How much does a music producer make?

Hey guys, Want to know how much music producers make? I am Maslin, music producer and a keyboardist who had this same question when I started 10 years ago. I am going to show you exactly how much music producers earn. Let’s dive in (do I sound like a YouTuber? lol).

Drum roll, please!!!!

An average income of a full-time music producer is about 75,000$ per year. It varies since most of the producers are freelancers. The top producers earn up to 1 million dollars USD per year.

Yes, we will be looking at the numbers and even taking a deep dive into how producers are making money as well.

It’s hard to give a certain number and say hey this is how much we make as producers or be like if you become a producer this is how much you will make. It’s hard to say like that because making money as a producer depends on a lot of factors and even depends on which areas the producer is actually working in.

Yes, we will be looking at the numbers and even taking a deep dive into how producers are making money as well.

Let’s look at the factors that actually have power over a music producer’s income.

  • 1.skill
  • 2.experience
  • 3.location
  • presence
  • 5.Hard work
  • 6.Business Savvy


This is an overlooked aspect of music production in general because without skill you can’t do anything. Music production has tier levels wherein you can earn more.

Let me make this clear to you of what I mean about tier levels. Let’s say you are a music producer who can only make a certain genre of music. Well, now you are limited to that genre clients alone.

Let take this as an example. John is a music producer he has to skill to make different genres of music and also has experience in mixing and mastering even has the experience to do it at home. That opens a lot of new markets for John.

This is the reason why I recommend whomever I meet to not stop learning no matter what creative work you are into.

Just like we talked skill influences how much money or income you make through music being a music producer since it solely depends on how big of a market can you target with your skills.


The experience of a music producer gives value to his work and adds reliability to his musical expertise.

This becomes a huge factor in determining how much music producers earn since you can’t charge higher prices if you are a newbie who has just started music production in your spare bedroom.

The main reason why experience plays a major role is that the producer can handle more projects and can solve complex troubles that he might encounter while working on the project.

When you have experience under your belt you are trusted more and clients will be happy to submit their valuable projects to you as they very well know that it is in good hands.

Another reason is the fact that craftsmanship develops with time and the ear for music develops with time. Having experience in making music takes your value one step higher than others in every aspect of the music industry.

Experience also helps to generate more income as you get more clients they refer you more to their friends and family.



Yeah. I know what you are thinking. Does it really matter where we live in 2020 ?. Cmon Maslin, you can make money online no matter where you are!!

I completely agree. But still, certain factors will determine how much you can make and which audience you are targeting.

Let me give an example.

I am in India, right? The monthly average need for a family is about 500$ US. If I target Indian markets in music I would get Indian clients who will pay in Indian money. Let’s reverse this a little. If I target the US being in India all I need is 5 clients who pay 100$ per month. So the income which is considered low is valued more based on location.

This is one reason why location plays a major role in how much money people make as producers, the other reason is the need for music based on location .let me explain this a little more .

if you are in a place where a certain bands music is the one everyone is listening too and you have no experience in making that type of music you have a huge disadvantage, my friend. Here is the tip that I followed when I came across this same issue years ago.

I was targeting the Trap beats industry but I had no experience or ability to make them. I spend the next three months listening to the current trap beats that were out and picked it up from the location of a music producer plays a huge role in how much music producers make.

This is the main reason why people move to places like Bali or India and stay there do their online business for say 5 years to save more in their 401k and move back to the US when they hit the money needed for their retirement. Presence :

Social Presence

I have to be real with you on this one. Having a social presence determines exactly how many ways you can monetize your craft of being a music producer.

This might be a hard one or like a slap in the face for most of us, music producers who are Introverts.

When you start to create a social presence it just increases the value of your name (they call it a brand nowadays!! Lol). The opportunities that you get being a social media star with a music producer job is just mind-blowing.

Okie. I’m not gonna hype this up too much and finish with one sentence.

Brands will pay for your audience.

4.Hard work

Work Hard on your craft

This factor will hugely determine how much a music producer makes because the universe will never reward you if you are sitting idle trying to catch the next wave to make a quick buck.

A music producer who is putting in the hustle and hard work will out-earn someone who is just doing something for a month or two and just loses focus.

I wanna share something that I saw on my beat selling website. When I published my first 50 beats I did not get any sales, dint even saw single traffic to my site. When I reached 200 beats I started to see more traffic. The lesson learned is if you keep working on something hard enough you will achieve success in it no matter the odds.

5.Business savvy.

Be Business Savvy

This is a major issue that will determine how much a music producer will make even if you have the skill, experience, hard work, social presence.

Here is why?

You cannot make any income If you are not business savvy with skills to negotiate, able to read contracts, communicate to connect with people professionally to make business with them.

If you don’t know to negotiate with brands and your clients it creates a problem where you will be paid less that you deserve to be paid for your musical work or the service that you offer.


To conclude this question here is my take on a person who asks how much can you make as a music producer? As much as you want if you have the grit and drive in you to explore every option that is available in Music production.If you are someone who is just curious to know how much music producers make i hope you got your answer.if you are someone who is starting out right now.i wanna be real with you here and say that its gonna be a learning curve for a period of time but don’t give up.

There is no match for the joy that you get Your passion takes care of you .

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it will help you get started.

Good luck out there !!!


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