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How to choose a Midi Keyboard stand? Fool Proof

This article is going to walk you through how to choose your first midi keyboard stand. It will also guide you on the parameters you should be paying attention to while choosing your first midi keyboard stand. Let’s dive in

The 6 important aspects of choosing a midi keyboard stand are,

2.height requirements
3.load capacity

1.Budget :

         Budget plays an important role when you are trying buy to a midi keyboard stand or even any keyboard stand. The budget range can rack up to 400 dollars pretty quickly if you don’t pay attention to the numbers.
          There are different kinds of midi keyboards stands available in the market which can be differentiated by whether it’s premium or a low-cost solution.
          If you are on a tight budget really go for the budget option, it’s going to serve you so well. The premium keyboard stands are a bit costly but they are sturdy and can hold even up to 250lbs.
          They are built to last longer and for heavily weighted keyboards.

2.height requirements

              You have to be very sure what the height requirements you require for your keyboards. This is crucial in determining the perfect keyboard stand for your day to day work.
         Most of these keyboard stands have a minimum and a maximum height adjustment function. Make sure your needs are within those extreme limits.
         If you are someone who takes these keyboard stands for stage performances, please make sure that they are heavy duty and you have a height adjusting function in them. It’s the last thing to go wrong.

3.load capacity

         This is a huge one to consider and I have seen so many music fail Videos where the keyboards just fall Off the stage with a small breeze. Don’t want this to happen. Check the load capacity of your keyboard stands. If you are using a double keyboard setup, you have to be very careful about load capacity.
         Usually, the loads range from 50lbs to even 250lbs  in the case or double. or triple keyboard setups.


         It doesn’t matter if you are going to set your stands inside your room or on a stage, your stand has to look elegant and strike people’s eyes with style. This might bite your budget a little but worth the investment.

         The 30$ keyboard stands will be basic and will have just a painting finish. The higher the price you go you can find carbon fiber keyboard stands and I have even seen some fiberglass stands with led lights fixed on them.


         The last thing you have to consider is the usage of your keyboard stand. You don’t have to invest so much into stands if you are going to use them only at home.
         If you are going to travel and play a lot of gigs with it then, for sure go for the higher-priced keyboard stands.


          Nowadays people are stacking keyboards up as if it’s a deck of cards. If you are one of them, check whether the particular stand has the functionality to do so.
          Sometimes stands already come with two keyboard tiers. Sometimes they don’t.

          It’s always good to check first rather than returning it or having trouble with it.

Why should you buy from zzsounds?

        When you read below you will find 15 amazing keyboard stands listed based on price ranges and also based on high quality.
        These are my recommendations being a keyboard performer and using a lot of keyboards stands myself I stand by these.
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          ZzSounds is the way to go.

BTW, if you are looking for midi keyboards check my article on how to choose your first midi keyboard? and how to choose your first audio interface?

So here is my list of 15 awesome keyboard stands that I recommend.

On-Stage WS7500 Wood Workstation

On-Stage WS7500 Wood Workstation
  • The On-Stage WS7500 wooden workstation is a compact and sleek, its an attractive standard desk/stand for your studio.
  • These workstations are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and work efficiency thus helping in organizing all your equipment in one place.
  • The rectangular steel tube frame is sturdy enough to support all of your computer and keyboard gear, while the compact Z-frame and slide-out can be used for typing keyboards and mouse.


Tubing: 1 x 1 in.; 1 x 2 in. on horizontal floor legs
Weight Capacity: 176 lbs.
Keyboard Tray Height:25 in.
Platform Height:29 in.
Top Platform Height:37.5 in.
Dimensions (W x H x D):43 x 37.5 x 30 in.
Construction: Steel frame, laminate surfaces

check its price at zzsounds

Stay Music Tower Double-Tier Keyboard Stand

Stay Music Tower Double-Tier Keyboard Stand
  • The STAY Music Keyboard stand Tower Model is the cutting edge in keyboard stand design. Made of all aluminum, the stand is incredibly strong, able to withstand 264 lbs of weight.
  • The two-arm assembly comes with 1 straight base, 1 inclined base of 10 degrees, 1 pair of 17.7 inch straight arms, and 1 pair of 15 inch straight arms. Not only is the STAY Music stand strong, but it’s also stylish in stage performances
  • Sturdy carry bag included is included with the keyboard.


Shipping Weight:15 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:49 x 8 x 8 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN):STAY46

Check its price at zzsounds

Yamaha YKA7500 Pro X-Style Keyboard Stand

  • This heavy-duty professional stand is made for supporting Yamaha Synthesizers and Keyboards.
  • A unique adjustable top provides extra support for unusually deep designs, making it perfect for keeping a large variety of keyboards securely in place.
  • Large rubber feet keep this keyboard stand extremely stable.


Shipping Weight:20 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:39 x 6 x 6 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): YKA7500

check its price in ZZsounds

Gator Frameworks 2-Tier X-Style Keyboard Stand

The Gator Frameworks 2-Tier X-Style Keyboard Stand is constructed with a double brace design balances out the weight of your instrument while bolstering the overall strength, creating a secure and sturdy stand even for the most active player.

  • Gripping Feet
  • Quick-Adjust
  • Cable Management
  • Two-Tiered


Min/Max Height Main Frame22/38″ (965/558 mm)
Weight Capacity175 lbs Additional 75lb Capacity on Upper Tier
Min Height40″
Max Height50″
 Min Width3″
Max Width40″
 Ext Width26″
Ext Height6″

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On-Stage KS7365EJ Folding Z-Style Keyboard Stand

This stand is a perfect choice for:
– Full size keyboards
– Large mixing consoles
– DJ setups


weight capacity560lbs
total height24″ to 38″
total width21″ to 36″

Check its price at ZZsounds

World Tour DXKS Double X Keyboard Stand


– Amazing 250 lb. weight capacity
– Double “X” braced design for maximum stability
– Secure-Lock center clutch height adjustment system
– Adjustable 25.25 in. to 38.75 in. playing height for seated to standing positions
– Full close position for easy storage
– Stable 19 in. long steel base supports with non-marking rubber end caps

Check its price at ZZsounds

K&M Omega Table-Style Keyboard Stand

Base dimensions: 41.338 x 22.638″
– EAN: 4016842828159
– Height: from 23.622 to 40.157″
– Height adjustment: spring-loaded clamping knob
– Material: steel
– Max. load capacity: 176.211 lbs
– Product Category: Topline
– Shape: keyboard table
– Includes 4 Velcro tapes to guide the cable with engraved height scale
– Support depth: 13.583″
– Support width: from 7.087 to 31.102″
– Weight: 20.925 lbs

Check its prices at ZZsounds

Stay Slim Series Single Tier Keyboard Stand

 Application: Support for Keyboards / Peripherals
– Comes with:
– 02 Base Straight Slim + 01 Pair Arms 380mm
– + 03 Feet + 01 cable organizer clip + Bag for Transport
– Maximum height: 1100mm
– Capacity: Supports keyboards with up to 61 keys
– Maximum Weight Capacity: 20kg (Do not exceed 10.0kg per pair of spars)
– Material: Aluminum
– Finishing: Special painting
– Colors: Black, Silver, Red, Blue and White
– Weight: 2.9Kg

check its price at ZZsounds

Ultimate Support AX-48 PRO APEX Keyboard Stand

Height: 46″ (1168 mm)

Weight: 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)

Folded Length: 52 inches (1321 mm)

Load Capacity: Up to 125 lbs. per tier (56.8 kg) or 250 lbs. total (113.6 kg)

Check its price at ZZsounds

Stay Music Tower Series Single-Tier Keyboard Stand

46″ heavy-duty, lightweight single-tier column keyboard stand
– Holds up to 264 lbs.
– Tough aluminum construction
– Carry bag with inner sleeves for arms and legs included
– Breaks down for easy transport
– Four cable clips included for cable organization
– + 01 Pair of Arms + 03 Feet
– + 02 tower cable clips + 02 feet cable clips + Bag for Transport

Check its price at ZZsounds

Roland KS-20X Double Brace X-Style Keyboard Stand

  • Shipping Weight: 18 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 41 x 12 x 7 in
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): KS-20X

Check its price at ZZsounds

Ultimate Support APEX AX48 Pro 

– Color: Black
– Height: 46″ (1168 mm)
– Weight: 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)
– Folded Length: 52″ (1321 mm)
– Load Capacity: Up to 125 lbs. per tier (56.8 kg) or 250 lbs. total (113.6 kg)
– Ulti-Boom Length: 18.9″ – 34.6″ (480 mm – 880 mm)
– Ulti-Boom Weight (w/Adapter): 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg)

Check its price at ZZsounds

Stay Music Piano Series 44 2-Tier Keyboard Stand

Application: Support for Keyboards / Peripherals
– Comes with:
— 01 Base Straight + 02 Pair of arms
— + 02 Feet + 02 wire clips + Transport Bag
– Maximum height: 1150mm
– Capacity: Supports keyboards with up to 88 keys
– Maximum Weight Capacity: 130kg (Do not exceed 65kg per pair of spars)
– Material: Aluminum
– Finishing: Special painting
– Colors: Black
– Weight: 6.9Kg

check it price at ZZsounds

Gator GFWKEYZ0500 Z-Style Keyboard Stand

Front to Back Measurement: 20.25″/51.44 cm
– Max Weight Capacity: 200 lbs./ 90.72 kg
– Exterior Measurements: 22″/55.88 cm (L) x 26.5″/67.31 cm (W) x 27.5″/69.85 cm (H).
– Net Weight: 12.2 lbs./5.53 kg

check it price at ZZsounds

K&M 18990 Rick Double X Keyboard Stand

Adjustment: Clamping lever for quick release
– Height: From 23.386 to 37.244″
– Instrument Support: Non-Marring Slip-Proof Pad
– Material: Steel
– Max. Load Capacity: 110.132 lbs
– Product Category: Topline
– Shape: Double-Braced X-Stand
– Support Depth: 13.78″
– Support Width: From 12.874 to 31.063″
– Type: Black
– Weight: 12.775 lbs

Check its price at ZZsounds


It doesn’t matter which keyboard stand you choose.working towards your goal while these amazing stands inspiring you is a must.

here are some pointers for picking your Midi keyboard stand

  • 1, stay true to your budget
  • 2. Don’t wander because something looks sleek.
  • 3. Make sure it provides enough value.

Check my article on How to produce music at homeand how much music producers make? if you are a beginner it would give you some insights on these topics.

If you are starting in music production here are my two golden mantras

Hard work and hustle will always give you results.

never give up just because you are not seeing results a the beginning.

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