i5 processor

Is an i5 processor good for music production?

i5 processor

Most people think that you need a heavy processor with a lot of specs to even start working on music production.i was one of them, I thought I can’t do music production in my hp notebook laptop with an i5 processor, boi I was wrong .i did my first 300 beats in that laptop.so if you are looking for a straight forward answer.

Yes, an i5 processer is good enough for music production.it can handle all the load you might throw at it as a beginner.you can upgrade it later as you learn more in music production.

Let’s look at the loads that my laptop handled so that you can get an idea of how much load it can take.

1.70 tracks remix.

I was attempting a remix competiton .i downloaded the remix pack it was around 1.5gb.i seriously thought that my laptop is going to crash.it handled like a champ.i was really amazed by how it performed.the most funny thing is I added 23 plugins and had no issue .when I added 24th plugin on the master I saw a small spike about 60% in cpu load.

I was a complaining idot at first saying my laptop cant handle this and then I saw how it did .changed my whole prespective on gear.

It takes about 5 minutes to load everything completely but once its loaded there is no lag there is no shakes or crashes as we might expect .it works perfectly fine.

I5 processors are good at working on large projects.they are not going to quit on you.

2.loaded a huge 30 GB sample library

Yes, you heard it right. It was a 30 GB sample library in Kontakt .i would have never bet on my laptop for something of that measure.it was really amazing to see Kontakt loaded and using actual sample libraries. when I started I was using plugins like xpand which are actually not that hard on i5 processors.

It’s true that every musical synthesizer in one or the other way has to solve calculations to produce music.coming back to the question an i5 processor can easily handle heavy sample libraries.

But still, there is a catch. you cannot use two instances of Kontakt at the same time. you have to write it on a track and then print it down.

Its hard to get customed to at first when you get familier with it ,it becomes a workflow method .

3.supports all DAWs

I was using a suite version of ableton live 10.the way it stacked with to work with it was just phenomenol.i have seen people use various different daws with i5 processor including fl studio and reaper they all just worked fine.

One thing that you should consider is getting an audio interface.when you have a processor that is taking all the load from DAW,you have to separate the lift by giving some of it to an audio interface.audio interface is nothing but a external sound card that processes all the data used by your digital audio workstation.

Here is an article on how to choose your first audio interface.

You might find links from zzounds . I am an affiliate for their store because of two reasons the low cost and the 30 day return period the offer. if you are looking for a condenser microphone check those links as well.

Some people even go inside task manager and tweak stuff like cores and overclocking.its fascinating to look at but when you just have that one laptop to work with, man you don’t let anyone harm your precious possession.i have seen an increase in performance and efficiency once the ram is upgraded as well.

The bottom line is if someone says you cannot produce music on an i5 processor that is completely wrong but it depends on several other factors.


It’s a different story when it comes down to synths.synths take a lot more processing power than samplers.this is where a lot of people start to get problems if they are using same system soundcard for processing sound.

Other than kontakt you can always use as many samplers as you want in an i5 processor. when it comes to synths you can only do one at a time. yes it’s a bummer but it can handle one synth track perfectly fine.

If you are making edm, you are in a lot of trouble since you will need multiple instances of synths.

One trick that I use to overcome this is by using a sampler I would develop the sound in a synth record it down put it on a sampler and save it as a device in Ableton.it works absolutely fine.its just one of those things we have to work around it.


Your ram will play a big part in the sample sizes that you throw at your laptop as well as the number of tracks it can handle.

Increasing your ram can give you a great advantage based on your usage but sometimes it might not do anything at all.

I had 4gb ram and it was able to handle all the above.


This is another factor whether your i5 processor can function effectively for music production or not.if you have enough space in your hard disk for both temporary files and your sample libraries then you are good enough to start music production with an i5 processor.

I had an 1 terrabyte hardisk that was taking all the  things like a tank.

So to summarize you have ti check three things before you choose the i5 processor laptop

  • The ram
  • The audio interface
  • The hard disk space

If these three are at perfect state then you are good to go in music production.the first one year I had a i5 processor and I made about 400 beats.


Its not about what gear you have its all about what you can do with it .start music production with what you have and you can alwasys upgrade later when you start to see a return from music production

Don’t rush in to investin all your money.

If you are taking music production seriously as a business then you should invest into this

If you are doing it sort of like a hobby then you can invest slowly as you progress.

Anyways check my article on music production desks

As always

Hustle harder

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