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Does Pro tools come with Autotune? complete explanation

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If you ask anyone in the industry who are working at a high level in music production, their digital audio workstation of choice would be pro tools is known for its ability to work with vocals and mass audio tools is also known for its ability to work with videos without any crashes. Of all the digital audio workstations pro tools is considered to be the best digital audio workstation as well.

In this article let’s look at why pro tools is known for vocal production and dissect if pro tools has autotune or not? Shall we,

Pro tools doesn’t come with auto tune. Pro tools works with the entire different version’s auto tune available.

Vocal manipulation in pro tools

Even though there are so many plugins available the quality of the inbuilt plugins always comes in handy when it comes to vocal manipulation. This has been a trend over the last years where sound design has taken the front seat when it comes to vocal production.

Some third-party plugins that take center stage are isotope vocalsynth. This is used extensively by producers to create atmospheric scapes of sound.

The main reason why most people use pro tools is to record high-quality audio in the studio. If we can answer the question of whether or not pro tools fulfil the claims that it makes regarding its recording capabilities. I have tried pro tools and the only thing that came to my mind is “this is how premium music production software should be”.

Although auto tune is not found in pro tools, it makes up for all of that using its ability to handle large projects.


Vocal processing is an important aspect of music production that most people ignore at first when they start learning production. I did the same thing and found out that it was a huge mistake and I had to go back and worked on it properly.

The wonderful thing about music production is that you have always been updated with the current trends in music production as well. Vocals are now treated as an instrument and people are doing crazy stuff when it comes to vocals. Auto tune is even used to crush the vocals to add dimensions in the song.

You have to be always on top of the trends to understand and work your skills.

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