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10 Amazing Facts about Music Production


Everybody is fascinated to see what happens in the music recording studio. Everybody wants to look at what happens there.

1.its crazy-expensive

Music production for some of you might seem flashy but it is crazy expensive which only some people understand. The gear that we buy to make music after taxes it’s like buying a diamond ring. The investment it takes to start producing music is something you should consider if you are trying to enter music production.

This is the reason why music producers charge much as well .because of the effort and the energy that they have put into their craft they charge high.

If you want to know why music production is expensive you can check our article here.

2. its time consuming

If you have worked with a music producer you would know that how time-consuming it is to get the song to be completed and to be can get a mediocre song within 4 days. if you are looking for a perfectly mastered and mixed song then it’s going to take a while.

Some people hate this time. the patient ones receive the best product from the music producer. on the table

Music production is a place where you can earn a lot of money if you are smart about it. the number of avenues available to explore and make money off of your craft is a possible thing in music production.

The first music producer/artist billionaire JAY Z has his complete wealth diversified in a lot of ways. if you can find a way to diversify your income then that’s the best way to start increasing the money you make from music

One of the ways I do that is by using M1 finance. I believe that they are an amazing stock brokerage to start investing your money If you are a music producer.

4.most people fail

This number is unavailable because it can’t be counted. People take music production as a hobby and then at some point in time they give up.only a small percentage of people just put in the work to build it as a proper skill and make a business off of it.

One of the things, why most people fail, is because of the lack of information about making money online using music.nobody tells that making money online using music is possible. even if someone is making money online they are not ready to share the information at all.

This is a serious issue when it comes to failure. If you put in the effort and if you doesn’t matter.

Giving up just because you don’t have the right information is sad to watch. can work at home

Music producers are along with other art careers blessed with a job to work from home do what they truly love which is creating amazing music.

Music production will give you the flexibility to have more time with the family and create wealth for your generations. This is not at all possible when it comes to a corporate job.

Time is the most valuable asset in your life don’t trade time for money.

Trade skill for money.

Your skill is your most valuable asset.

Don’t trade that for a guy who wears a suit.

6.passive income

One of the perks of being 

a music producer is the ability to make passive income through a variety of streams online. this perk is not available for a lot of people who are following their passion.

The passive incomes include streaming revenue, royalties, and much more. you cannot go wrong with passive income. if your craft allows you to generate passive the efforts necessary to make it happen .you will never know when you need that money to support your family.

This is one of the hardest lessons I learned being in the music have to make sure you aren’t trading your time for pennies.

7.its eternal

Unlike other industries where people panic that artificial intelligence will take over everything in case of music production, you don’t have to worry about it at all.

This is because of two reasons, one being music is eternal. the only thing that is built in heaven but given to man was cannot replicate something that is made in heaven.

The second one is the communication of stories through music cannot be replicated as machine can put together or create a story that strikes human emotion to respond to it.

It’s not possible at all.

Music is from god .it was made to praise god.

8.its always changing

Music production is always an evolving craft. The way music was produced 20 years ago is not the same method by which music is produced today. It’s entirely different. As music evolves music production will always evolve along with it.

This keeps the music production craft live and not replaceable.

Which is very important. will never get bored

Music production will always keep you on the hook to learn about new stuff day in and day out .you are always in the mode to learn which is an important quality to stay relevant to the market that you are serving.

At the end of the day, you are asked to provide value. As a music producer, I can say this.

If I could choose any profession in the world ever again I would pick music production.

10. Your creation never dies

one of the amazing things about music is that it never may get aged but cant is removed from existence anymore.

Seeing your creation being alive and inspiring people is one of the amazing feels to have.


If you love music and want yourself to get into music production, don’t wait to put the time in to learn and inspire people.

Hard work beats talent every single time.

if you are interested check my article on music production courses.

Hustle harder

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