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How much do EDM artists Make?

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Usually, musicians are considered as this bunch of broke people who can’t put together their lives. At the same time, we also see people performing in front of thousands of people and earning millions of does this all play out to be? In this article, I will go through how EDM artists make their money and the revenue systems as well.

Usually, the community of music producers no matter if its low-income or high-income producers or even newbies in general are constantly in the run for generating a new source of income and making money through their music.

People think that you can never make money through music. They think it’s just a bunch of horse crap. well some of it not crap at all. I know several EDM producers who make 6 figures and nobody knows them at all. They are really creative in how they sell their music to singers and songwriters.

There are no secrets when it comes to the music industry .its just all open out there people are not willing to see it.

Music producers are not like an entertainment YouTuber who can only monetize using merch they are people who can sell their talent in a variety of ways .lets look at how much EDM artists make in a short answer,

Edm artists make an average of 90,000$ to 10 million dollars depending on their credibility. Experience, fan base and number shows performed per year have a big role in it.

Types of revenue for dance music producers

  • Concert
  • Streams
  • Samples
  • Plugins
  • Merch
  • Brand associations


This is the biggest revenue stream for most of the EDM artists as the ticket prices range from 70$ to upwards of about 1400$. It’s crazy how much they charge. The moment you walk into a concert you might also buy their branded stuff and food that’s available at the venue which just adds up pretty quickly.

Edm artists are well known for playing and performing among larger groups of people in those cases they are paid and hired by a performance manager or program organizer. If the EDM artist has a great reputation the one-hour performance might earn him more than a year’s income for an average household.

It’s really crazy how the performance industry works. Steve Aoki is someone who is known for smashing cakes in people’s faces is known for doing multiples shows in a year.


 When you compare this to the concert money this is not a huge number at all. The streaming money is nothing but the royalties generated for the artists when we listen to their songs in Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Usually, for a million streams an EDM artist might get anywhere from 3500$ to 4000$.

Nowadays streaming also includes youtube .you might also see artists doing 4 or 5 versions of the same song and releasing them to earn more out of that adsence and also reaching more people.

If this is the most known method for making money there is a whole other world most common people don’t know about.

Let’s talk about it.


Edm music producers sell sample music packs for fellow musicians to get inspired and even some times to use it in their projects as well.

There are companies like splice which combines with bigger EDM artists and make sample packs out of their work and sell it to music producers.

It has become a big market.

Usually, you can see this when a seasoned EDM artist gets to settle down or when his music revenue starts to dip down.


this is another method as well used by various EDM artists to make money from music producers while providing them value. Sometimes they come up with crappy plugins sometimes it turns out to be a banger.

If you don’t know what is a plugin its nothing but a 

small piece of software in addition to the music production software that helps to make music. Click here to check my article on the top 3 plugins of all time to see how and why we need plugins as well if you are new to music production.

This is a huge market because music producers always tend to run towards the shiny object. If you want to add one group of people that has the shiny object syndrome add music producers to that list.

Recently kshmr came up with a plugin and I thought it’s going to be trash and turns out it’s the best when it comes to working with low end


If you have been around youtube you would know them screaming at your faces to buy their merch and telling you that you should become part of their community while all they 

are saying is give your money to me I will send you a trash t-shirt.

Some people do legit merch.

The music artist has the best merch in the game.

There is no argument about that at all.

This is a huge moneymaker for EDM artists as well. That’s why you can see them always pushing this out to fans. You might think hey it’s just 40$ how much can he earn from this, just multiply that 40 with a 5000 you will see a huge number on your screen.

On a big scale, a small product can entirely change the game of how you make money with your fanbase.


If you start gaining a big audience that’s when brands start to come to you to sign you as ambassador and promoter for their products.

Usually, this happens in the sports world nowadays as brands are seeing the loyalty each music artist has they just collaborate to make more money out of the artist.

Kanye is one such character even though he isn’t in Edm music but worth mentioning.


Making money off of your music might seem hard at times but you have to understand that if it was really easy everybody would be doing it.

You are in the spot to do it because you are called for this so don’t give up and keep striving for success.

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Hustle harder

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