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Difference between a Music Producer and DJ

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We mostly don’t see music producers on stages much but we all see DJ’s bouncing around because DJ’ing is an entirely different world when compared to Music production. Sometimes people mix between who is a DJ and who is a music this article, I am going to explain by answering a series of questions so stick around till the end of this post.

Let’s get started

Who is a Music Producer

Music producers make music.they start from the bare bones of a song and help it to reach the end of the music production state called mastering. Well even if this is the case some producers involve only in writing beats rather than assisting in mastering. they leave it to the studio engineers to complete the process.let’s look at the processes music producers actually involve themselves in.

Making the beat is the most important aspect of being a music producer. A good music producer is someone who can whip out a beat fairly easily to cater to the needs of the artist.

Once the beat is produced then the next process is recording with the artist. this is the part where the music producer and the artist will put the song together. A good music producer brings the best out of an artist. If the energy of the music producer and the artist is the same you will feel the song on a different level since it will convey more feelings.

Who is a DJ

DJ actually stands for Disc Jockey.they play recorded music in live venues and shows. the better way to understand them is to not label them into any category. They are entertainers as well as marketers for the music producers and the artist who worked on the song.

The art of DJ’ing is not an easy task as it may seem on paper. it’s like pleasing a live crowd. when you make your craft and perform in front of your audience it’s way more different than producing in a studio.

Is it all that DJ’s do? non not at all. Some DJ’s remix the songs once it comes from the producer and repurposes them to use according to their requirements.

DJ’s work hours working to craft their set properly and organize their songs to perform.

It may sound so easy and simple but it’s really not.

Why are music producers becoming DJ’s

We are living in an era where we are judged by how many followers we have on our Instagram. The contacts and the connections we have have been valued so much in recent years much more than the past decade. The one thing social media loves is entertainment.

DJ’s are basically entertainers playing music that’s it(the slightly cooler version of a music producer).

Music producers are catching up to this and being like, we don’t want to be behind the scenes anymore .we have to take center stage. That’s exactly what we are seeing right now.

Music producers are very much gravitating towards performing in front of an audience.

 I am alive keyboardist even to this day even though I spent most of my time making music in the studio. the one thing I can say is “you can never replace the joy of how people react to your music”.

In this day and age put yourself in social media even if you love to stay behind the scenes because people love to see music producers enjoying making their craft. people connect more with a face rather than some artwork that you put up on Instagram.

Why are DJ’s becoming Music producers

Performing in front of a crowd is cool but if you don’t know the ins and outs of what goes into music production then you will be always outworked by someone else who can produce music and DJ. It’s all about being at the top of our game.

A guy who knows both music production, as well as DJ’ing, can easily the crowds taste and which music they gravitate towards and produce an amazing response and record sales.

Knowing the technical and the entertainment aspect of music opens opportunities that haven’t been explored as well.

Let’s answer some FAQ

Do DJs actually do anything?

Yes, DJs are the ones who mix two songs together and make seamless transitions. Using various music production techniques to play live.

What do DJs do when they turn knobs?

When a DJ is turning a knob he is actually working with a low cut or a high cut EQ. but we cant specify what he is actually controlling because these knobs can be assigned to countless functions and techniques to make the performance seamless and entertaining.

Is being a DJ Hard?

Every work comes with its own hardships.DJing has its own hardships which include traveling hours and hours from one place to another to perform a set.

What is the point of a DJ?

The DJ is found in parties to make the songs even more fun and entertaining but compiling and also using skills from his music production arsenal to remix other words, DJ’s are remixing songs live.

Do DJs actually mix live?

Yes, they do .all the mixing techniques are neatly organized for them to use in their equipment. they mix the songs together while playing it live on set.

Can anyone be a DJ?

Yes anyone can become a DJ .if you can understand music on a basic level and put in a few hours to learn about how to mix songs on a live DJ set.

What makes a good DJ?

A good DJ is someone who can access the crowd and raise their energy with his mixing skills.

How do DJs use other people’s music?

They usually license the music and play them in venues

Is a DJ a good career?

Yes, it is a good career .you have to put in years of hard work to achieve any level of success.

What to study to be a DJ?

Learn music production to its elements and having the skills to entertain a crowd are some ways you can easily become a DJ,

What skills do you need to be a DJ?

Mixing is the first skill you should understand first.


There may be a lot of differences but the only thing that matters is to learn the core of music production and DJ’ing.

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