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How long is the FL studio trial? quick guide

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There is a huge difference between FL studio and other digital audio workstations and one of them is the pricing model in FL studio. Even though there are various price models that each software follows, FL studio is offering more to its producers than anyone else.

This is very helpful for producers who are just starting to get into music production but also help them in avoiding heavy investments upfront. The money that’s needed to enter is high in some cases that it causes people to get discouraged about music production as well.

In this article, we will go through, how long the FL studio trial is and why should get an FL studio license, and where to get it as well. Let’s get to the short answer first.

There is no trial period for FL studio 12. The only limitation is that you will not be able to reopen a saved project. You can use the software as long as you want but there is no export feature for the demo version of FL Studio 12. You have to get an FL studio license to export the project.

Let’s get into this shall we,

FL Studio trial version

 Fl studio trial version comes with all the features that are available in the producer version without any restrictions. Every plugin that you get with fl studio producer version, you get with fl studio trial version as well. even though it seems like fl studio has open their flood gates it comes with a few caveats too. They limit you to open projects that are already saved. They also limit you to export the projects you are working on.

You can make the song but you cant export or save it which is frustrating but this gives a solid reason for you to buy their paid licenses which are worth every penny that you spend. More on that in the next subheading.

Fl studio trial would is not something you should be thinking about if you want to get into music production. The reason is that the moment you opt for a trial version you are running into a series of problems which include the dilemma to choose the best DAW. Let me ask you this if you haven’t worked with a DAW before how would you know which one Is the best?

This is the reason I always tell my readers. No matter which software you use for the love of god stick with it for at least one year later you can change. You will not have a huge learning curve when you switch. Don’t believe the YouTubers who make it seem like it’s hard to switch, it’s not at all.

Every DAW works on the same principle with different interfaces. After one year with a DAW, you will take about 2 weeks to learn the interface and feel like you are right at home. I use fl studio and Ableton and let me tell you will find it easy to switch to any DAW once you learned one DAW for a year.

The people who tell you that you can’t switch later are amateurs who have no idea what music production is or fanboys who are in their basement typing stuff and don’t have a career.

Let’s look at why fl studio license is worth it, shall we

Why should you get a FL Studio license?

As I talked about in the previous paragraphs, you are going to stick to software for a year if you are starting as a producer. In that case, having software with a paid license is the best motivator to be accountable for the money that is spent on the product.

This is one of the main reasons to commit to the craft.

DAW is going to be your battleground where you will spend most of your time, you better pay for it.

The second reason why I would suggest you get a paid license is that it is a one-time payment with lifetime updates which no other DAW offers. If you look at protools they offer a monthly subscription which is crazy expensive and 7 times the price of a Netflix subscription.

The cheapest DAW and the bank for buck software is Fl studio. There is a huge community of producers who are willing to help as well If you are stuck on any part of making music with fl studio.

In simple words if you are starting music production, you don’t want to get Ableton, then get FL studio.

Where to get FL studio license

There are few places where you can get fl studio. I would always suggest zzounds. They have the best customer service and are quick in taking care of all the customer needs.

Here are the links to get fl studio versions.

I would recommend you get the producer edition if you are starting and if this is going to a lifelong career or business for you then choose the signature edition.

Click here for the producer edition

Click here for the signature edition


It doesn’t really matter which DAW you use or which license you have but it really matters how much time you are spending with the software and are you continuously learning.

If you don’t learn and do the same thing over and over again you will not grow at all.

If you want to grow put yourself in the shoes of students even if you have 5 years of experience in making music.

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Hustle harder guys.

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