Can you use Pro Tools offline? explained with steps

pro tools offline

The highly praised software in the music industry is nothing but pro tools. the celebrated feature about pro tools is that you can use it to store your projects in the cloud.t the same time pro tools has three different versions of software licenses available. This confuses whether you can save your project in your local storage or not? In this article let’s look deep into this shall we,

Yes, you can use pro tools offline. You can save your projects offline as well as .pro tools has some restrictions in terms of using a free version of their software license called pro tools first. Pro tools first allows you to save only 3 projects in the cloud.

Where are the limitations to use pro tools?

If you are wondering what must be a limitation for software like pro tools.then you are in the right place. Starting from not able to use the software in a live performance session like Ableton live to various limitations can be listed when it comes to pro tools.

The limitation of can we use pro tools offline came due to the software edition pro tools first only allowing three projects to be used in the cloud and restricting the projects to be saved in the local disk.

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How to get the pro tools paid version?

you can get pro tools paid version directly from their website. There are three versions available

pro tools first, pro tools, and pro tools ultimate.

Pro tools first is the free version.

Pro tools cost about 24$ per month whereas pro tools ultimate cost around 70$ per month.

You can get pro tools ultimate here

You can get pro tools here(artists edition)


If you are using a free version of pro tools save up and invest in an annual license on pro tools. It will save you so much time and hassle. The moment you start to invest back into your craft you will start to see dramatic changes in your skills. This puts a commitment in your mind to work on your skills when it comes to pro tools.

The ability to produce music in pro tools makes you viable for any job that is related to music recording studio work. There are so many jobs available there as well.

The most important thing is not giving up mentality to push through struggles and reaching our goals no matter how hard they are.

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Hustle harder folks.

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