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21 Best websites to download Acapellas for Music Production

best acapellas download

The 21 best websites to download acapellas for music production are,

  • Acapellas4U
  • Reddit
  • vocaldownloads
  • voclr
  • MS project sound
  • loopmasters
  • cc mixter
  • splice
  • producer spot
  • kreasound
  • wavo
  • metapop
  • king acapella
  • remix packs
  • Soundcloud
  • beatport play
  • indaba music


  • This website offers you more than 31,000 free acapellas, DJ tools, and high-quality vocals to be used in your music production.
  • IT has a decade worth of high-quality acapella that can be used for music performances and has been the choice of DJ’s for quite a long time.
  • It has been always said that acapellas4u is the first site that comes into people’s minds when they think about getting vocals.
  • Some music producers state that if I’m looking for a small inspiration acapellas4u is where I go to. When I tried it out it was the same.
  • When a website offers you free membership and access to 31k acapellas and vocals who wants to say no.
  • Nearly a million DJs and producers have registered in acapellas4u.
  • Post Malone’s ROCKSTAR has been the top vocal in acapellas4u.
  • One other thing to talk about this website is that they have an extensive forum where people from different countries interact and work on projects together.
  • The topics and the resources provided by this website is just amazing.
  • Acapellas4u also provides acapellas and vocals as packs so that you don’t have to go and download things one by one.
  • I think they are one of the best websites to go to if you are really looking for some quality acapellas.
  • One thing that I would consider is that there are some user-submitted pieces as well. So be careful when you are looking for acapellas here.
  • If you are looking for inspiration or even tuning your mixing muscles or working on some remixes acapellas4u is the way to go.



  • This has to be mentioned for sure. Reddit has been the place where musicians hang out when they are out of the studio. I’m not joking at all. The amount of followers for the subreddit “ISOLATED VOCALS” Speaks itself
  • This particular subreddit has grown over the years where a lot of music producers and mixing engineers have shared a lot of vocals for Djing and other mixing works.
  • The subreddit has now grown over 65,000 members and the resources are not that premium. But they are usable.
  • One of the main problems with these Reddit vocals or acapellas is that they may be even stripped-down versions from YouTube or even be reused and remixed vocals.
  • If you are looking for a professional project then please don’t use these, they will ruin your mixes. The copyright problems might also come at you if the particular vocal or acapella isn’t royalty-free.
  • The samples and copyright issues are far more serious nowadays and record labels are chasing people to suck their money even if they have a small success with it.
  • Be careful how you are using these subreddit vocals and acapellas.
  • If I were you I would use it to practice mixing and also use it on beats where I can change it 99% into something that’s unrecognizable.
  • Finally, is it good or bad? It’s good if you are just doing it for yourself. For client work please don’t go this route.



  • This website has always been known for their mixtapes and the amazing releases over the years.
  • They offer amazing mixtapes that can be used for your production work.
  • This website is always being updated in terms of production vocals and in terms of single releases as well.
  • If we talk about quality datpiff offers some amazing quality of mixtapes that can’t be beaten.

I use it for variety of purposes, mainly for analysis of

  • How different artists spin songs into new versions.
  • Which genre and type of music they are merging together
  • How are they bringing all elements together?
  • Datpiff has the highest following of around 2 million people. Their community is really big in terms of numbers.
  • I also use more of the news facility that datpiff offers.
  • Just as their title tag says “datpiff the authority in free music tapes”.
  • No doubt they are killing it in mixtapes.


4.Free Vocals

  • This website offers free vocals at the same time a lot of premium services that we wouldn’t be expecting as well.
  • Free vocals are involved in licensing and even doing sample clearance for a very low price of 25€.
  • They are really low when compared to some other services that I have used in the past.
  • They are giving unlimited worldwide license and you will be having your royalties and revenue paid by label.
  • It includes all digital audio, YouTube, and other physical formats.
  • The cleared samples can be released through an individual or through a label.
  • The website offers a lot of free downloads as well.
  • They have a 14 day free trial for their acapellas which gives access to their unlimited library of vocals and acapellas.
  • You can pick genre and bpm with a slider and sort through which type of music or vocal you are looking for.
  • The licensing section is one thing that keeps this website to be very different from the other ones out there.
  • The other thing that I found out is that they are looking for musicians and vocalists to work with them.
  • They have 8 professional vocalists working with them for all client needs.
  • If you want a custom vocal you can check their demos in free vocals.



  • At the time of this article, looperman is considered one of the fastest-growing acapella repository on the internet.
  • It may not have as many titles as acapellas4u but it has been growing at a fast pace.
  • At this point in time, looperman has a total of about 10106 tracks on their website.
  • You have to register your account in order to download the acapellas
  • The tags are descriptive and you can find amazing vocalists here.
  • It’s not just an acapella website it has amazing resources on software and a blog as well as a forum.
  • They also offer a lot of loops and samples which are royalty-free.
  • They have mentioned very clearly how the acapellas are not the same as loops, that we have to get commercial permission from whoever posted the particular vocal to use it and release Commercially.
  • If you are a talent manager you should check this forum you will find great singers from all over the world.
  • The search for acapellas is split into tags and genre so it’s easy to navigate and find your desired acapellas.



  • As soon as you visit this site you are hit with a dark theme and an amazing color scheme. That caught my eye as a part-time web developer and musician.
  • They have a lot of free vocal samples and acapellas that you can use for your work and production. The information on their site wasn’t enough to conclude whether you can use them commercially.
  • They have more than 10,000 acapellas and vocals samples on their website and each cost only a dollar.
  • The acapellas are separated by various categories which can be useful to navigate and find your perfect download.
  • The amazing thing about this website is the fact that they have all their samples and acapellas arranged based on artist, bpm, key, and price.
  • They also have a credit-based system. Which you can use if you are interested in that sort of downloading samples. I always find that whenever I buy credit for some downloads. I always never end up using the complete credit limit.
  • I also found out that they have an amazing podcast which conducts contest for songwriters and musicians.
  • Group vocals the hardest to find in any genre but I found that out of all the acapella sites these guys have the best group/choir vocals.
  • One more thing to add, the only website with gospel acapellas is vocaldownloads.



  • The so-called worlds #1 acapella supersite had me skeptical because of how it was advertised.
  • The moment I downloaded an acapella my heart just exploded. It was the best quality I have heard among all the other sites I have ever looked into for acapellas.
  • This website made a huge impact on the way they present the acapellas ranging from artists to bpm.
  • I thought there won’t be any top-performing artist acapellas and boy, I was wrong. They had acapellas from billboard songs to songs that weren’t even published through a label.
  • They have a total of 14,000 acapellas and 6 big sample packs.
  • Volcr boasts with 426,000 members.
  • Their popular artists include 2pac, 50cent, Ariana Grande, Avicii, Beyonce, Billie Eilish, Bruno Mars, cardi B, David Guetta.
  • The pro version will cost you about 5€ per month but you will have unlimited downloads.
  • Whereas for the free version you can download only 5 acapellas per month.
  • The acapella charts are something I was so fascinated by which gives you the most downloaded acapellas.
  • Billie Eilish “Bad guy” Was on the top for this one.
  • Overall if you are looking for pro-level samples then this is the best place to go to.


8.MS project sound

  • The site that was praised so much for its customer support regarding submissions to songs.
  • They have a wide array of acapellas ranging from hip-hop to pop.
  • The acapellas are of high quality and have great depth too them.
  • The amazing thing about this is that the price was much cheaper than volcr.
  • It’s affordable and can be used well with your music production projects.
  • The search function is so easy to navigate and the legal rights are explained properly so that you know your rights for commercial release.
  • If you are looking for a cheaper option then MS project sound is your choice.



  • I don’t have enough words to talk about these guys.
  • You can find them everywhere I mean everywhere.
  • May it be along with audio equipment you will get 1GB free Loopmasters sounds.
  • The marketing for these people at Loopmasters is just out of the world.
  • Coming back to acapellas, they have an awesome array of acapellas, the genre-specific categories are amazing to look for vocals
  • If you are a music producer you will love this website. They also have plugin bundles as well.
  • The price is good when compared to other over charging websites.
  • They also offer courses for music production.
  • The loops are split into one-shots, sampler patches, synth presets.
  • If you are an Ableton user you are in for a treat my friend.
  • The samples and loops are of high quality and all are royalty-free. They have introduced a reward system as well that is just awesome.
  • Loopmasters are a partnership with a plugin boutique so you can use the rewards in both sites.
  • If you are looking for an all in one package Loopmasters is your choice.


10.Cc mixter

  • This is a small website but has an active community that has royalty-free music for videos, school projects, and for podcasts.
  • The music is licensed by ccmixter so you don’t have to license them by yourself
  • They have an amazing community of 45,000 musicians around the world.
  • Tracks can be used with attribution even for commercial use.
  • It’s an open library of free music.
  • The forum is the best place for music producer hangouts.
  • They offer help to new music producers as well. The website might seem a little old but don’t panic the content is of great quality.
  • There are a lot of remix contests that take place.
  • I think ccmixter is the best place if you are looking for acapellas as well as a community to join.



  • One of the fastest-growing sample libraries in the world for music producers to take advantage of.
  • It has millions of samples. Oh yeah, millions of samples and Acapellas.
  • It’s is a subscription-based model and you can cancel anytime you want.
  • They use a credit-based model.
  • The samples downloaded using credits are yours forever and you can use it multiple times in your project.
  • He amazing thing about them is the fact that you can preview and download individual samples and not full packs.
  • They have amazing producer tips and tutorials that you can follow along.
  • When you sign up for splice you get rent usage of plugins.
  • You will also be getting a lot of video tutorials when you sign up for splice
  • The subscription model starts at 7$.
  • If you are on a budget instead of voclr you can go to splice and get millions of samples at your disposal.
  • You can search for samples based on the key and based on genre. Even if you want to download a whole sample pack you can do that as well.
  • The sound audition feature is something that I love so much about splice. You can literally audition millions of sounds and choose your required acapella.
  • They have a desktop app as well if you are interested in using along with your digital audio workstation for music production.


12.Producer Spot

  • This is another website that is similar to splice but doesn’t have a subscription model. You have to pay for each acapella or music sample that you download.
  • They have amazing construction kits for sings which can be used along with acapelllas.
  • The samples and midi loops are of high quality as well.
  • They offer courses and a lot of plugins.
  • The vocal sample and acapella section is the biggest one and has countless samples to Choose from.
  • They have a competitive price if we compare to other companies
  • The quality of the audio is also pristine.
  • There cannot be any complaints about the quality as the producers that they work with are top class musicians.
  • The sample packs seem to be the biggest promotion that they offer.
  • I feel like if you are really going for a full package deal then choose producer spot.
  • The website is easy to navigate and find the vocal samples as well.
  • The vocal sample packs are starting from 15$ to a maximum of 50$.
  • The genres range from Pop, EDM and these packs can be used for all types of music production software.
  • I have used the tropical pop vocal sample pack from them and it’s amazing.


13.KREA Sound

  • The amazing thing that I noticed about these guys is the fact that they have premium acapellas that are directly delivered by music producers.
  • They also offer lots of sample packs and midi packs for music producers.
  • It’s a community-based website.
  • If you are a new producer trying to learn then I would advise you to join their community.
  • They also conduct a lot of remix competitions.
  • The remix competition prices range from 300$ to even 2500$.
  • If you are a new music producer who is trying to get into the industry but struggling to pay for gear try these competitions. It will help you to win awesome gear and further your career.
  • The quality of the samples and acapellas are also standard.
  • You can join their forum if you are Interested.
  • One more thing I have to address is the navigation through the website was super easy when compared to some website which seemed old and hard to even find the acapellas section.
  • If you are a new producer trying to figure out and learn, this is the website for you.
  • If you are a seasoned producer trying to make connections, you can join as well.



  • Another amazing website that offers acapellas to producers
  • The genre-based categories are something that made navigation much easier.
  • The acapellas included a lot of hit songs from the 90s as well.
  • The major artists’ acapellas has some ripped versions as well so be careful while downloading these and using in your projects or even refurbishing them for your tracks.
  • If you are just going used for your own noncommercial intent then it’s fine. If it’s commercial release please make sure it’s in properly licensed acapellas.
  • The only problem you might encounter is the user-generated tracks that will be available here and there.
  • They also have an extensive blog which is very helpful as well.
  • Play the track even before you download it and check the quality properly.
  • You don’t have to struggle after downloading it if you check everything at first.
  • The variety of genres available is very helpful in learning to remix if you are a new music producer or a DJ.
  • You will get inspired by the quality of what they offer the samples.



  • This website has a space in my heart because of the things it has done to my career as a musician.
  • When I was struggling to invest in gear I joined metapop remix contest and won about 3000$ worth prizes which really helped me to boost my music production journey.
  • The community you get there is awesome, even today I am in contact with the majority of people there.
  • The remix sample packs are royalty-free and have been helpful in a lot of ways to cone my skill as well.
  • Apart from downloading acapellas metapop has been a place where I hang out with music producers from all around the world to discuss and learn.
  • Metapop is managed by native instruments.
  • A lot of top-class producers also conducted remix contests in metapop.
  • So if you are interested to make them listen to your music then this a way to go.
  • Metapop also has a forum where you can submit your tracks and as guidance from other producers.
  • I haven’t tried that feature but I have seen people getting feedback on tracks.
  • That’s the reason why they offer a lot of native instruments products as prizes.
  • The management and the team behind metapop are amazing in terms of dealing with customers.
  • I have been a very happy customer of them for a while now.


16.king acapellas

  • The design of this website was the first thing that caught my eye. It’s amazing how they have put together the various acapellas and all the sounds and samples
  • It is an awesome website if you are looking for quality acapellas
  • The genre to genre arrangements is so awesome to navigate and find the samples and sounds.
  • The acapellas are of high-quality wav formats.
  • The top downloaded acapellas include one republic, Zedd, drake.
  • King acapella has 16 genres to choose your acapellas from 100s of artists.
  • They also have a YouTube channel that offers remixes using these acapellas.
  • They even have mixed acapellas.
  • They have top artist acapellas even they released the recent Drizzy Nicki Minaj. It’s a paid website so you might have to open your wallet a little bit if you want to invest in samples or acapellas from them.


17.Remix packs

  • This is another amazing website that gives you sample packs, as well as acapellas for your music production, work.
  • They also run a lot of remix competitions for producers to up their skill level.
  • The website even has a dark and light mode.
  • They offer remix contest from top quality producers and record labels.
  • At the time of writing this post, they had more than 25 running contests for producers in dubstep, house, and trap.
  • The top popular stems that are downloaded include Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber.
  • The acapellas are of the highest quality Wav files that can be used in your projects.
  • They offer a variety of free acapellas as well.



  • They have the biggest library of acapellas more than 50,000 tracks.
  • One issue with them is that everything is available in mp3 format rather than wav
  • You have alphabetical arrangement go sort through
  • You also Have a genre-based arrangement and search function.
  • New acapellas are being added every single day.
  • The mp3 quality is good for remixes but not for commercial usage.
  • IF you are looking for some quick vocals loops to take advantage of acapell is your choice


19.Sound cloud

  • Yes, you can get acapellas from Sound cloud .
  • The way I have used is to Find amazing singers from SoundCloud and collaborating with them and getting Acapellas
  • Yes, it still works like a charm.
  • You grow by helping each other.



  • One of the amazing websites that are premium and used by a lot of DJs for finding songs in this day and age.
  • There are about 30 genres to choose from.
  • The quality is incredible as you get the tracks directly from the producers.
  • You will be paying money as this is a paid service.


21.Indaba music

  • They have shifted all their samples and loops to splice as of today.
  • But you can still find all the categories on their website.



If you guys still have problems in finding acapellas shoot me a mail in the contact section.

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