Can Fl studio work in Windows? full guide

Even though there are so many operating systems such as Mac, Linux, and windows. Unless you have enough money coming in you would be working with a windows laptop or desktop since it’s easily affordable with 3 to 6 months of savings no matter which country you are in.

Some digital audio workstations are not developed for every operating system at all. Take logic pro x for example, it works only in Mac operating systems and doesn’t have a version that works in windows unless you opt for Hackintosh(lol).

On the other hand, there is software like Ableton and pro tools that are made to work in all kinds of platforms as well. Talking about FL studio, they are the beginner’s choice of music production software in most cases as it is easy to learn and start making music.

On the other hand, when FL studio was first introduced it was meant for only windows users and not for mac users. About 2 years ago this was changed and the image line came with an FL studio version for mac.

Yes, FL studio works with windows as well as in the Mac Operating system. FL Studio was first made to work with windows and later in 2018, a version was released for mac operating system.

In this article let’s look at the specifications of FL studio and what are the requirements as well.

Specifications of FL studio 

FL Studio comes with 400 to 800 MB depending on the version. It requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM to work comfortably on your laptop/desktop.

In the case of processors, it requires a minimum of 2 GHz AMD.

When It comes to hard disk space 2GB of minimum space is enough to work with.

Even though the specifications of FL studio might seem like it’s not much to worry about, the problem you will face with a low specs laptop is not being able to use a lot of plugins and samples in a project.

The more processing power you have the more the ability to use synth plugins. The more RAM you have the better the ability to load sample libraries in FL studio.

If you are not considering these when you buy a laptop or a desktop, you are making a huge mistake.

Check my article on laptops for music production here. I went on in-depth to explain what you would require to install fl studio or even any other digital audio workstation and work with efficiency without any problems.

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Is FL studio only for windows? 

Once upon a time, this was the case, FL studio was only for windows, and the dudes who wanted to use FL had to buy a windows laptop to use it.

Things have changed as the years progressed. This is not the case anymore FL studio is available in both windows and mac. This mac version was released as you might know in 2018.

They also have a free trial and download option on their website. Ableton also offers a 30-day trial.

The function of the fruity version of fl studio which is the entry version of their license model is limited when compared to Ableton and pro tools. Whereas FL studio producer version offers more bank for your buck when it comes to medium budget licenses.

Fl studio signature is the high price license with awesome synth plugins that takes the music production to the next level.

You can get the fruity version here

You can get the producer version here

You can get the signature version here

One amazing thing about FL studio is that the licenses are not expensive when compared to other digital audio workstations. You might have to be a little careful if you are going for the fruity version as it can’t record external audio or instruments into the software.

Summary of FL studio versions in windows

If you are looking into music production and investing in fl studio, here are some articles that I would recommend you read before making the purchase.

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Learning digital music production software would seem a little hard at first but it comes down to how much time we invest in it. You cannot invest one hour per week to become a master at music production at all. You have to invest at least one hour a day to get better at it day in and day out.

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 In reality which software you use to produce music or which operating system you use doesn’t make any sense at all check our article on artists who use FL studio and artists who use Ableton here. You will understand that the music you make with them matters more than which software you are using to make music. 

 If you are starting I would advise you to not give up and continue this journey of music production.

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Hustle harder folks.

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