Which is easier to learn FL studio or Ableton? ultimate show down

Let’s leave learning; choosing a digital audio workstation is half the trouble when you are starting your music production journey as a beginner music producer. When you have quality digital audio workstations like Ableton and FL studio competing for your attention then it makes it harder for you to choose which one to go with. Make no mistake that they both are good for anyone to learn and master and put out songs that reach billboard charts.

Both software is equally powerful and depending on your use and your needs you might prefer one over the other. Ableton is usually preferred by people who perform on stages and have a desire to perform. I am a stage keyboard player for concerts and I love Ableton because it made my life so much easier. A studio beat maker might not feel the same because they are looking for software to put the patterns and get the beat out, they don’t require the ability to perform live.

These are some factors as to why people choose different workstations. If someone says that one is the best and others are the worst. You are listening to advise from the wrong guy. Digital audio workstations in general can all do the same thing. It’s just a matter of preference and the ability to perform certain functions properly.

Without wasting your time let me give my short answer first,

Ableton is easier to learn than FL studio as the interface of Ableton provides you with an organized user experience. Whereas in FL studio you will be searching for different things in different places. A 10-minute walkthrough is more than to get you to start in making music if you already have basic music production knowledge in Ableton.

 In this article let’s look at the reasons why Ableton is the easier digital audio workstation to learn and how you can approach it.

7 reasons why Ableton is easier to learn than FL studio

  • Arrangement view is a simple browser view is organized
  • Session view feels comfortable
  • Devices view is clean
  • Audio/ midi editor view is effective
  • The menu is easy to use
  • The preferences are functional

Let’s look at them one by one

Arrangement view is simple

The moment you open Ableton live you won’t see the arrangement view at all. If you press the tab key on your keyboard you will be taken to an alternate place called arrangement view. This is the place where you will structure your song and build your song from the ground up and not in a pattern box.

Arrangement view is the place where you will be recording your vocals and instruments as well as your musical pieces to put together a song or a composition.

The arrangement view offers you to edit the midi and audio clips directly in the track if you want to trim or have only a certain portion of the track.

Browser view is organized

There is one thing that I hate in every digital audio workstation other than Ableton is the way the browser is organized. Think about the browser view like your refrigerator where all your veggies and all the raw foods are stored. You would take them can cook food, in this case, you will be making music.

Imagine your stored food is completely not organized at all. It would be a nightmare for you to organize and make food. This is the same case with making music as well. Ableton offers the best way to organize your sounds, plugins, and effects effectively than all the other software’s.

Session view feels comfortable

The session view is something that other software don’t have and only Ableton has it. This is an advantage and this is the screen that you see when you first open your software as well.

This allows you to write down your musical pieces and your inspirations as fast as possible into the software before you lose them.

This is an amazing feature that I would want in every software but only logic has taken the time to release a version with a copied session view. As far as what I can tell it is a flop but as they roll out the next version maybe it will be as effective as Ableton’s session view.

Devices view is clean

if you look at any digital audio workstation the one place that will be messy is the devices tab or the place where you add your plugins and effects. It will look like it ate a lot of junk food and about to puke.

In the case of Ableton, it is much easier to learn because it’s carefully laid out to understand how it works.

Audio/ midi editor view is effective

There is one thing that you should look for in a digital audio workstation that is the midi and audio editor window. These are two important tools no matter which software you use you will be using them. In the case of Ableton, it is much simple to understand and it’s made so much minimal for everyone to use and understand.

The menu is easy to use

If someone is going to get intimidated by a digital audio workstation then it would be looking at the menu system. In most digital audio workstations it’s really hard to navigate and understand but Ableton makes it easier to understand and navigate a lot easier as a beginner which helps in learning the software faster.

The preferences are functional

The preferences window is where you will do the magical functions like connecting your midi keyboard, the audio configurations, and a lot more.

In the case of all other digital audio workstations, this is where all the clutter is.

Other software has things that shouldn’t be there at all.

Ableton makes it easier with multi-tabs to navigate and learn. You will feel right at home when you are learning Ableton.

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Here is the link for all three licenses for Ableton live and FL studio

Click here for Ableton live intro version

Click here for Ableton live standard version

Click here for Ableton live suite version

Click here for FL studio fruity edition

Click here for the FL studio producer edition

Click here for FL studio signature edition


Your progress and performance usually don’t depend on which software you use at all. It mostly depends on how well do you understand the concepts and how much time do you spend with the software.

That’s what counts

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Hustle harder

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