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How does Music Inspire People? you won’t believe this

music inspires people

Music has always been bringing people together and inspiring them to achieve things that one might not even think about. It has always been the companion in times of joy, sadness, hurt, and pain. In this article, we are going to look at how music inspires people. 

The 5 ways music inspires people are 

  • 1.pushes their limits
  •  2.motivates to achieve
  • 3.Music is a great healer 
  • 4.changes presence and mood
  • 5.connects with God

1.pushes their limits.            

    Music has always been an inspiring factor for a lot of achievers over the last 100 years. Whenever a highly respected personal is interviewed, they say

“I was listening to him during this period in time and it pushed my limits to achieve”.

its a common sentence we all have heard.

Studies have Extensively shown how music affects our neuro pathways and helps us to do extraordinary things. 
The human brain is a wonderful creation of complete mystery. When music joins the party it becomes something more powerful. The inspiration music provides has pushed people to fight for their beliefs, their families, they’re Hereditary, even for their essential Human rights in some countries.

 Not many people understand how music has come through over the years and how much it has affected the history of the world. Revolutions and revolts have been made because of music. Changes have been brought in cultural and economic growth in countries. 

Even in today’s world, we see how a movement starts with inspiration from music. An artist’s dream becomes a reality when music gives rise to real change in the world. I personally think that is so beautiful and it’s so pure. The intention of fighting for freedom or even standing up for something because of the drive from music is absolutely amazing. 

2.motivates to achieve 

The inspiration from music is so unique that it gives the drive to push harder to achieve greater things in life rather than staying in our comfort zones. It’s an amazing boost to our brain to put us in a mindset to constantly push towards greatness. 

I was watching one of Rock’s workout videos and he said,

” Tupac on the ears and our favorite empty gym”.

if someone who is as motivated as the rock who by the way hates distractions when he is about to do his business, listen to music how much more can it help to motivate us to achieve. 

Inspiration from Music to make things happen is just incredible to think about and practice in daily life as it changes our perspective on certain things that we consider hard to do or even think as if it’s hard to achieve. Impossibilities can be achieved when inspiration comes from music. 

Every successful person associates themselves with a genre of type of music in regards to what pushes them or what gives them strength. It’s really unlikely that we would hear a person say music distracts me it decreases my motivation. 

3. Music is a great healer. 

If you haven’t experienced this or not I surely have. When I meditate regarding things that have happened to me in the past, I close my eyes,  while music is playing in my ears, the pain just fades, it just disappears.

The reason pain fades when we listen to music and give ourselves peace is just absolutely an indescribable science. I have heard so many stories of people how some songs have helped them to go through depression and fight anxiety.

As I am writing this I am listening to a song calledbroken vessels“, it just keeps me writing even if there is a hell of a lot going on in my personal life. This hits home so hard. 

I have heard so many testimonies of people who have been stopped from suicide and other forms of destructive things because music intervened. The rush of negative energy that flows in your head can be fought with music. 

We have already seen so many examples of music even waking people from the coma and has been healed people who had suffered from the trauma of a horrible incident that they have been through in their life.

Its truly amazing how much music can inspire and transform people’s life. 

4.changes presence and mood. 

This is a big one. How many times have you experienced this, you start to listen to some music and you got lost in thoughts.

Happens to me all the time. It changes the atmosphere in ways that we don’t expect and helps us do things much more effectively. It’s so fascinating how emotions can be conveyed through music by just changing a chord. 

I have seen this so much in churches how the atmosphere changes when the worship music starts. The atmosphere gets filled with something beyond our Comprehension that inspires us. 

Even genres of music were created based on how people associate themselves with each type of music. The way by which music reduces stress in people and inspires them is truly incredible to see. 

The mood of a person usually depends on the things he concentrates on and the things that he cares about that will affect him the most. Music has this ability to shut down things and open up one by one to give priority in our minds to carry out tasks properly. 

5.connects with God 

The specialty of music comes from the fact that it was the only thing that’s in this world not created by humans. It was from God. Music belongs to the heavens. This is what makes music unique and so powerful. 

Music connects our hearts with God when we worship him. Music was made in heaven to worship God. The sole purpose of music is to worship him. People always talk about bad music and good music. There is no bad music or good music. Music is there to only worship God. 

People always use an excuse that I don’t listen to the lyrics I enjoy the music. It’s totally a big bullcrap. Unconsciously you are feeding yourself with music that’s is going to destroy your thought process. 

I believe that worship music is the purest form of music that’s out there. 

According to a study by university of central Florida,music can



There is so much diversity in music that can help us in variety of ways to grow and be successful in everything that we do.

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If you are dealing with anxiety or pain here are my two golden mantras

Always go to god he can heal anything that’s hurting you

There is an answer in worship FOR YOUR PROBLEMS!!

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