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Can you stream your music to make money?

singer streams

I am glad that you asked this question. Streaming is a major income for most artists nowadays. Even the success of a song is determined by the number of streams they get. Streaming numbers are usually calculated by distributors like distrokid, ditto music. They calculate streaming numbers from all the platforms including Spotify and Apple music. Some distributors have 150+ platforms connected to them, which means more opportunity you get to connect with your potential fans through music.

No, you cannot make money by streaming your music. If you try to stream from the same IP address from which your account was created then your streams will be considered spam.

Streaming platforms take spam so seriously nowadays as the money involved in these platforms are adding up to great numbers.

Let’s look at five reasons why you can’t make money with your music.

  • IP BlockTime limit
  • Account Block
  • Low Return 
  • Ruins your Reputation

IP Block

The moment you create an account on Spotify your IP address is registered for security reasons. The location of your IP Address is also registered along with that. This helps in improving the security of your account allowing just you to log in to your account and eliminating all the spams and brute force hackers who are trying to access your account.

This method of registering your id when you create your account and access your account is also used while ensuring a safe login pathway to listen to songs or stream songs.

The moment you start to stream multiple songs using multiple devices it starts to consider as one stream since Your IP is already registered with them.

This eliminates the ideology of getting more streams through our own devices.

Time Limit

If you look at all the streaming platforms they all have a time limit which is considered as one stream. In the case of Spotify, it is said to be 30 secs .you have to play the song for 30 seconds to be considered as a stream. This eliminates a lot of spammers running ads on the song on Facebook and Instagram.

People always tried to manipulate the algorithms of these streaming companies by refreshing the page after every 5 secs. They have gotten a lot smarter nowadays. The 30 secs of timeout ensures the quality of the makes sure that a listener is a real person and not a robot.

Account Block

The moment they notice any suspicious activity in your account which includes multiple streams form the same demographic area your account will get suspended within seconds. You won’t lose your songs but the account you are using to stream will be suspended immediately.

Certain things people don’t understand is that Spotify earns money from selling ads on the songs .when their potential customer finds out that the streams that Spotify gets are not legit and are made up of numbers by destroys the business model of Spotify or even any other music streaming platform.

The account block takes at least 10-15 days to be lifted and continuous suspicious activity leads to a permanent ban for the IP address in Spotify .it doesn’t just block your account but also your IP address.

So be careful with what you do in any streaming platform.

Low Return

Let’s say somehow you found a way to add streams to your songs in Spotify now the problem is that it’s really hard to scale these numbers .within a minute you will be only able to add about 2 streams. One hour leads to 120 streams. Streaming one full day you will get about 3000 streams.

The revenue that you will get from Spotify for one stream is $0.00437.Multiplying this by the number of streams you get it’s only 14$.now my question to you will be, “is it worth it to spend 24hrs to make 14$?”

You have to make this decision for yourself. A normal restaurant job pays more than this. If you want to make a full-time income with a song streaming portfolio. You need at least about 300k streams every week.

If you understand math this is not a hard decision to make.

Ruins your Reputation

If someone finds out that you are using fake streams to promote your songs, your reputation is going to suffer big time. This has happened to our famous Instagram guy “DAN Bilzzzzerian”. I spelled it wrong on purpose. The term fakes it till you make it doesn’t work on your favor often.

Nowadays people like a good story. You can never fake a story. People will smell a snake oil snake’s man mile away.

The more authentic you are the more people will gravitate towards you .creating a brand for yourself should be your first and primary goal. Cashing in too fast will be detrimental to your career.

What you say what you do is important when you want to be a well-known artist in an industry where media takes the front face.


Who do you want to be someone who is fake and represents nothing but absolute garbage or a person of value and honor?

It’s in your own hands you can choose who you want to be.

If you are struggling to make in the industry keep hustling, the effort you put in today will compound soon and give back to you.

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Hustle harder

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