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What is the easiest software to make music?

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You are in the right place if you are looking to expand your horizons and start to learn music production. I was on your same feet a long time and was searching for answers to this same question. In this article I will show you exactly which software you should start to learn and which doesn’t have a hard learning curve as well.at the end of this article you will have a good idea about where you can start. Without wasting time let’s get to the short answer,

Ableton Live is the easiest software to make music. You will have a learning curve if you are starting with Ableton .it’s a well-established and updated all-around software in the market even though other digital audio workstations can do the same exact thing.

Let’s look at the features of Ableton that actually make it the easiest software to make music.

Easier interface

If you look at any other interface that you get in a digital audio workstation the only thing that you will notice is that Ableton is entirely different. If I am totally honest I would say that Ableton has an easier interface to work with if you take 20 mins of your time to understand what it actually does.

Most people complain saying it’s not easy to learn it’s harder to navigate. Yes, it’s harder for the first hour to understand what everything is there in the interface of Ableton.

Give yourself about 3 hours to be patient and learn what each view is made for you will appreciate it so much than any other digital audio workstation you have used before.

It will make your workflow super easy and fast. if saving time is what you are after then please check out Ableton.

Arrangement view

This is the first important view you will be using most of the time if you are making beats and structuring them. The amazing thing about this view is that it allows you to organize and edit midi files and audio files with control and efficiency .you don’t get the same tools that you get in Ableton’s arrangement view in other digital audio workstations.

The arrangement is very fluid that it allows you to use subgroups and create groups from the subgroups.

It’s really amazing in terms of using Vst plugins as well. You have access to them in all the views that are available in Ableton.

Session view

No digital audio workstation has this in their software and just recently logic pro tried to simulate something similar to the session view which was pioneered by Ableton about 8 – 12 years ago.

I am a live performer. I perform at concerts and play keys at events. i love it a lot. Taking my production level one step higher was made possible through the session view.it just changed the whole game for me.

If that’s one aspect of having a session view the next one is truly going to change how you view Ableton.

Ableton’s session view has the power to lay down ideas pretty quickly compared to all other digital audio workstations. If you are using other digital audio workstations, you cannot jam some music and hope it’s get recorded .in case of Ableton, every key you press is recorded in form of midi so that your inspiration and ideas are never lost.


The browser function that you get with Ableton is the most organized browser window in the whole of the digital audio workstation world .every other music production software just complicates a whole lot of stuff.

You will be able to access your samples, project files, your plugins properly that any other software out there.

It’s really intuitive when it comes to arrangement and making everything simple and easier.

Max for live

This will change your view you Ableton as just another daw into a machine that is capable of developing plugins that meet the needs of the user and helps them be part of the community as well.

I don’t think any other software has an integration to make software plugins right inside their interface. This just makes the process of music production easier and helps in making music faster.

Where to get Ableton?

You can get Ableton to form their official website or you can get it from zzounds which I recommend.

There are three versions of Ableton Live. There is a starter version called as Ableton live lite, then there is a standard version which comes with what a one or two-year experienced producer would need, and then there is the Ableton production suite which comes with a load of plugins that will amaze you

Click here to get Ableton live lite

Click here to get Ableton live standard

Click here to get Ableton live suite

Which interface to choose?

If you are starting music production then when you are investing in a music production software you must invest in a sound card as well that supports all the configurational requirements of your system.

I always recommend focus rite Scarlett 2i2 which is good enough to start with and works well with Ableton live versions and even with any digital audio workstations that you use.

Click here to get Scarlett 2i2


One of the important things when it comes to music production is the ability to continuously learn without being a complete pig head. Yes, sometimes we have to humble ourselves to learn and grow even when the time gets rough.

Investments in music production are one such thing as well. You got to put in money to take it seriously.

If you are interested in learning about how to choose your first audio interfaces check my article here.

Hustle harder

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