Do audio engineers make beats? professional answers

Most people don’t even know about audio engineers. Even music artists will talk about music producers rarely but audio engineers are people who aren’t talked about at all. These are people who sit with the artists in the studio to make the songs sound good. They are not looked after and just paid an hourly rate in most cases.

The work that audio engineers do sometimes include messing with the beats as well. Let’s say that the kick in the beat is not good enough the audio engineer can swap the kick and make it sound good. There is a fine line between what an audio engineer can do and can’t do.

Audio engineers play a major role in the post-production of a song and help in the actual song to be produced properly. They monitor every element of the song and help in mixing and mastering as well. They do incredible work when it comes to polishing a song to sound good.

No, audio engineers don’t make beats. They are involved in the post-production of a beat making process. Audio engineers make the beat to be loud and polished using mixing and mastering techniques.

Let’s look at what audio engineers do, shall we

What do audio engineers do?

There are 3 things that audio engineers involve themselves in,

  • Recording sessions
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Recording sessions

Audio engineers are involved in recording the session with the artists and giving them feedback to get the best result possible from the session. The recording sessions sometimes happen in the day time or in the night time. It lasts for 3 to 7 hours sometimes even exceeds that. They are the ones who leave the last form of the studio.

The frustration that comes in recording a song can’t be explained with words. Audio engineers go through this day in and day out. Recording the same thing again and again until they get the best possible clip, not an easy thing to do.

Recording sessions can also be a learning experience as well if you have never been to a recording session. A normal average person would learn so much when it comes to music production if they visit a music recording studio. People appreciate the music production process, even more, the moment they step into the studio and see the process behind it.


This takes from one week to several weeks depending on the projects that they are working on. In mixing the audio engineers are bound to adjust the levels and work with the compressors, limiters, clippers to make the audio clip sound good.

Mixing is not understood by a lot of people as well. They don’t know what goes behind mixing a song and putting it together in a studio. Audio engineers spend hours upon hours putting the song together and polishing it so it sounds amazing when played in digital music libraries.

The hard hustle that goes into the mixing is unknown to regular people. Mixing can make or break your song. Audio engineers are the saviors in that part. I would spend more money on mixing than marketing to get a perfect song.


Mastering is the last part of the puzzle in case of making music. It requires a lot of experience to master music as well.

Mastering controls the way the music is transcribed in other speakers and audio systems than the studio monitors that are used in the recording studio.

Mastering makes the sound louder and polished to listen to. Not a lot of things are usually done in the mastering stage but the subtle changes make a difference in how the songs sound in different speakers.

Do audio engineers mix beats?

Audio engineers when they get the beats from the producers they mix beats for the artists to sing the vocals over it. Mixing before the session is very infinitesimal when compared to what happens after the song has been recorded in the studio.

Even though audio engineers don’t make beats they do mix beats in most cases. If the beat is already mixed properly then they won’t touch it.


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Hustle harder folks.

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