Does Ableton have Autotune?

Ableton is the celebrated music production software when it comes to sound design and manipulation of sonic layers in audio editing. Still, the question of can Ableton do what autotune can do? Is always asked whenever the situation arises.

The auto-tune has been around for so long.once upon a time it was considered as people covering up mistakes when autotune is found in the songs. as time has passed people are using auto-tune for different reasons and some use it artistically to even curve their interesting path.

Some artists are known for their auto-tune sounds. Once upon a time what has considered an untalented act is right now the standard in vocal processing.

About 80 percent of all vocal processing involves auto-tune. The plugin has changed a lot of traditional ways by which vocal manipulation was done over the years. The new opportunities in audio production are groundbreaking.

No, Ableton doesn’t have an autotune built-in. Ableton has a tuner which is an audio device to deduct the scale of a song or sample. Ableton can handle autotune when installed as a third party plugin.

What is an auto-tune?

Let’s talk about the autotune,

Autotune has been around for some years now. the autotune allows you or you can rephrase as “it gives you a small window to make mistakes when you are performing a song for a recording”.

Let’s say you are going for a recording and the song is in a high pitch and you don’t feel like you can do it that day.this is where autotune does its magic. Even if you mess up a small portion of a song or recording, you will able to get the most out of the recording if you use Ableton on the audio track.

Ableton has always been that software that is meant for electronic music production. It’s always marked like that when it is diverse and can be used for all types of work in music production.

Let’s look at how to use Ableton in auto-tune and how auto-tune works.

How to use autotune in Ableton?

if you search the number of versions released in auto-tune you will be amazed. They have always released so many versions and re-calibrated their software to perfect it for their users.

If you visit the autotune website the prime thing that you will notice is that there are small simple versions of the software to a multi-layered complex version as well.

Autotune has to be installed as a third party plugin first. Once the plugin is installed go to preferences in the menu tab and select files. If you find the term rescan plugins click on it.

Ableton will search for it and update the current list of plugins in the browser view in the Ableton workspace/ interface.

You can drag and drop the plugin in any audio track to manipulate and add the effect to it. You can also add the plugin by drag and dropping in the device’s view at the bottom of the Ableton interface.

Different versions of autotune

Antares tech which is the actual company that develops the auto-tune software has come up with nearly four different versions of autotune to be used based on the requirements of the user.

Let’s look at them one by one,


The professional standard also the most advanced edition of autotune. Autotune pro includes the classic mode, flex tune, and humanize. Comes with throat modeling for extreme and subtle singing modulations. The auto mode and graph mode helps both professional and beginner users to navigate and use it effectively.

This comes at a subscription model of 24$ a month.


Optimized for live performance. This is made for live performance and to work with music producers, artists, and live sound engineers. There is a basic and advanced version available with a sleek renewed design.

It’s included in a subscription model for 24$ a month.


Tuning + creative effects are the only effects you can get with autotune efx+.

It’s available for both windows and mac


Core Auto-Tune functionality is available in auto-tune access. Autotune access allows you to work with multiple effects and complex processes in vocal production.


For key & scale detection is the main function of the auto key plugin version from Antares tech. you can analyze key and scale in real-time.


All in one bundle where you can get current versions of Auto-Tune, 11 professional vocal effects, unlimited free upgrades, and more.

This is the plan that is given for 24$ per month on a subscription model.


Auto-Tune Pro + (11) professional vocal effects


It comes with 12 effects that alter the vocals in your required rendition and results in a smooth sounding recording.

Vocal manipulation in Ableton

is auto-tune the only way to manipulate or achieve the results that it produces? The answer is a big no. Ableton has so many plugins that you can go through and manipulate your vocals to make them sound the way you want them to sound.

It’s easy to do as you can simply drag and drop the devices in the device’s view in the bottom section of the window.

Being creative is the only aspect of music production where everyone struggles, if you are good at it you can shine with your effects and manipulations.


No matter if you auto-tune or not learning how software is being under the bus for years, works are really useful as a music producer.

When I started to work in vocal production, I was always sticking with the CLA plugins from waves. when I saw the capability of autotune and how good a job Antares tech has done, I had to get my hands on it.

If you have never used autotune, get your hands on it.

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Hustle harder folks

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