Can you Make Beats with Pro Tools? In depth Guide

Making beats is one of the important aspects of being a music producer. You start with making beats and progress as a producer into mixing, mastering, and more ninja stuff like film scoring. We all have to start somewhere in our music producer may not be equal for everyone. Some people have to work harder than others to learn music production.

There is always this debate of which software is good for making beats. At first FL studio had the crown. Now Ableton has it for a variety of reasons. Fl studio just recently lost the crown to the new updated version of Ableton can check my article on Ableton 11 here.

Yes, you can make beats with pro tools. Even though pro tools is found to be used by professionals for mixing and vocal recordings in recording studios, it has gained so much reputation in terms of serving as software for making beats as well.

Let’s dive in shall we,

Tips for making beats in pro tools

Three tips that I will give for anyone who is making beats in pro tools or even in any digital audio workstation are as follows

Never allow yourself to do the same thing over and over again. To give you an example, if you are using 4/4 time signature in pro tools for your beats, switch it up. Change the time signature and make new beats that are entirely different in pro tools.

The next advice would be to use automation in making beats. if you look at producers who are starting. They just put things together and try to stick everything together. This is not a good approach at all. Always make sure each element of your song has a purpose and is there for a reason. This can be easily controlled in pro tools through automation that is available.

The third tip would be to always find other ways to do the same thing. this can also include learning the digital audio workstation shortcuts. If you are making an 808 for a beat, the next time try to make it even faster and easier. You have to focus on being creative as well as concentrating on how to progress at being efficient.

Advantages of using pro tools for beat making

There are so many advantages for using pro tools in itself. Let’s go through them one by one, shall we

The first main advantage of using pro tools for beat-making is the fact that this allows anyone to mix using the pro tools consoles that are available In the recording studios. As you might know, avid makes both pro tools and mixer slabs for recording studios and music producers.

The next advantage would be the usage of a single digital audio workstation for all the works. you don’t have to switch between different audio workstation when it comes to pro tools. You can carry out all your necessary project beat making works in pro tools.

The last advantage would be the use of cloud resources for collaboration. this has changed the game for producers. Let’s say you are a music producer from the UK. Drake wants to work with you and you got in touch with the studio he is recording. Now all you have to do is to share the project that’s already with you through the cloud and they can record simultaneously. If they want to change something in the beat. You don’t have to send things back and forth. Updating the file is all you need instead of sending back and forth.

Disadvantages of using pro tools for beat making

if you ask me, would you use pro tools for beat making my answer would be big “NO”. this is because of the following disadvantages

it does not have many options for sound design and sound manipulation inbuilt when you compare it with software like Ableton and fl studio. The ability to manipulate the sound is really limited. This is one big disadvantage when it comes to working with pro tools

the next disadvantage would be the software being in a subscription based model. Which is costly and drives people away from actually using it. You cannot pay for the subscription model if you are a part-time student or someone who doesn’t have enough money to pay monthly. There is no one-time payment thing too.

The next problem with pro tools would be the instruments that are built within the software. They don’t even compare to the ability of the samplers and instruments in other digital audio workstations.


Which digital audio workstation that you are using has nothing to do with your success in music production or beat making. They can certainly help you to the job faster but at the end of the day, it’s all in your hands to put in the work to understand the digital audio workstation to do music production. Pro tools holds a great place in all recording studios. Understanding and knowing pro tools creates a lot of opportunities for collaboration as well.

Knowing pro tools puts you On a very different playing field than the other music producers. This is one of the reasons why I always advise learning a second digital audio workstation after you have mastered one. You will learn so much about workflows and efficiency than sticking to one digital audio workstation.

If you are interested check my article on why pro tools is the best digital audio workstation as well as my article on why Ableton is the best digital audio workstation as well.

Hustle harder folks.

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