How much do Producers make per hour? Accurate analysed Data

Making money through music is one of the exciting things about being a producer. It’s not because of how much money you can make from music. It’s because you are making money from doing what you love.

Usually, people who start to produce music always have an idea that it’s not easy to make money through music. People also have a misconception that only the top producers make money. This is not true at all. There are so many ways you can money online starting from publishing your music through ditto music or you can even sell your music to content creators on YouTube as well.

It all depends on how much you are willing to put in the time to identify the opportunities that you can tackle through the resources on the internet. today since everything is online, you have a great opportunity to take things to the next level and provide an income for yourself very easily.

Producers make an average of 25-150$ per hour. Some high-level music producers even exceed those numbers ranging from 500-2000$ per hour. The price for their time sometimes even depends on their project as well.

How much does beat makers make?

When it comes to beat making there is always this notion or idea that you cant make a living by selling music online. This is one of the greatest misconceptions about making music. There is plenty of ways to sell your music to start making money.

The amount that a beatmaker charges you will be the lowest when compared to the mixing engineers and film scoring producers. this is because beatmakers are at the bottom of the food chain when compared to the film scorers who are at the top of the music production food chain.

This usually varies because the beatmakers who are making huge hits earn more than a normal film scorer as well. in general the case is that the hourly wage for a beatmaker is less when compared to the film composer.

Usually, for beatmakers, the nominal charge ranges between 15$ per hour to 80$ per hour.

How much does a film composer make?

 The way film composers are paid is way different from how the beat makers are paid as well. they are paid through royalty checks every 3 months. Even though film composers have a track fee that comes at the start of the project. They also receive an amount of royalty every 3 months.

This propels them to the top of the earing list when it comes to people in music production.

Film composers are paid huge checks to bring the music from a film to life. To tell a story through music as well. they are also involved in music licensing for other movies that they are not part of but lending their works for use. This in turn results in higher pay for an hour for a film composer.

There are other things we have to take into account as well. anyone can become a beat maker within 4 months. Becoming a filmmaker takes longer than that. If you want to become a successful film composer it might take you years to master your craft to earn a single penny from the work that you do as well. it all depends on the persistence that you are willing to show towards something that you love deeply.

Usually, a film composer makes anywhere from 300$ to 2000$ per hour.

How much does mixing and mastering producers make?

Most people don’t even know that there is a whole other section to making money with music. This includes mixing and mastering your music. Mastering and mixing are done usually by seasoned music producers and engineers who specifically study and master as well as train their ears in the art of mixing and mastering music.

The process of mixing and mastering might be simple, but getting the best result out of the project depends on the ability of the producer who is handling the mixing and mastering.

Usually mixing and mastering producers are paid around 50$ per hour.

Anyone can start doing mixing and mastering if they understand the basics and have an ear for tasteful music. Over years you will get better at it. It all depends on the number of projects you have done in mixing music and how much time you have put into learning the art of mixing and mastering.

There is no magic secret in mixing and mastering at all. It’s all out there to learn. Just like chefs you just have to develop a palate for mixing and mastering.


If you are starting, don’t sweat too much about how much money you can make from the start. Try to learn the software as well as the theory behind making music. This approach will push you faster to your goals rather than being completely focused on money. Mastering your craft plays a major role in where you will go in your career.

You cannot make money in music by being mediocre. You should be investing in your craft as well as pushing yourself in ways possible to reach your goals and learn from the best producers.

There are so many reasons why you should be an assistant to producers who are at the highest level. It will make you learn things that you wouldn’t normally learn on your own. The inspiration that you will get will also propel you to make more money.

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Hustle harder folks.

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