Is music production for everyone?

music production

Playing a music instrument is way different from producing a song. Music production has so many levels to it that playing an instrument is just 30% of the process. I was a keyboard player when I started music production and I had this same question running through my mind as well. Is this something I can do? Can I get good at this? Can this be a viable source of income for our family?

The answer to this question is a simple yes. But in this article lets look at why music production is for everyone and what it can do for you.

I always had these questions bothering before going all-in on music production.

Let’s look at 8 reasons why music production is for everyone

Easy to learn

Abundant resources

Minimal initial setup

Spiking results

Instant gratification

Rejuvenating hobby

Sharpens hearing

Improves creativity

Easy to learn

Music production is often called as harder to learn because the learning curve for the digital audio workstation might seem a bit harder at first. Once you get the hang of it will be the easiest piece of software you would have ever learned in your life.if you are not comfortable making music on a laptop or you don’t have a laptop you don’t even have to worry. In today’s world, the mobile phones we have in our pockets are so powerful to execute any complex music production load.

Abundant resources

If you are trying to learn about music production there is an abundance of courses available for you to access and to invest in. the number of youtube channels that teach music production is just mindblowing.its not like the olden days where you have to reach out to a local music recording studio and ask them to teach you stuff. You can do it all in the palm of your hand by this magic machine called the mobile phone.

Minimal Initial Setup

People always complain saying yo music production requires a lot of gear it’s not easy to do this, you cannot learn if you don’t have the gear, its totally wrong, you can start with a minimal setup right away.the setup can be just a laptop or even can be an old keyboard that you have at your home it doesn’t matter its all enough to start and get your learning process started.

Check my post on how to make music at home to look at what would be a minimum requirement for making music at will give you a rough idea of how much you should invest and what you can use again or repurpose to kick start your music production career.

Spiking results

Unlike other hobbies, you will start to see an improved response In your ability to learn things regarding music over time. It’s very noticeable in the case of music production because some of it is visual and also some of it comes to looking at the music you made a month ago and comparing them.

I believe that the greatest motivation is not from watching others make music, it’s about the journey and the improvements that we have achieved should force and motivate us to improve our work even further.

Instant Gratification

If you put let’s say one hour of work into music production then you will see a great difference in how you are producing music. it’s like giving birth to a baby .if you have time to learn music production get on with the process .its the best thing you can do for yourself. It will calm your mind immediately as soon as you start to write music in your digital audio workstation.

I have seen countless times where if I’m upset about something in life and I start to produce music .it just shifts the focus and gives you an escape from all the stinky things in the world.its really a miracle to see our worries fade away as we clock into work on music production.

Rejuvenating hobby

The important reason music production is for everyone is because of how much it impacts your mood and how much it inspires you to do great things in life .if you ask any filmmaker they have this one quote that I like,

Without music even if the cinematography is out of the world it is still a blank screen.

It was a fun small hobby for me as well but as you get into it deeper you will start to immerse yourself so deep it will become an obsession that moves your heart.

Sharpens hearing 

You will start to hear sounds and even pay attention to the noises and things you have never done. yes, there is another extreme where you can get problems in your hearing really sharpens your hearing to listen and even break down amazing music will hear stuff that nobody hears in a song.usually when people listen to a song they don’t pay attention to some intricate details but you will.

Improves creativity

If there is one reason that I would say to start learning music production and pick this hobby or business is because of how it makes people’s creativity to spike and make them do incredible things in their lives. you will be inspired and able to do things and solve complex problems as you start to learn music production because of the problem-solving skill that is required to be a music producer.


If you are trying to hop into music production or even trying to pick it up as a hobby started not delay it at will be worth your time and make you appreciate music even more. you will always see negativity around music production but it has one of the strongest communities of people who help each other and make a difference in each other’s production process.

If you have already started but stuck in the middle or even struggling to progress keep at it work on it daily and don’t give will pay you back in time.

Check my other articles on how to develop a career in music production as well.

Hustle harder