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Does push come with Ableton?

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When Ableton said they are developing a hardware product the actual criticisms were what can a software company do when it comes to producing hardware midi controllers.

Ableton gave a big shock to everyone when it came up with push 1 and later the upgrade to push 2.we are even hearing rumors about the push 3, of course, it’s going to be epic.

When push 2 came out I watched nearly 4 hours of their live performance videos and hooked to it. If you have any idea about protools you would know about their mixing consoles.

The reputation that pro tools have come from the hardware that they produced and the integration pro tools software had with the console.

A similar concept was put into place by Ableton in push 2. Push integrates with Ableton very well and can perform activities and functions in a simplified way when it comes to performance using a controller.

Even though there are so many midi controllers out there with drum pads, I’m sorry mpc guys I have to go with push 2.

No, Ableton doesn’t come with a push, instead, when you purchase a push you will get a copy of the Ableton standard software.

What is Ableton’s push?

For the people who don’t know, Ableton push Is midi controller that can give midi signals to the Ableton software to trigger a knob, function, or even a slider.

Ableton push has been used in live performances for years now. When it comes to integration with a digital audio workstation, Ableton is rock-solid in handling push 2.

Push 2 Is an in-home, office, or stage ready midi controller you can use to improvise, with loops and drums to come with your ideas.]

You can mix and refine using the visual encoders and knobs in push 2 as well.

Push 2 allows you to record your performances, you can record your combinations try out new chord patterns, and take your music production to a next-level experience with push 2.

The color display will provide you with information on what you are working on, to tweak or modify the effects and the parameters.

Once you are hands-on with push 2 you don’t have to search your hands for your mouse or keyboard.you will able to do most of the controls and navigation in the Ableton software using push 2.

Push includes,

touch strip, display, buttons, encoders, and pads.

The physical dimensions of push 2 are almost 15 inches in width and 12 inches in length with a thickness of about 1.65 inches.

Push 2 weighs around 6 pounds.

If you are interested in push 2 you can get it here in zzounds.

combined package with Ableton standard 

Ableton also allows you to purchase the Ableton push 2 along with Ableton standard version license .the standard version license is given along with the push 2 when it’s purchased.

This combined deal is worth it as you might have to pay more than 1500$ if you want them to separate.

I always recommend people who have the resources to invest in music production first. This will help you to be accountable and learn music production.

Push 2 by itself costs around 1000$ and Ableton standard costs around 450$.

When you buy push 2 you get the whole deal in one and you can save that 450$ as well.

Other company midi controllers that are similar to push sometimes even cost the double value.

If you are into music production and want to take your skills to a new level you can get your

Push 2 right here.


should you invest in software and a hardware product that costs around 1000$? The answer depends.if I can tell you one thing that’s the fact that the product is worth the price at which it’s offered. You are not going to be disappointed when you hold a push 2 in your hands.

If you can invest in push 2 don’t think twice make your order now at zzounds here.

Push 2 will help you to learn a lot of things including finger drumming.

If you are more of a finger drummer than a keyboard player you can directly go with push 2 instead of investing in any other midi controller.

You just need an additional audio interface to go along with this.

You don’t have to be frustrated if you don’t have the budget to start with. Check this article on how long does it take to learn Ableton as well as about the differences between Ableton live lite and Ableton live intro.

You can also check my interview with the studio desk CEO here.

Hustle harder.

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