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How much is FL Studio per month?

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FL Studio is the widely used music production software from bedroom producers to multi-platinum producers as has its name and place in the music production world even though some people don’t take FL studio producers seriously. Every producer has this mentality that what software they use is the best and whatever everyone else uses is trash.

You can watch this happen everywhere. Even though this is happening on one side the people who are using FL studio is increasing day by day. Anyone who cannot afford the costly music production software and equipment’s start with FL studio and make their way up the ladder and invest in awesome music production gear.

If you are looking to buy FL studio in this article I will be going through various ways you can save money at the same time invest in FL studio as well. Buying a premium license will give you the responsibility to take your time to learn and advance in your career rather than treating music production as a hobby.

FL Studio doesn’t have a per month basis plan. they offer a one time purchase for all their products ranging from 99$ to 999$.

Taking music production seriously may involve some investments at first but they propel our careers forward. In this article, I will show you guys how easy it is to save money for FL studio and buy an original license and get the opportunity to have unlimited lifelong updates. You won’t get this offer on any other music production software.

For some of you, this post might seem stupid, but for the people from a developing country, this will make a lot of sense. I am from India and I saved money for 7 months before I was able to invest in my first digital audio workstation. If you still feel like this is not making sense let me make it clear for you. You can get 30 eggs in India for 2$ and 100$ for a digital audio workstation is not a small amount of money at all.

Calculation based on one year for each version

As you can see in the below table it’s going to cost you about 99 dollars for the fruity edition, 199 dollars for the producer edition, and 299 dollars for the signature edition.  Breaking it down month by month just lowers the rate to an 8.25$ per month for fruity, 16.5$ for the producer edition, and 24$ for the signature bundle edition.

VERSION Of FL STUDIOAmount to save per month in $
FL Studio Fruity Edition8.25
FL Studio Producer Edition16.58
FL Studio Signature Bundle24.91

Calculation based on two years for each version

Who is going to save money for a piece of software for two years? If that’s your question you do not really understand the value of buying FL studio license. Once you buy a FL studio license you will have unlimited lifetime access to all the FL studio updates. That’s worth saving for two years.

If you have the money to invest go for it.

It’s amazing.

VERSION Of FL STUDIOAmount to save per month in $
FL Studio Fruity Edition4.12
FL Studio Producer Edition8.2
FL Studio Signature Bundle12.4

Calculation based on three years for each version

Saving this small amount per month to invest in software that is potentially going to give back in multiples is the best thing you can do as a music producer.

VERSION Of FL STUDIOAmount to save per month in $
FL Studio Fruity Edition2.75
FL Studio Producer Edition5.52
FL Studio Signature Bundle8.03

Here is the link to get the fruity version

Here is the link to get the producer version

Here is the link to get the signature version.


Money is a powerful tool that can help you to take your production to another level but in the same it’s not the only tool that can propel you to achieve the success that you want in music production.

Hard work and being relentless has a huge say in how well you can do in your music production career rather than what gear you have in your home music studio.

I still remember the day when I couldn’t afford a midi keyboard and I was spending hours trying to put a chord together using my laptop keyboard. Those days taught me that you don’t need to rely on expensive gear to make money or even excel in music production.

If you are interested in getting FL studio license don’t wait!! Make the investment and work harder to reach your goals and aspirations.

Love what you do so you don’t have to work a day in your life.

If you are interested check this article on which version of FL Studio you should buy?

Hustle harder

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