Can you Record on Pro tools First? beginner guide

pro tools first

If you are looking for software to record your vocals or music pro tools first is a good option to this article, I will go through why pro tools first might not be a good option as well if you just want to record vocals or music. Let’s get started shall we,

Pro tools first can record vocals and it is being used by professionals for film scoring as well. Pro tools first is an entry-level free software released by avid for its customers to get a taste for how pro tools works and its use.

If you are starting music production and you want to record vocals I wouldn’t recommend pro tools. I would recommend choosing the Ableton live intro. This will allow you to record and learn studio production at another level. Ableton stands tall because of its ability to perform live.

The problems with pro tools first?

the main problem with pro tools first is that it doesn’t allow you to work with more than 3 projects. This puts a bottleneck for you to learn more than 3 projects. This will stop you from learning music production as well. pro tools first offers unlimited tracks but this bottleneck of not being able to save the project just puts the software to be sidelined.

If you are a newbie who is getting into music production, Ableton is the software for you. Ableton stacks up well against pro tools and has far more superior functions in terms of sound design whereas pro tools take a deep nosedive.

Ableton stands tall when it comes to recording vocals as well. Some people tell me that I am biased promoting Ableton .let me explain why I said to choose Ableton than pro tools. This will bring more clarity.

Let’s say you choose pro tools first and wanted to improve as a music producer .now you have to pay 25$ every single month as a subscription fee for pro tools. As a beginner investing 25$ every month is not affordable for most people. In the end, it adds up. For 12 months you will be paying 350$. If you chose Ableton live on the other hand you will pay 99$ as a one-time fee and you will have access to the most powerful digital audio workstation in your hand.

Is there a time and place to use or learn pro tools? The answer is yes. If you are going to work 24/7 in a recording studio. That’s where you should be starting to learn pro tools. As a beginner to record vocals and musical instruments you don’t have to invest time in pro tools.

Here you can get Ableton live intro version from zzounds.

The main limitations of pro tools are explained here. Also, check why pro tools is the best DAW as well.

As a beginner, if there is one software that I would bet my life on and say will work for anyone it would be Ableton and next to that FL studio.


at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which software you use. You have to put in the effort and sacrifice to learn the software to make music. If you aren’t given your full effort then it would be hard for you to see results.

Learning music production can be a hard road of frustration. Once you start to break small barriers no matter what you use whether it’s pro tools first or Ableton live intro, you will shine through.

The initial investment is very crucial so make the right choice.

If you are interested check my article on why Ableton is the best DAW as well and you can also check the new update on Ableton live 11.

Hustle harder folks

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