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Is FL Studio Free? Pirated?

fl studio

Everybody likes a free digital audio workstation. Even though there are free digital audio workstations out there they don’t have the striking interfaces or the advanced plugins like the premium digital audio workstations.

Making music has become so much easier because of the emergence of music production programs like FL Studio which makes the entry to making music so much easier. The software is constantly trying to improve their interface to make it newbie friendly while not compromising on the capabilities that you get with the software.

Digital audio workstations have become a part of today’s music production world. The price of music production software is in the range of a two-month salary if you are in a developing country. The forums of FL studio are just huge, as the number of people who are using FL studio form developing countries is increasing day by day this question always comes up.

FL Studio is not free but they have a trial version with limited plugins and functionalities that you can download and install from their official website.

In this article let’s look at the versions of FL studio that are available for free. You have to sacrifice some of the functionalities when you go with a free version.

Trial version 

FL Studio offers an amazing trial version for every user with limited functionalities and limited plugins. You cannot record any external instruments or microphones in the trial version. You will get most of the basic functionalities.

Some digital audio workstations don’t have a trial version but instead have an intro version whereas FL studio comes through with a trial version that you can download from their website, install and make music immediately.

Pirated versions 

Yes, there are other ways around getting a copy of the FL studio. I would never recommend you to do that. Take a look at my article on how much does FL studio cost per month to see how easy it is to afford FL studio if you save month by month. The distinguishing factor when you look at all other digital audio plugins and FL studio is the fact that they offer lifetime updates to your license once you invest in them.

Out of the three versions you have in FL studio the fruity version is really basic and you can’t record any external audio in it. The producer version is a fairly good option to go for as it comes at 199$ with life time updates.

You can get FL studio fruity version here

You can get the FL studio producer version here

You can get the FL studio signature version here

You can check this article that I wrote on is 4 GB good enough for FL studio. If you are worried about which version of FL studio to choose check this article.


The commitment to learning music production starts with investing in your gear and in your education for music production. The question of asking is FL studio free? Is good but I would always suggest you take that extra risk to have an accountability factor on your shoulder to push you to the limits to work on music production.

I still remember the first time I bought my digital audio workstation. It was hard to even take my card out to buy a version of FL studio or any other piece of software for that matter.it made a huge difference in how I learned as soon as I made that commitment to invest in music production software.

If you don’t have money don’t worry about .use the trial version, save up to get the starting version of FL studio and you can always update in the future .check this article on how you can save money for buying FL studio.

Also if you are looking for an audio interface here is an article you can check out as well

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