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9 Best Jaw-Dropping Arranger Keyboards in 2020

arranger keyboards

In this article, I am going walk you guys through 9 amazing arranger keyboards. These keyboards have been ruling the stage performances for a while now. Let’s look at each one of them with their pros and cons.

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1.Roland juno Ds-61/88 key

  • The amazing thing about these Roland keyboards are, they are known for their exceptional sound quality with versatile command.
  • Juno DS comes with various sounds which include styles and genres from all over the world.
  • It has an instrument bank of about 1000- plus sound set from the previous generation keyboard called Juno-Di.
  • Acoustic pianos, electric pianos, and organs the vital part of arranger keyboards in stage performances, Juno DS has them all.
  • The big positives and Takeaways are the editing of sounds and patches, how much the control is given to the user throughout the function panel.
  • They also provide about 1000plus patches of expansion sounds which can be download from the axial website.
  • One more amazing thing is they have USB expansion which is unlimited for tones/voices.
  • This keyboard can be used as a MIDI controller as well.
  • The eight-track sequencer helps in developing amazing song ideas instantly and put our inspiration into songs.
  • A not spoken feature of Juno-Ds is the dedicated reverb, vocoder, and auto pitch effects which makes the vocal performances magical.
  • One trick that I used to do is too important songs in WAV format and using sample view function I used to play those songs.

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2.yamaha psr-sx700 arranger keyboard.

sx700 yamaha
  • The first thing that will stand out to you regarding this keyboard is its colour touch screen. Oh yeah, the touch screen.
  • The big change in the psr lineup is the conversion from individual modulators to a joystick modulator to control pitch and other settings.
  • The modulation combinations work well with the various genres of music that comes with the psr-sx700.
  • The assignable knobs are the biggest talking factor in terms of applying filters and working with various effects patches.
  • You can record your keyboard performances in audio form through a USB drive.
  • It has XG technology which allows you to connect with Yamaha music website and play songs.
  • There is an awesome feature called the mp3 library where you can play songs and also read the lyrics simultaneously.
  • The number of voice and style expansion packs that parts series has is just out of the world. You can install them and have amazing sound banks to perform.
  • There is a 16 track sequencer for arrangements and recordings.

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3.Roland FA-06 Arranger Keyboard.

  • Comes with a maximum polyphony of 128 voices.
  • This new version of arranger keyboard packs a ton of Integrate sounds.
  • It has onboard sampling features and multi-level sample playability
  • The transport controls for the digital audio workstations are truly out of the world.
  • It comes with a massive 2000 tone library most of it borrowed from INTEGRA-7.
  • It’s so expressive that it also comes with 6 knobs for various assignable effect controls.
  • The 16 step sequencer is useful in getting the inspirations into music.
  • This keyboard also acts as a midi controller and seamlessly integrates with your DAW.
  • It also has midi communications with IPad.

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4.Korg KROSS 2 Keyboard Arranger Workstation

  • This Korg 88 key keyboard is a lightweight monster. Usually, the 88 key keyboards are not easily portable. This keyboard comes at 10lbs.which cannot be seen in this range.
  • The incredible sound engine joins together with the easy to use presets giving amazing performances.
  • It has an amazing midi and 16 track sequencer derives from Korg Electribe.
  • This arranger keyboard is not just meant for on-stage performances but also for in-studio sequential recordings.
  • Comes together with great sample editing and 16 trigger pads for on the fly sample triggering as well.
  • It has 496 multisamples as well as 1041 drum samples.
  • The Fx system of this arranger keyboard is so creative in terms of delay, reverb chorus, flanger.
  • You can even directly record your performances into a SD card media.

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5.Casio WK-7600 Keyboard

  • Comes likes a beast with a 17 track sequencer and with a heavy build Arpeggiator Casio wk-7600 arranger keyboard blows people away with its elegant performances.
  • Usually, the word portable keyboard is thrown around quite often but this keyboard is truly a 76 key monster that is portable coming under 20lbs.
  • Just like Korg, this keyboard comes with mic inputs which can be directly recorded into sd cards.
  • It doubles its work as a stage performer as well as a home studio arranger keyboard.
  • The Casio arranger keyboard comes with a stunning drawbar for organs. The organic simulation of these sounds is of great precision.
  • This beast comes with about 800 tones which are even editable. Also, has about 260 built-in rhythm styles and 305 chord progressions.
  • It boasts about 150 Aperggio types and 12 auto harmonization features.

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6.Yamaha Montage 8 Arranger Keyboard

arranger keyword
  • This keyboard is a flagship that takes the iconic popularity of motif keyboards. Building over those legacies montage 8 packs a powerful punch over its competition.
  • The versatility of this keyboard is just indescribable in words.
  • If you have used the DX and motif versions then you will love this montage 8.
  • The sound engines AWM2 and the FM-X makes all the difference in the world to make this arranger /synth as an absolute monster.
  • The motion control and the programmable matrix create a deep and dynamic sonic expression of sound.
  • One thing that you will immediately notice is the super knob. It can be used to create atmospheres and tensions in the performance.
  • The only keyboard to have a seamless sound switching system.
  • The touch screen allows you to change parameters on the go.
  • He lives sets lets you organize your performances properly without changing the order of sequences.
  • Montage 8 comes along with extra music production software such as Cubase and Steinberg for editing.

You can check it’s price at zzounds.

7. Korg Kronos 8 Arranger Workstation Keyboard

  • With Berlin, grand piano, and thousands of other inspirational sounds Korg Kronos just shakes the stages with its atmospheric sound engine.
  • It has every resource and technology to serve the modern musicians.
  • The revolutionary tap and drag touch display makes all the functions easy to access in this arranger keyboard.
  • It comes with a massive 21GB of waveform Data that covers a variety of genres.
  • There is an amazing feature called the artist program. It provides sounds used by top-ranking musicians.
  • Come with onboard 16 effects processor along with a 16 step sequencer.
  • It has dual joysticks with a ribbon controller.
  • It has 8 rotary knobs, 9 sliders, and 16 illuminated buttons.

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8.Korg Pa4X Arranger Workstation Keyboard

  • This arranger keyboard comes with 76 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch sensitivity and velocity.
  • It has an aluminum cabinet which is so premium and elegant.
  • It has a huge 7″ Touch view display that has a tilt system.
  • Comes with over 1500 sounds of GM and XG data.
  • It has a guitar mode that provides realistic guitar parts.
  • Chord sequencer mode records any chord progressions and plays it back on the fly.
  • Over 500 in factory styles in a variety of genres to choose from.
  • 13 amazing internal user banks with unlimited storage as well.
  • Ribbon controller with complete sample recording and editing features.

Check it’s price at zzounds.

9.Korg Pa600 Arranger Workstation Keyboard

  • This 61 key beast has a stellar sound engine with finely tuned control and with an amazing articulation of korg.
  • Korg comes with its 950 sounds and which is a GM set.
  • The 64 drum kits make up for all the genres.
  • The synth bite and Korg’s OASYS is just out of the world.
  • It comes with an awesome 125 effects including delays and REMS based effects.
  • The realistic guitar tracks just takes you to new sonic world.
  • The TFT screen makes up for everything.
  • It comes with an mp3 player with transpose and tempo change.
  • Has a four way joystick for modulations.

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No matter which keyboard you use, you can give your best in what you have.

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it all depends on what you are made off !!

may be you are here to buy ,or looking for inspiration.

Remember Your hardwork will pay off

keep hustlin

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