableton live to so many people in the past to use Ableton and none of them said that they would have used some other software.

Types of versions available in Ableton?

 I have summarized all the versions of Ableton live here with their functionalities. If you are a beginner go with the introversion of Ableton live it’s about 99$.

If you are a bit experienced you can start with Ableton standard version which costs about 449$.

If you are looking for advanced features you can go with the Ableton suite version for 749$.

Click here to buy Ableton intro

Click here to buy Ableton standard

Click here to buy the Ableton suite

16 audio and midi tracksUnlimited audio and midi tracksUnlimited audio and midi tracks
8 scenesUnlimited scenesUnlimited scenes
2 send and return tracks12 send and return tracks12 send and return tracks
8 mono audio input channels256 mono audio input channels256 mono audio input channels
8 mono audio output channels256 mono audio output channels256 mono audio output channels
Capture midiCapture midiCapture midi
Complex warp modesComplex warp modesComplex warp modes
Auto slicingAuto slicing
Audio to midiAudio to midi
Max for live


Ableton intro is the starter version that comes with a limited number of functionalities but overall it’s more than good enough to start and learn music production. If you are brand new to music production Ableton live intro is all you need to get started. It has 16 audio and midi tracks as well as 8 scenes in the session view as well. 8 audio inputs and outputs are more than enough to start with if you want to start music production.

Capture midi and warp modes are two functionalities that you will not find in any other digital audio workstations. Capture midi helps to record every key that you press on your midi keyboard. It remembers every stroke and lets you retrieve it so that you don’t lose any of your ideas.

Get Ableton intro here


Ableton standard is something that you should be upgrading to within one or two months of learning music production. It comes with unlimited audio and midi tracks as well as 256 audio mono output and input channels.

Auto slicing and audio to midi or two features even other digital audio workstations couldn’t replicate properly. Ableton is so powerful in sampling as well. Auto slicing allows you to automatically slice your samples based on several factors. If you are a hip-hop producer, Ableton is your guy.

Get Ableton standard here


Ableton advanced is for someone who is advanced and wants to unlock all the potential of Ableton’s live. Ableton live suite comes with live max which helps to build plugins that integrate with Ableton and work wonders for you.

Ableton suite has all the functionalities from the Ableton standard such as capture midi, warp modes, auto slicing, and audio to midi.

It will seem a bit overwhelming if you are new to this. If you are a guy/gal who loves to experiment and work with multiple plugins and modules, your go-to should be Ableton live suite.

Get Ableton suite here.


It doesn’t matter at all which version of Ableton live you start with. It’s worth it to invest in Ableton and be accountable for that investment.

Ableton live will take your music production game to another level there is no compromise in that at all.

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Hustle harder.

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