How do you get better at Ableton live?

If you are starting music production and looking into digital audio workstations like Ableton live and others you are in the right place. I am glad that you choose Ableton live as your music production software of choice as well.

If you are in a dilemma which one to choose please lock your option in Ableton because you will most definitely thank me later for this as you progress in music production.

Abelton has various features in terms of its functionality and ability to produce music.

It’s not a digital audio workstation that you assign to a particular genre at all.

You can do so much with it from a simple audio recording to a bulk 10 track project, Ableton is your man in charge.

In this article, I will walk you guys through how to get better at Ableton and make your workflow faster and efficient.

Imagine sitting with a recording artist and you are taking a heap load of time to navigate through the software. You never want to be that person at all. It’s the space where Ableton is praised by a lot of professional music producers.

Here are the 6 steps to get better at Ableton

  • NavigationShortcuts
  • Beat making
  • Live performance
  • Session view integration
  • Learning continuously 


Navigation in Ableton is where you have to get better at first, understanding what each button, knob, the slider does in Ableton is very crucial to save time and be creative while making music professionally.

Music production has evolved into a place where how fast can you release a song has become the trend nowadays.

If you look at the hip-hop world where diss tracks are famous for.

The rival artist might release a diss track and the other artist has to come with a track faster to shut the other person down.

This has been the trend so far where the ability of the music producer to rip through the projects comes into play.

Learning to work with Ableton’s session, arrangement, browser, devices view and audio editor is very crucial when trying to get better at Ableton.

If you want to learn Ableton from scratch you can check my courses in skillshare here.


I can stress this enough!!!

Shortcuts make your life easier and stop you from going after the mice to right-click and do functions.

You can save a lot of time through this.

Let’s take an example here.

If you want to duplicate a portion of an audio track you have to click the option and select duplicate.

If you know that the keyboard shortcut is (command/ctrl + D) you can easily do this without wasting a minute to reach out for your mouse.

Saving time and getting better at the shortcuts is very crucial. When I started my goal was to learn at least one shortcut a day and use it often to make my workflow as fast as possible.

Nobody likes wasting time.

Beat making

you have to get good at making beats faster. You might argue that it’s a creative process I need all the time in the world to come up with a banger!!.

I completely accept your point but if you are not faster at putting your ideas and musical thoughts faster into the software you are going to be beaten by someone good at getting his thoughts and ideas into beats.

Learn to use functions like automation, racks, and chains to improve the workflow to make the music production process as smooth as possible.

Live performance

If you are just using the arrangement view and not involving to perform using the session view you are missing out on a big chunk on the table.

Live performance is so valued in today’s world as music producers have started to become the face of their brands.

If you want to perform live you should be able to use live performance functions in Ableton without any hiccups.

This can be done by using the session view efficiently. check out the songs that are made with live looping through Ableton on youtube and try to replicate how they do it, you will get better with time.

Session view integration

As we talked already session view has a massive weightage in getting better at Ableton as a music have to able to use the live performance feature that Ableton offers.

Now it doesn’t end there at all.

Ableton offers you features to integrate your live recording from the session view into your arrangement view.

If you haven’t used this man!! You are missing out so much.

This allows you to plot ideas faster in the session view, audition them, and choose the proper idea that we want to use and drag it to the arrangement view.

Its that simple.

Learning continuously.

Even though I can use Ableton decently (I would say). I always strive to learn tricks and tips from other producers as well.

There is always this saying that “every song is an inspiration or a derivation from another”.

Every process or idea usually comes as you learn from different people.

Sometimes people get offended when I say this.

You have to learn as a community rather than being a guy/gal with zero humility.

One way that you can learn continuously is to sign up for skillshare and I highly recommend it. There are so many courses on Ableton in skillshare.

Unlike udemy, you get to access all the courses for a monthly fee. The first two months are completely free when you sign up with this link.

Click here to sign up for skillshare.

You don’t have to learn from my course, you can choose a lot of other courses in music production as well.


Getting better at something starts with the mindest of learning continuously and accepting the fact that you need improvement in whatever you are doing.

You have to allow yourself to be critiqued and accept where you can improve.

If you are interested join my discord to get help in learning music production here

You can also check my article on how long does it take to learn Ableton live here

Give it time and you will always improve.

Hustle harder folks.

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