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How to build an Email List as a Music Producer?

email list
email list

Every entrepreneur is using this thing called an email list to sell their products or even sometimes advertise and even to connect with their fans. Do music producers need to build an email list? In today’s day and age, every music producer is an entrepreneur.

When I started music production nobody told me music production is a business just like anyother.but here you are selling your craft as a of the important things to have is an email list even if it has 100 people on it .i think it’s super powerful. If you heard the book about how having a strong 1000 people fan base all needed to make a million dollars .the mail list is the mantra.

Every advertisement that we see on a YouTube video just tells us to put our email address to get the free webinar. Well, it’s the same story you are giving your email address for that person to sell you something in the future.

In this article, I am going to talk about how to build an email list what are the methods you can employ to capture emails from your potential customers as a music producer.

Before we look at how to collect emails from your potential customers let’s look at which platform to use. I use convert kit because of the interface and the amazing email sequences that they offer.

It’s free to sign up and it’s free to use for the first 1000 email captures. Yes, there are others like mail chimp, AWeber, drip, and so on. Every one of them offers 1000 free email captures to get started but the issue is with the interface I have used all of them and found that the convert kit has the best email sequence, programmer. You can even tag your customers and categorize them to sell different products you might have.

Let’s look at the five ways you can build an email list.

Give away

Free webinar

Free sample pack

Free beats 



This is one of the popular methods that you can see bigger music producers doing time and time again on Instagram. They offer mid keyboards, audio interfaces, and sometimes even cash prizes. If something is given free people will always gravitate towards it. You can ask them to enter the giveaway by making them signup for your email list .it’s one of the powerful methods to use as well since its about giving things for free. The only problem that I see with this is that the email addresses that you get will not be hyper-targeted.

Let me give an example if you are serving people looking for mixing and mastering services the people who are in your list all might not be interested in can increase the chances of getting hyper-targeted emails with specific gifts and give away.

Free Webinar

You can see this everywhere you turn your head, may it be real estate, or let it be cooking everyone is offering a free webinar. Most people know that it is a sales pitch even though you are providing information.

I have seen people practice webinars, again and again, to get it right because it’s the first contact that you will have with your potential customer .you know what they say, first impressions matter a lot.

If the customer or the person who opted in with your email list for even one-second things this is are done my brother .so provide actual value instead of spamming them.

If you are offering any services the webinar can be about how to record vocals without going to a studio or even things that a potential customer might be interested in .find out what is the most struggling factor in the platforms or even the service people offer and just make it 10 times better.

Free beats

Nowadays music producers are a little smarter by giving them free beats at first and then capturing their email and providing them with an even bigger offer that they can’t resist at all. It’s new to the industry in terms of collecting emails and retargeting them .don’t reduce your rates to 1$ and 2$.

My advice would also be the same. Provide them with value first then you can monetize them. If you are just pushing the product and shoving it in their faces people are going to repel.think about how much you hate people who sell door to, all they want to do is to shove the product in your face.

It’s the same thing, provide value reap the result.

Free sample pack

This is for Music producers who are catering themselves to help music producers.I know a lot of people complain saying “you shouldn’t sell stuff to your fellow music producers give them for free”

To some extend when they are starting help them to get off the ground first. Once they start to earn they will always come back because you were the one who provided a helping hand when nobody else did.

This rounds and comes to the point where you should try to cultivate long term relationships rather than short term relationships. People can smell a snake oil salesman a mile away so doesn’t spam them or even send links hoping someone would buy nobody will.

Give and you shall receive.


This is one another amazing way to build trust I have seen this method being used by people to connect with the audience and even make sales even faster. If you think about how a transaction works it’s all about trust and value. Some of the questions you should ask yourself is “am I providing enough value to get this email address?” “Is this value good enough to show that they can purchase more from me?”

Sometimes we overthink about how we can meet people and also how we can get money from without even having the empathy to help them first.

Make the first move to help your pockets will be filled automatically.


These are some of the methods I have used and also seen people using to build an email list and promote their products and service.

Yes, you can get creative with it .building an email list may be your first step warming them up to make the purchase is also important.

If you are interested in studio desks I did a recent interview with the studio desk CEO. you can check that out here.

If you are starting don’t worry make this as an experience rather than treating this as a one-time thing you will see major differences.

That’s it guys for this one (lol I sound like a YouTuber)

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