Is FL Studio Fruity Version Worth It?

When you start music production, you also get this quest to find out the best digital audio workstation also called music production software. Once you settle down on software, then the question shifts even more in the direction of “which version of this software should I get?”

For FL studio I have a specific article on this same topic you check it right here.

The best way to answer is to look at the functionalities that you get for the price and compare it to the other software’s that are available in the same industry. If you are fixed on Image-Line FL studio then you might have to upgrade to the producer version if you aren’t satisfied.

In the other case if you aren’t satisfied with the fruity version you might have to switch to Ableton or pro tools. In a nutshell,

Yes, the fruity version of FL studio is worth to invest as a beginner music producer. If you are interested to upgrade later it comes at 199$ for the producer version.

 In this article let’s look at the nitty-gritty to check if FL studio fruity version is worth it or not!!

What do you get with FL studio fruity?

As you might know, FL studio fruity is the beginner version of the software, it’s like level one of music production. If you are new to music production I would advise you to start with the fruity version and there is no compromise for that at all. It provides enough capabilities to start producing music.

The fruity version offers you the ability to use patterns and mixers to mix and master your songs.

The only problem is that you will be restricted so much when it comes to synths and the ability to record external music through microphones.

This 99$ version FL studio offers enough for a beginner but from the eyes of an advanced user, it seems like you should be getting more for the 99$ license.

The one advantage when it comes to Image-Line FL studio is that whenever you purchase a license you are provided with lifetime updates for free and the 99$ is a one-time fee. This is nice.

Price comparisons of FL studio fruity

There are three versions available in FL studio, if you are going to use the very minimally then the 99$ version is more than good enough and it’s worth every penny to take care of your requirements.

If you are someone who is looking to start music production and learn advanced synth music production works you should be investing in the producer version of FL studio and not in the fruity version.

There are so many things that you will get with the FL studio producer version when compared to the fruity version.

If you have a long term plan of producing music I would highly recommend you to take the FL studio producer version rather than the fruity version.

When comparing the prices you will get more bang for your buck when you go to Ableton’s introversion where you will get to record instruments with the entry license.

The producer version comes around 199$ and the signature version at 499$.

You can get the fruity version here

You can get the producer version here

You can get the signature version here.

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Functions and limitations of FL studio fruity

As said before there are a lot of limitations when it comes to an entry-level digital audio workstation as expected it to be. I think I have mentioned too many times that the lack of ability to record external instruments and vocals would be the first one.

A lot of instruments are not available in FL studio fruity version including Edison, which is the best audio editing and sampling software plugin in FL studio which is heavily used by hip-hop producers.

Out of all the digital audio workstations, pro tools holds the best intro version licenses among all of them but it’s a bit pricier. The funny thing is that their free version does more than the entry versions of fl studio and Ableton live which just blows everyone’s mind when I tell them this.

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If you are just starting, I just want to say that work with what you have and be good at it. Once you start to make money from your music, that’s when you can start to invest in better software and equipment.

As a newbie, I would never advise you to get the signature version of FL studio when you are starting at all. It’s not worth it as you will not be using most of its capability in the first 2 years of your music production journey.

If this is all you want to do for the rest of your life then go for it and invest in that sweet FL studio signature license and go hard in learning and making music.

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Hustle harder folks.

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