Is Ableton or FL studio better?

The battle between the fl studio and Ableton users has never settled in a long long time as to which one is better and which one is mediocre. There are people on both sides who will throw a big load of crap if you say that their software is worth nothing. That’s how much hot this question is.

It’s not that easy to answer this question at all. But in this article, I will go through various things where each of them shows their unique characteristics and try to profess which one might work for you.

Let’s look at the short answer,

If you are into live performance and sound design, Ableton is better to use. If you are into making beats for the hip-hop and trap genre alone then you can go with FL studio.

In this article, I will go even deeper on which one is best for whom and which kind of user might get the most out of each software.

If you ask me the question “Is there a clear winner?” The answer is definitely yes. The problem is that people might prefer different software for different reasons.

Where Ableton excels

There are few things I have to mention about Ableton as I enter into this heck hole of explaining which one is better without getting eaten by anyone.

If you are into live performance the Ableton is your choice.

Ableton’s session view is unbeaten in terms of its live performance and its functionalities. There is no other digital audio workstation that has posed a threat to the ability of Ableton to perform in stages with elegance and absolute glam.

Ableton offers you more when it comes to idea generation and noting down everything which helps as an electronic producer or a dance music producer to easily go with Ableton.

If you are wondering why should you believe me then look at this article where I have listed about 20 producers who are mentioned in billboard time and again using Ableton as their main digital audio workstation.

Where FL studio excels

FL studio excels in very different places where workflow is something that you love to be associated with. Many beatmakers have fallen in love with FL studio because of the pattern workflow method where you have a lot of visual control over what you are doing.

If you are more into patterns instead of arrangement and session view then that should be the only reason why you should be choosing FL studio as your main digital audio workstation.

If you also love the mixer which is placed in a different window where you just do everything visually rather than having it all in one single track like Ableton then you can go with FL studio.

With FL studio you should learn the workflow a bit better as it might be something that will be confusing as a beginner.

If you are looking to get into FL studio check some tutorials on complete FL studio beat making rather than short videos where they just arrange the beats using patterns.

Difference In price

This is a place where you might change your decision on which software you want to go with.

Both the software have three plans you can opt-in, lets compare them one by one.

The entry-level license: Ableton intro vs FL studio fruity

 Both these versions come at 99$ but what functionalities they offer changes what they can do for an introduction license.

FL studio fruity version doesn’t allow you to record external vocals into the software. It doesn’t allow you to add anything external even if it’s an external instrument.

Ableton live intro is quite opposite and allows you to record external instruments and external vocals. The only restriction you will get is that you can’t add more than 16 tracks which as a beginner you won’t be using as much as you think you would.

You can get an fl studio fruity version here and Ableton intro here.

The intermediate license: Ableton standard vs FL studio producer

 both the versions come at different prices which are interesting. FL studio producer version comes at 199$ whereas Ableton standard version comes at 449$.

We cannot compare them both because of one reason that they both are more than enough for any beginner producer for the first 3 years.

You can get the FL studio producer version here and Ableton standard here.

The ultimate license: Ableton suite vs FL studio Signature

Again both versions come at very different prices. Due to the features, each has they can’t be compared at all in any aspect of their performances.

You can check my article on Ableton standard vs suite here

You can also check my article on FL studio version comparisons to understand how they sand against each other.

You can get the FL studio signature version here and Ableton suite here.

If you are interested check our article on how long does it take to learn music production as well.


This is what I want to leave you with when it comes to choosing a digital audio workstation. It doesn’t matter which one you use, it matters how much you are invested to get better at using it.

People who say that the songs made in Ableton and fl studio sound different are complete idiots.

Don’t ever listen to them .start with what you have and get better at it.

If you are interested you can also check out my article on 21 music production tips.

Hustle harder folks.

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