How to get signed as a Music producer?

Hey guys, trying to get signed with a music label? I am Maslin, music producer and a keyboardist who started just like this with the same question 10 years ago. I am going to show you exactly how to get signed. Let’s dive in .

getting signed as a music producer
Getting signed as a producer

So let’s answer this question first,

What does it mean to be getting signed as a music producer?

What getting signed actually means is that you are given a term deal or so-called contract to work on a certain number of albums or songs with the artists of the company to producer X amount of result.

It has been always said that these contracts are always fishy and the record labels who is recruiting you will take advantage of you. I think it happens quite often but the most important thing is if you are business savvy and you know through about the other end of the spectrum of being an entrepreneur then they can’t track you or steal your hard-earned money.

So if there are these loops, twists turn and all these things you might ask why should I get signed with a record label? I will answer that in another post.

For now, let’s look at 7 steps by which you can get signed to a record label.

  • Be the best in your craft
  • Have a catalog of music
  • Build your social presence
  • Choose your record label
  • Develop a connection
  • Send your demo

Be the best in your craft:

This is an obvious one! You have to be the best in your craft if you want to get signed as a music producer in a record label. Being the best just doesn’t mean that you know everything and you know how things work. Being the best actually means how much you have refined the knowledge in each section and how good is your music in each section or area where you are skilled at.

Artists get signed all the time!! But if you wanna get signed as a music producer you have to take all chances available and be extraordinary in your craft.

I think this even applies to life. Always strive to be the best in whatever you do if someone is better in something than you have the humility to accept that they are the best, but work hard to beat them down with one heck of a knockout punch.

When I started as a music producer a lot of people were doing what I was doing. I just had hope that you know what if I work hard enough and put in more hours of work than an average music producer I can beat them. That mindset helped me to earn my first paycheck.

To conclude this point if you are striving to get signed put in more hours of work.

Have a catalog of music:

Before I start to talk on this topic I just wanna say if you don’t have a catalog of at least 200 beats ready. Stop reading this article go make beats/songs come back and then read the rest.

I can’t stress this enough. This is so important!!

Let me tell you why?

Numbers play a huge role when you assess a person’s hard work. When you say I have 200 beats in my catalog. He or she who is evaluating your profile will know that you have put in enough time to cone your craft. By the way, 200 is the lowest number.

If you know about Cashmoneyap, you might know that he got signed when he reached 800 beats in his catalog on beatstars. He proved on things thou, hard work and putting in the work always will make you reach the goals you want to reach.

Build your social presence:

I am excited about this one already. Building your social profile is a huge deal because a record label is not just signing you for your craft but also for your loyal subscriber base.

If you have read my article on how much does a music producer makes? I talked about how brands pay music producers.

Just like that in this 20th century, record labels are basically brands trying to take advantage of the audience that a music producer has.

start making content online and build your online presence to get signed as a music producer.

Is this everything you have to do to get signed no it’s not, this is just a piece of the puzzle. Record labels will love your online persona and it will be an added advantage.

Choose your record label

Yep. This is important. There are hundreds of record labels available from small ones to giants in the music industry. Some of them do music publishing some do music marketing. Big record labels do everything from artist management to music publishing.

  1. This is the first reason why you should. Be careful about which record label you are trying to get signed into. The worst thing that can happen is you getting signed to a record label who makes you do everything.
  2. The second reason is important because when you are trying to get signed you can target the artist managers, the talent managers from the record label, and put your music in front of them.

I am not going to say it’s impossible to get signed by a record label, but you have to put in the hard work and the Perseverance to go after it every single day. If you somehow get connected with a talent manager ask them what help you can do for them rather then asking hey can you check out my music?

That’s one dumb mistake that is enough to make the artist manager repel from you. You have to build a relationship first. Make them invested in you by investing in their work.

Making Connections:

Once you start to start to make connections the first thing you need to do is ask them to introduce you to other people who work in the same industry. A record label will have more than one talent manager, once you get hold of one of them start to make connections with all of them.

I know what you are thinking, dude this seems so time-consuming.

If you have to spend any time applying for jobs you would have heard the phrase.

It doesn’t matter what you know it matters who you know.

The same applies here as well. Until and unless we build connections we are not going anywhere. It’s like standing at one spot and trying to swim while you aren’t moving at all.

The other reason why you should be making connections with the talent mangers is that you will have opportunities to prove your worth. Yes, you gotta prove to them that you have the potential to do things. This should be done once you have build a relationship with them.

Send your demo

Once you have all connections in the label, now it’s time to send your demo.its gonna make a lot of sense for them to sign you once your name is on the table. If you have done everything that is said above right starting from building your skills and catalog of music, you will have more chances of getting signed than any other person that’s on that table.

Things to consider while you are submitting your demos are

  1. your absolute best work
  2. make sure they align well with the label
  3. research before your send
  4. add links to all your works if they wanted to listen more.


TO answer to your question in a different way, is it possible to get signed as a music producer?

Yes it’s absolutely possible.

If your question is ,Does it really matter if I should get signed or not?

The answer is you don’t have to get signed to make a significant money . You can check the article I wrote about how much music producers make?

If you starting music production and researching about these topics check my article on how to make music at home?

I hope you found great value and BTW,

Don’t be hard on yourself

Hardwork will always pay you back one way or the other.

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