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Why is Music production so Expensive? Myth explained


Everyone who has gotten themselves into music production or even ordered a service from a music producer will utter these words that “it’s expensive”. And there are people who offer the same services almost free of cost just to get more customers. the quality won’t be up to point as well.

Have you ever tried to book a studio for a musical recording or even a voice over for your projects and really panicked by the prices they told you?
Don’t be, they are not overcharging you at all.

let’s look at three reasons why music production is so expensive.

Music production is expensive because of

  • Gear cost for music production
  • Learning time for music production
  • Project time for music production

Let’s get started

Gear cost for music production

If you never bought an electronic keyboard or a piano just try searching for them on amazon. You will be shocked to see the prices of these keyboards. When you go deep into music production, it just gets scarier. If you look at every music production product review on youtube, there will always be a comment that says “ I will buy once I am rich”.

Most people who don’t know about music production don’t know the amount of money each musical equipment costs in a studio. This is the reason why music recording studios charge more for each hour you spend there.

Setting a normal music studio with an audio interface, midi keyboard, and a simple studio condenser microphone costs about 500$. This is the bare minimum and the level of entry of starting music production as well. if this is where the price starts imagine setting a professional studio where you make music to sell for artists.

They have to charge higher in order to make the money back.this is one of the reasons why music production and producing music for a song or an album is costlier than most other things in the world.

You can’t just put a price on something and be like hey this should be the price .all the cash these studios have spent on gear is actually depreciating with time. This is one of the reasons why studio hours are costly.

If this the case in developed countries its worst in developing countries. The product cost is almost double in value when their currency is not strong enough.

This is another reason most people avoid music production as a career as well.

Learning time for music production

Let’s talk about the actual skill of a music producer. learning music production is in itself a difficult process. If you have no background in music and suddenly you woke up one day and be like “hey wouldn’t it be cool if I become a music producer?”. Well, it will take you at least a year to get the hang of what music production is.

Just like every other skill, it’s easy to learn the basics if you have a little knowledge of music. Achieving mastery in music production is like an uphill battle that you have to fight every single day because every artform follows a trend according to the culture. if you don’t master the skill to adopt and also move forward fast enough you will miss out on a lot of opportunities.

If that’s one case the amount of money you spend on mastering the music production skill is another big dent in your bank account. The beginner information is always free, the skills for mastery are not. They cost money and time. if someone even wants to master music production they have to spend extensive amounts of time with other music producers and fellow artists to master the craft.

When a music producer has put years of hard work into their craft they are never going to trade their skill for pennies. Even though some music producers charge based on an hourly basis, the rates are high because of how long it takes to master it. if you are working with a music producer respect him and pay him the amount he asks for. He has a family to feed as well.

Let’s look at the final point,

Project time for music production

Nobody talks about this .how much time it takes to come up with an idea, write it down, perfect it, record the artist, take revisions, mixing and the mastering the takes a heap of time that nobody really understands enough. I think the most underrated people in the music industry are the music producers who are never given credit and are not treated fairly as well.

It takes time to complete a song. A producer cannot put in 7 days of work and get paid only 100$ per song. Get your head straight. This is the same for beat sales as well if you are leasing a beat then it’s okay to pay 40$ for a beat. if you are exclusively buying a beat pay the respective amount the customer asks.

This price might also increase if you are using a separate audio mixing and mastering engineer.
This might change in some situations,

A 17-year-old once texted me on Instagram and asked for a beat. I replied asking what was his budget he said I have only 10$. I said I will give you two beats for 10$ bucks but just know that it’s not my actual price I charge 40$ for one beat. The next week be bought 5 beats for 200$ for his friends from school. I dint expected it at all. He knew I gave a huge discount for him so he made sure I was paid enough through his friends by referring them to me.
So what you give always comes back.


These are the reasons why music production is costly and it’s really expensive.there are a load of other factors as well.mostly these things play into music production being really expensive.

If you are looking to hop into music production this is the perfect time to take the first step.

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