Is GarageBand Better than FL Studio? deep analysis

If you have started your journey as a music producer you would have heard about both fl studio and Garageband. About two years ago fl studio was only available for windows users and they made it to be used in both Windows and Mac. While GarageBand is still mac only recording software tools.

There is always this question of which one is better. People argue and get into comment wars as well. this is one of the reasons that I always disable comments in my articles On music finesse.

In this article, we will look into every aspect of fl studio and Garageband. Putting them head to head to analyze which one comes on top. This will give us an idea about how a mac only software stands up against multi-platform software. When software is multiplatform it usually has a lot of customer feedback to improve and also expand. if I have to summarize and save you time without reading the whole article,

No, Garageband is not better than FL studio. FL Studio offers more functionalities at a lower price than Garageband and works in both windows as well as mac. FL studio sticks out as a premium software whereas Garageband struggles to fight against Logic pro x.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty shall we,

How good is the garage band?

the apple only software GarageBand has a successor called logic pro x, which is a premium software used by industry professionals all over the world. This makes GarageBand lose its value even though it offers most of the functionalities that you can get from all digital audio workstations.

Garageband has a limit of 255 tracks whereas other software doesn’t. the one advantage you get with GarageBand is that you can save your projects with iCloud and retrieve it whenever you want them.

If you are looking for a stripped-down version of a premium music production software without getting distracted you should pick Garageband. It’s a good place to start music production.

How good is the FL Studio?

When compared to Garageband, fl studio offers more in terms of premium functionalities that Garageband doesn’t have and also the ability to take a project to the next level. When GarageBand is struggling to identify itself among logic pro x. fl studio 20 the recent version which was released takes away the crown from Garageband.

Fl studio offers three versions of its software. If you are starting you can go with the fruity version. if you are in an intermediate stage where you know a little about music production, you can choose the fl studio producer edition. For advanced users, they have the signature edition.

The amazing thing about fl studio is that it’s a one-time payment with lifetime updates. This is unique to fl studio.

If you are looking for an in-depth functionalities breakdown of FL studio, you can check that on my article about the version of fl studio.

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Price comparison

When it comes to price GarageBand is free for all Apple users while fl studio has a price for its three different versions of the software.

As discussed above fl studio producer version is what I recommend for anyone who is starting music production. The price of fl studio is the cheapest when compared to all the other digital audio workstations. No other software gives lifetime free updates while fl studio does.

This makes them stand out among the crowd.

You can get an fl studio producer version here.

You can get the fl studio signature version here.

User experience

if there is one thing that matters when you compare two premium products then that would be user experience. What do users say about using both the products? Most of the users say that GarageBand offers a bottleneck to grow and expand as it doesn’t offer modern synth and sound design functionalities whereas fl studio offers advanced features and inbuilt plugin bundles that help in improving the user experience without paying for third party plugins.

The interface of Garageband is simple yet, fl studio wins in terms of usability to learn music production. You will learn all sorts of techniques and tricks in music production when you use an fl studio which you won’t get with Garageband as it’s a simple recording software which can be in a run and go situation.

You can go in-depth to compare both fl studio and GarageBand. One thing that you will find is nobody is using GarageBand after 6 months of spending time with it. Everybody moves on to logic pro x or Ableton or fl studio to start their proper music production career in premium software.

Garageband is a gateway for music production for a lot of people but it’s not the end all be all for music producers when it comes to music production.


It doesn’t matter which software you use and the final verdict would be on how well you can use it to make music. If you are struggling to make music with GarageBand then I wouldn’t advise investing in fl studio at all.

If you are starting then invest in fl studio and pick up from there. You don’t have to worry about switching software at all. Fl studio offers you all the necessary tools to make your production shine through.

If you are interested check my article on why fl studio is the best DAW as well.

Hustle harder folks.

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