How can you publish your music? step by step tutorial


Making your music and publishing it to all the platforms is one of the noteworthy moments in life for artists, songwriters, music producers, and whoever you are. Making our music brings joy and also puts us in a highly creative space. Unlike during the days of dinosaurs where you would have to go to the record labels to release your music now things have changed. You can easily release your songs from the comfort of your home without any issues.

This is a huge deal for a lot of people because independent artists were not respected and they couldn’t even able to get on in front of an audience. They always had to beg and bow to people behind desks who knew absolutely nothing about music to get their music featured. This changed in the last 20 years.

You can publish your songs to all major music streaming by just uploading your songs in one place. Interesting right?

You can publish your music by submitting them to a digital distributor like ditto music. Digital distributors send your music to all the digital streaming platforms on the internet. This allows anyone to publish music.

Let’s look at this in detail shall we,

Who are digital distributors?

These are people who are involved in distributing your album or music to all the digital platforms on the internet including Spotify, Apple Music, and even TikTok. These distributors have associations with all the platforms which help them to send your music to be released by them. Major music distributors like ditto music connections with more than 150 music streaming platforms.

These digital distributors also collect the money that is made by the streams that you get on the songs and will be paid to you as well. This is amazing because in the days of dinosaurs you have to wait for the music record label people to put food on your plate but now things have shifted and independent singers are taking things to the next level.

One more thing about these digital distributors is that you have to be very careful about whom you choose as a distributor for your digital asset which is your songs. These are going to be prized possessions that you don’t want any fraud companies to manage because they could be eating your money.

Let’s look at which distributor you can choose.

Which distribution to choose?

The only music distribution company that vouch for is ditto music. They are doing a fantastic job of helping producers and music artists all around the world to publish their music. There are so many companies out there that don’t even have proper customer service at all.

Some distributors don’t accept certain credit cards as well. Sometimes it becomes so frustrating if you are working with a digital distributor.

This is why I always recommend people to go with ditto music.

You can sign up for ditto music here.

The advantage of being with ditto music is that they also offer you a lot of PR services which most digital distributors don’t have. If you don’t want your music to be on certain platforms do that as well in ditto music. you will have complete control over all the things that you do in ditto music .ditto music helps you to get your Spotify verified as well which is so useful in having authority.

You can also choose plans for multiple artists and manage them in ditto music as well.

When to publish your music?

This is a crucial question people have. There is a rule that you should know about all the digital distributors in the game. Everyone takes about 10 days to get your music to all the platforms. This means that you have to schedule your songs 10 days before the release date that you want. You can have priority releases but it would cost you money. The best way to do it is to upload the songs with the song cover picture 10 days before the actual release date of the song.

There are also some other things that you should consider when looking at the distributor as well. The first and foremost is how long does it take for them to remove a song from a store. Sometimes when you make a mistake and uploaded a wrong song and it went out to the public, you don’t want to be with a distributor who isn’t going to offer any help.


If you are not confident enough to put your music out, one thing that I would tell you is “your music not going to do anything in your hard drive”.

Get signed up with ditto music and Release the music.

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