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Can you make music just with a laptop? an indepth guide

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There is a notion that making music is expensive and it takes thousands of dollars to make music in a studio. This is not the case in this 21st century that we are living in. anyone can make music with minimal equipment at any place they please. That’s how simple it has been as the use of electronics and technology has grown over the years.

Nowadays you can also make music with touchpads and also with so many other available controllers. This is the age and time where any person either they are broke or middle class can get into music production and make music for a living that’s how much it has become affordable to make music.

Gone are the days where you would spend thousands on music production studios or recording studios. You don’t have to do that anymore. You can make music in your bedroom, on your balcony, where ever you please.

Yes, you can make music just with your Laptop. You will be limited in expressing the velocity and adding the human feel to the notes. You can make music anywhere with the help of laptops.

Let’s look in-depth at what are the needs of making this happen.

How to make music 

Making music might seem complicated at first but if you take a look at the process of making a beat you will understand that it’s not hard as you think it is. You can easily make a beat within 2 months of using the digital audio workstation, which is a software that we will be using to make music.

You don’t need anything else for making music at all. The essential components are really simple. You need a laptop and a DAW also called a digital audio workstation or music production software.

Music production software’s are the actual drivers in making music. If you have good music production software that supports well with the laptop then you shouldn’t worry about anything else you can make music anywhere you want.

Making music involves the ability to write chords and also to program drums which can be easily learned when you are using digital audio workstations. You can check my article on how to produce music without knowing music theory as well. This will give you an understanding of how to use this if you don’t have any experience in producing music.

Essential needs for a laptop

There are a few things you have to consider in regards to your laptop when you are making music as well. you cannot simply make music with all the laptops you have. There are some specifications that we have to analyze if your laptop can handle music production or not.

RAM: it’s the first thing that you should check on your laptop. If it has above 4GB of RAM then you are good to go. If you are interested check my article on RAM for laptops in music production. This will give you clarity on how much RAM you need in making music

PROCESSOR: you need a minimum of an I5 processor or something equal in MacBook and AMD. Most of the complex sound design takes place using the system processing power which makes the processor an important component in making music.

HARD DISK SPACE: you don’t need 1TB of space to start in music production but having a decent space will let you load huge sample libraries of sounds use in music production.

There is a dilemma between SSD and HDD, the answer is pretty simple if you are starting now, you don’t need SSD you can be fine with HDD. When you gain more experience that’s when you can shift to SSD.

Software requirements for making music

There are so many software brands out there for making music but I would recommend using Ableton which is a good place to start using music production software.

Music production software cost money; there are various licenses that you can purchase when it comes to music production software.

I would advise getting the producer version of Ableton live from zzounds.

Click here to get the Ableton live producer version.

This is going to last you for a lifetime to make music and to experience the joy in making music.

Learning to make music 

This would be the hardest part of making music. Finding a good place to learn other than YouTube. The reason why I don’t recommend YouTube is that it doesn’t have a structure to follow and learn the software.

Skillshare is the best place to start and there are so many courses that you can take as well. you can get the 14-day free trial and check out the courses.

Click here to sign up for skillshare.


No matter where you are on your journey and which instruments or equipment you have you can always progress in music production. There are no limiting factors when it comes to music production. You will not be limited by anything other than yourself when you look deep into music production.

Success in music production comes as soon as you start to put in the time and effort to learn more.

If you are interested you can check my article on how to choose your midi keyboard and your audio interface here.

If you are in a place where you want to invest in a studio desk you can check my article here as well.

Hustle harder folks.

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