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Is Music Production Dead? 5 Hidden Secrets


This is a question that destroys a lot of people’s ambitions. I am going to. Bust this myth inside out in this post and tell you what exactly is happening with music production in the 20th century. 

No. Music production is not dead. Music production has made more millionaires in the last 10 years more than before. If you are ready to put all your heart into music production you will win like no one else and live like no one else. 

5 actual reasons why music production is not dead

  • Consumption of music
  • No more labels 
  • Technological development
  • Entrepreneurial people. 
  • Music is eternal 

Consumption of music 

People consume music at a fast pace than at any time Before. The rate at which people get over a particular song is also increasing which just means that there is a demand for new music every single day. The avenues where people who consume music is increasing day by day. There is actually a greater demand for music podcasting, movies, TikTok, Instagram, marketing campaigns… Etc.

The avenues where music producers can make money is increasing day by day. The one takeaway I want you to. Have after you read this article is that,

“If competition is keeping you from getting you into music production, you have belief in yourself Man! The opportunities in music production nowadays are just abundant”

It’s all boils down to how you approach music Production. I always take this example, based on Elon may love him or hate him. He entered the automobile market which had established players, who are in the game for years. But he did beat them all and Tesla has a net worth more than all those companies combined. 

If you have the heart to do something then everything will fall into place. 

No more labels.      

      Once upon a time, every music producer has to beg to the labels for signing them up or even to use their music. Some music production labels even will screw them right and left without mercy. Today everything has shifted. There is no more begging un the feet of labels.

Every music producer has their own brand, has their own audience. They grow with an independent artist and they win together. This is the best time to be alive and to become a music producer. 

When the middle man has been replaced by our music reaching towards people due to social media and all amazing platforms that have arisen music production will never go dead. It will transform and innovate itself into different forms but will never be dead. 

Does music labels steal money? 

     They absolutely did steal money in terms of the deals they make with music producers and music artists. The things that they do are always shady and is questionable. A 4℅ return on every ounce of blood sweat and tears you gave to the project is never enough. 

Technological development 

The amount of technological development that we are seeing in music production will just boost the requirement of music producers and musical artists day by day. All we have to do is to adapt to the advancements.

Making a living in music production might seem daunting at first but once you earn your first dollar you will have a clear idea of how to go about it. You will actually understand how to make it happen. The first dollar is the hardest part of this journey. 

The advancements in music production have led to a day where anyone can make money living anywhere in the world. If people are going to give up when you have an opportunity like this. You are losing a lot of money on the table bro.

I have seen so many entrepreneurs you are crushing it in music production within 2 years. The first year they learn the market, the second year they launch their product and crush it. Once you do it you will be on your way man. 

Nobody thought that people can lease beats in 2008. That’s when beatstars came from. Nowhere. Today they are the biggest beat selling company in the world. They have even paid out more than 50 million dollars in the last few years. What does this actually portray? Anyone can innovate and make money through music production. 

One of the stories that amaze me is about the story of how old Town road Became a hit. A guy buys a 30$ beat from beatstars, publishes a TikTok, and markets it and he becomes an ultimate sensation and just skyrockets his net worth. 

Can you become a millionaire through music production? 

Yes, you absolutely can. It’s a day and age where innovation and entrepreneurial people are taking the leap but eliminating the middle man called music labels. Having your own brand will make you a millionaire in music production. 

Entrepreneurial people          

    The number of entrepreneurs who are entering music production is increasing day by day which is actually making the market to be wider and the people who tell you that it’s too crowded are actually afraid of the competition. If you are a musician you gotta be an entrepreneur too. That’s how you win. You have to innovate the way you sell your music and talent. That’s how you win. 

Music production Companies like Roli and Native instruments are coming up with strategies and different ways to promote their products. This just gives us an opportunity to advance and make a living with music production. The number of YouTubers who are starting their channels and branding themselves has also been doubled. 

Can you make a living with music production?

 Yes. You can make a living with music production by monetizing your music and your skills. Music production has given rise to a lot of entrepreneurs who are crushing it in their game. 

Music is eternal    

    I am a man of faith and this is what I believe.    

    “Music is eternal”

Music dint came from earth it was created in heaven. Everything you see around you came from the earth. It’s was built by man. Music wasn’t built by man it was from God. If something is from God then it can transform people, heal people, and make people do unbelievable things.

This is why music can make or break things. The intension behind why you are starting this journey of music production is also very important. You can be successful if you really care about the music you create. If you are running after the money you will never succeed. 

Always give hope and value to people. Cheer them up and make them win. It’s not always about you so try to solve people’s problems through music production it will help them to achieve success in whatever they are aiming for. 


If you are starting music production, this is my number one advice to you, 

Never give up and think that it’s not possible it’s possible if you work through it and do the impossible. 

Always outwork your competition and be the best in everything you do. 
Things will come to people who believe in and actually puts the hard work. 

There is no magic in making money it’s all about solving other people’s problems 

You are your own beast so make it count. 

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take it one day at a time fellas!!

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