Is FL studio good for beginners?

While there is so much software available for beginner music producers, certain software has always been the popular one’s when it comes to entry level music producers’ choice. Fl studio is one of them. Fl studio has a great reputation for being the entry door to music production for most of the producers out there.

For me, it was the entry door that got me into music production. I started with fl studio and switched to Ableton live. I still respect fl studio as it allowed me to understand music production and its basics to get started later on.

If you are a beginner I would always advise you to go with Ableton or fl studio. Out of the two Ableton will have a strong learning curve whereas fl studio will seem interesting and easier as well. anyways let’s answer the question shall we,

Yes, FL studio is good for beginners. FL studio has an easier learning curve that helps the beginner music producers to learn music production easily without getting stuck or frustrated.

even though fl studio has some advanced features when it comes to music production, it always is featured as the beginner’s favorite digital audio in this article let’s look at 7 reasons why fl studio is good for beginners and they should choose it.

7 reasons why fl studio is good for beginners

  • InterfacePattern system
  • Piano roll
  • Mixing window
  • Workflow
  • Plugins 
  • Efficient 

Let’s look at the first one,


FL studio has an interesting interface when you compare it to other digital audio workstations. Other digital audio workstations are designed to make the process feel smoother and efficient whereas in FL studio you feel like you are Woking in a HI- graphics game along with making music.

Usually, the people who don’t move away from the fl studio will be able to master its complete functionalities and make awesome music as well.

Nobody indeed wants to look at a boring screen when you can have colors and stuff.

FL studio has made its mark in those places where other digital audio workstations haven’t.

If you fight with an FL studio used and came home with your arms and legs intact, that’s an achievement. To me every digital audio workstation does the same thing, they just do it in different ways.

 If you don’t know to drive the boat, doesn’t matter what you own you are going to be stuck onshore.

Pattern System

The main workflow difference which makes beginner music producers love fl studio is the pattern system that they have in their digital audio workstation. This pattern system allows any newbie producer to understand the concept of arrangement pretty quickly rather than scratching their head trying to find how to make songs.

Personally for me, as you grow you might want to switch to different software as fl studio limits your ability to experiment in terms of workflow and reduction of time.

Piano roll

I have heard this said by so many people.

“FL Studio has the best piano roll in the game”

Which I agree with. FL studio’s piano roll comes with varied functionalities that other piano rolls should copy. C’mon Abelton I am bored with your piano roll.

The advanced functionalities that an FL studio piano roll has to feel like it’s made for professionals but it’s really easy to interact even as a beginner and use it to full potential.

Piano roll is where you edit the already recorded midi notes or some people even love to draw the midi notes as well. Piano roll is the basic element in a DAW where the music production starts.

Mixing Window

There are so many different types of mixing interfaces out there in all digital audio workstations. The most creative interface for mixing is available only in fl studio which will help a beginner grasp everything quickly and understand how everything works.

The first problem usually every beginner has is to understand the integration with the mixing console from the arrangement window. In some digital audio workstations like Ableton Live, it’s pretty simple to follow whereas in FL studio it’s made even simpler.

This is one of the reasons why I would advise a new producer to start with fl studio and then switch to Ableton live.


Here’s another one solid reason why someone as a beginner should choose FL Studio. Workflow is so important when it comes to music production. You have to understand as a beginner which process is done next to which one to properly master the craft of music production. This is made easy when it comes to FL studio.

While other software also has features that will guide you to have a pretty good workflow, FL studio will limit you in certain ways to follow a workflow and learn through it the art of music production.

This is crucial for a beginner as they progress they can adapt to different workflows and ideas whereas when you are starting in music production you need to have a solid workflow to take time to master the craft because there are so many nuances associated with this which might confuse a beginner.


Plugins are the best things that are in digital audio workstations that most of us will be spending our time on. Fl studio has a lot of plugins that might intimidate a beginner at first but when you load a plugin you don’t get 1500 knobs that might confuse you.

This efficient system of making everything simple is the main reason why I would suggest anyone who is brand new to music production to start with fl studio.

It will make your life easier.


This is one other thing that I like about FL studio that helps the beginners grow faster when it comes to FL studio that is hiding some of the advanced functionalities inside plugins and menus making the interface look cleaner and efficient.

Where to get FL studio

If you are wondering where to get fl studio you can get it here,

FL studio fruity version

FL studio producer version

FL studio signature version


 No matter if you want to choose fl studio or not, sticking with the software you have and investing your time into it to learn completely is what will move the needle to bring results.

You cannot expect results as a beginner when you don’t put in the time to learn music production and master the digital audio workstation of your choice.

Be wise with your time and learn the software.

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Hustle harder folks.

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