Can I learn FL studio on my own? Easy tutorial

Picking a new hobby or a skill is an exciting thing to do no matter which age you are at. The first few days will be fun and frustrating at the same time. Learning FL studio will be the same as well. you will go through times of real doubt in your mind whether you can learn this craft or not? When I started to learn fl studio I had the same issues as well where at times it will look like this is a failed project. I need some boosts here and there. I was able to learn in the end.

Here In this article, I will go through how long it will take to learn fl studio, and if you can learn fl studio on your own or not? I will be dropping some major golden nuggets as well on how to go about experimenting with fl studio to minimize the learning curve. I will also reveal the magic pill to learn fl studio on your own. Strap yourself in and let’s get started

For the people who are looking for the short answer,

Yes, you can learn FL studio on your own. You will be able to learn FL studio through tutorials online. The learning curve will be hard if you learn on your own. Figuring out things on your own will take a long time to learn FL studio.

 Let’s look at how long does it even it takes to learn FL studio on your own.

How long does it take to learn FL studio?

The answer to this question would be it depends based on how you are willing to spend time learning the software. Even if you put in the time to learn fl studio the next problem you will face is the ability to find resources to learn on your own.

Learning on your own might mean a lot of things as well. if you look in the perspective of learning fl studio all by yourself then it is going to be a hard path that is going to test your ability to self-motivate to the core.

If we take the other approach where you are not hiring anyone to teach you and you are learning through online resources then you can speed up the process rather than experimenting yourself.

That said, it depends on how much you can grasp in a limited time. If you have previous experience in playing an instrument then you will be able to grasp it a lot quicker than other people.

The ability to learn quicker basically depends on your willingness. When I was learning music production software my back was against the wall and I had to learn to make a living of music.

It took me three years to do it but it was worth every pain and tribulation that I went through. I would advise you to have your reason for learning fl studio figured out before starting to learn the music production software. This makes a huge difference in the learning process and makes you give your best effort in learning fl studio.

There will be obstacles like getting stagnant in a place not knowing what to learn next as well. in those times the ability to breakthrough can only happen if you are motivated enough to learn the software.

As I told you before the real magic pill to learn any software or hobby is the reason behind why we are doing it. If you are doing this as a side hustle to generate a side income then I would advise you that you are making the right choice here. Anyone who is telling you that the market is crowded is a fool and has no idea what the market is like for a music producer.

Resources to learn on your own?

When you start to learn on your own the first question would be where should I find the tutorials to learn fl studio? If you are going to youtube to learn fl studio, you are making a huge mistake. The problem with learning anything from YouTube is that there won’t be any structure to follow. This makes it hard for anyone to know, how to navigate fl studio.

The best way to learn fl studio is by courses that are taken by professionals. If you go and sign up for individual courses it will cost you more. The best way to learn from courses is from skillshare.

A lot of people make the mistake of buying courses in udemy for 10$ while you can get all the courses in udemy for only 10$ per month at skillshare. This is one of the reasons why I always ask a producer “do you have a skillshare license?”

The only subscription service that I use other than Netflix is skillshare. you can get yours here.

Where to get FL studio software license

To make your commitment towards learning the software solid, one thing that you can do is to invest in the software license. The amazing thing about FL studio is that they give you a one-time price and allow you to get an unlimited update which is just not offered by any other digital audio workstations at all.

There are three versions of fl studio, if you are starting I will advise you to get the producer version rather than the fruity version as it offers you all the abilities for the first three years. The fruity version is limited in these aspects. Zzounds is the best place to get the software.

You can get the producer version here

You can get the signature version here

You can get the fruity version here


it doesn’t matter where you start or what you know previously about music. If you are interested in learning about music production then no matter where you are at your journey you will always be able to make it.

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Hustle harder folks

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