Is it hard to learn FL studio?

Learning music production software without any knowledge in music production is always a hard task to do. If you know to use any other music production software then you will have a very short learning curve as you can reference things and learn as fast as possible.

The most used beginner software for music production is fl studio. Even though it’s not the industry standard for professional use of a digital audio workstation.

Fl studio is easier to learn when compared to other music production software but the problem comes when you find out that there is an easier process to do these same things in Ableton.

So if you want to stay in fl studio, learn and invest your time in this article I will tell you how hard it is to learn fl studio as well steps to make your process of learning fl studio faster. Let’s get started, shall we!

Yes, it’s hard to learn any music production software including fl studio. if you have prior knowledge in music production then you will find it a bit easier to learn fl studio. Fl studio is considered to be the easiest software to learn by music production beginners.

Learning approach for fl studio in a 4 step process

  • Making a simple beat
  • Understanding of the interface
  • Learning the workflow
  • Learning from courses

Making a simple beat

Learning to make a simple beat in fl studio first is an important part of getting to the starting trouble we all face when we encounter a new skill that we are learning.

You have to take the step to invest the first few days of your time in learning to make a simple beat.

Making your first beat in any software no matter if its fl studio or Ableton live you will be able to learn how most of the important functions to make music work.

Learning through projects is so efficient that learning through a tutorial.

It will make your path easier.

If you are looking for proper fl studio tutorials and want perfect guidance to check out this skillshare course which is free for two months.

You won’t be disappointed.

Understanding the interface

The next step is to understand the interface and its functions where most people spend little time on and start to just stick to what they know.

You have to take your time to learn the shortcuts that can be used and to efficiently remove yourself from any problems that might hinder your process of making beats with FL studio.

Learning short cut a day will dramatically reduce the struggle that you might have in navigating through FL studio.

Most people don’t even take the time to explore the mixing console in FL studio which has amazing capabilities.

The interface is like a road map to your projects understanding each slider and knobs makes a huge difference in expressing if you are a noob are a seasoned fl studio user.

Learning the workflow 

when you learn to use a software program everybody learns to use it in their ways.

When it comes to music production as it is used by a large number of people, the new process is developed by various people.

You have to have the humility to change and learn when you see a better workflow rather than being a meathead.

This sets you apart as a music producer as you are constantly looking for opportunities to improve your music production process.

Sometimes there are forces in both mixing and mastering that you have to follow in fl studio.

If you don’t put in the time to learn those your improvement is going to be stopped and bottlenecked by these issues around workflow.

Don’t shut yourself to opportunities instead learn from every take what works for you and leave what doesn’t work for you.

If you focus on the growth you will see it.

Check my article on music producer motivation as well I have shared some valuable tips that helped me to improve my music production journey.

You won’t be disappointed.

Learning from courses

You have to invest to reap your benefits. When it comes to learning fl studio it’s the truth.

When you look at all the courses that are available on the internet it’s just huge.

The tutorials that are on youtube, everyone has their teaching style as well.

How do you go with this??

This is why I always recommend skillshare where you can find courses that are comprehensive and have in-depth explanations without wasting your precious time.

The courses include starting 

a beat from scratch to develop it into an amazing fully completed song

Other courses include how to mix and master in fl studio as well.

Unlike udemy, you don’t have to pay 10$ for every course that you want to learn .you can pay 10$ for all the courses that are available in the skillshare platform. Let me give you an insider tip as well.

All the udemy courses are in skillshare .every instructor you find in udemy also has courses in skillshare. So you are not missing anything.

You will get 2 months of free premium when you sign up with the below link


No matter which digital audio workstation you use for your music production you have to be resilient to learn continuously and improve yourself rather than being stagnant.

It’s the one thing that will create a gap between mediocre people and people who are professional music producers.

You cannot put yourself in a box and say that this is all I know and I am going to stick with this.

Explore and experiment to learn and to improve using fl studio, that’s how you will get better at learning fl studio.

There is no magic pill to get over the initial grind to learning fl studio or even any other DAW in general.

We all have to go through the struggle to learn.

Check my article on music producer motivation and midi keyboards.

If you don’t have a music producer portfolio check this article as well.

Hustle harder folks.

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