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Does pro tools first need hardware? An In-Depth Analysis

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There is always this question that comes up which hardware do I purchase to use along with pro tools first or even with any beginner digital audio workstation. In this article, we will go through the question of do you even need hardware to work on music production, when it comes to pro tools first.

Pro Tools is a reputed music production software being used by thousands of producers all around the world. The biggest feature of pro tools that has been always looking at Is the fact that you can collaborate with other producers over the internet in real-time. You

can be producing a song in Australia and give real-time feedback to another producer halfway around the world.

Real-time collaboration means producers will need to have fast internet connections and possible hardware requirements as well. Which we will talk about later on, Just keep reading for now so you don’t miss out on the pro tools first information you’ve been looking for!

What is Pro Tools First?

Pro Tools First is a version of popular digital audio workstation pro tools that have been specifically designed to let anyone use it with ease. You no longer need to purchase any extra hardware or even plug it into your computer. With pro tools first, everything gets installed directly onto your laptop or PC from the pretty much start. Pro tools

Pro Tools is owned by avid, which also makes a lot of hardware devices. Let’s get started shall we,

Yes, pro tools first are not just enough to make music. You need more than software like pro tools to start producing music. You need an audio interface and midi keyboard as hardware along with pro tools first.

What hardware does a pro tools first need for music production?

If you are starting music production with pro tools first, you need hardware to get off the ground. You cannot make music just with pro tools first. I will go in-depth about what you need and how to get it as well as where to use it as well.

If you are serious about making music and want to sell your tracks online or even get them heard by a record label then having hardware is the key. A track needs depth and feel to it and can only be achieved with proper studio equipment such as sound modules, mics, monitors, headphones etc.

You need to invest in some equipment which will make your life easier when producing music on pro tools first. I am sure you cannot expect us to tell where and how much to spend on what and why do we need that.

At the end of the day, it’s all about demand and budget at hand Keeping that in mind we have made this guide for people who want serious results while making music production on pro tools first while keeping their budget in mind.

The first hardware component needed for pro tools is a midi keyboard. Midi keyboards help you to input midi information into pro tools. This allows you to input your ideas much faster into the software and create better music.

The next hardware you would require is an audio interface, this is a piece of hardware that allows you to export your music and also helps in connecting your microphones to your pro tools. The back and forth conversion of digital to analog sounds takes place in the audio interface.

The last piece of hardware you will need to start making music is a condenser microphone. These help you to record your vocals into pro tools first and start making amazing songs. condenser microphones can also be used in sampling sounds from the real world into the software.pro tools is known as the best recording studio software its really necessary to have a condenser microphone to get its whole experience.

Best midi keyboard for pro tools first

There are so many midi keyboards available in various sizes based on the number of keys and the functions available in them. Based on size there are 25, 49,61, and 88 key variants. Native Instruments is a company that I always go with when it comes to purchasing gear for music production. Native instruments keyboards are known for their durability and the feel of the keys.

These midi keyboards provide you with all the features that you would need in your music production on pro tools first. These come with drum pads, knobs, sliders that help you control different parameters at once without touching your mouse or computer trackpad which is an annoying thing to do when producing music.

There are other consulting companies that make good quality midi controllers as well, but they are usually more expensive than Native Instruments.

If you are starting I would recommend you to get the 25 key version of the keyboard, which will be more than good enough for the first few months to start working on projects and learning your skills in pro tools.

When you advance you can move on to the bigger keyboards. If you are a pianist I would advise you to get a 88 key version, it’s worth every penny.

The customer service and interaction with these people are amazing. They do care about what they are selling you. The best place to get these keyboards are from zzounds.

You can get the 25 key variants here

You can get the 49 key variants here

You can get the 61 key variants here

You can get the 88 key variants here

Best audio interfaces for pro tools first

There are many audio interfaces available in the market, I would recommend you to get Native Instruments audio 2 interface. This is one of my favorites and it has really helped me out to start working on pro tools first.

This comes with 2 microphone pre amps which means you can connect up to two condenser microphones at once which is more than enough for your needs. This also has balanced line outputs which provide high quality sound output giving you levels higher than +4 dbu. Which is good enough for any kind of headphones or studio monitors you might have.

You can use this as an audio interface on Mac PC and also on iOS devices like iPhone iPad etc. It’s a multipurpose device that provides everything that is needed by a beginner or a professional.

In the case of audio interfaces you don’t have to worry too much about which size you are going to fit in. it all depends on what kind of gear do you have and how many inputs and outputs you have. Let’s say you have two inputs and two outputs, you don’t need fancy gear or equipment to start music production with pro tools.

In the audio interface too, I always go with native instruments. You can get their amazing komplete audio interface here.

The amazing building of this audio interface just tops every other product that is available in the market in this price range.

Best condenser microphones for pro tools first

There are so many condenser microphones available and people are even selling these in bundles but I wouldn’t consider buying in bundles at all. The microphones that come in the bundle don’t stand when it comes to quality testing.

This microphone has two polar patterns which are cardioid and figure 8. The bass response of this mic is amazing, it gives your voice clarity and warmth at once giving an exceptional vocal recording ability so that you can work on audio stuff without too many issues.

I will suggest you get the XML 770

This is an incredible microphone that will bring the bass, mid frequencies, and highs properly into your recordings without ruining them. the frequency range of this microphone just stands out when compared to all other condenser microphones that are available in the market at this price range.mx177 is amazing to be used with pro tools first.

You can get mxL 770 here


if you couldn’t buy everything at once or you couldn’t invest all into music production, you can start small and work your way up slowly. Don’t sweat thinking that “ you need everything at once”. It helps to have all the equipment available but it’s not compulsory to have all those.

You can always make up for the equipment by creatively working with the software.

No matter which gear you have or don’t have, we all start somewhere. When I started as a music producer I had no resources, to begin with. I had to save up months to get my first audio interface as well.

Always try to learn as much as possible when it comes to music production, instead of worrying about the gear all the time. That’s the easy way to progress in music production using pro tools first.

If you are interested check my article on why pro tools is the best.

Hustle harder folks.

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