Is Pro Tools better than Ableton? a quick guide


There are so many software’s out there for music production that the comparison between two software like pro tools and Ableton always comes up. They both dominate in different aspects of music production. Both are premium software used by producers who are working in the elite 1% category. This allows no discrimination in terms of if they can be compared to each other or not.

If you look at pro tools, it’s one of the most used music production software in recording studios for vocal sessions and film scoring. The features like cloud collaboration and HD integration makes the software stand out from the tons of other digital audio workstations. This is the only software that gives you a monthly subscription rather than a one-time fee.

When you look at Ableton, it’s a premium software used by DJ’s and music producers all around the world in almost all genres. Ableton as a digital audio workstation stands out among others because of the ability to perform live using the session view. This session view allows users to put the ideas as fast as possible to the music production software and also to perform live.

Neither Protools nor Ableton is better than each other. They are used for specific aspects of music production. Pro tools dominate in vocal recordings and film scoring whereas Ableton dominates in beat making and live performances.

Let us dive in shall we,

How good is pro tools compared to Ableton?

when you talk about pro tools, you cannot leave out the fact that they offer the best free edition of music production software when compared to all other competitors in the market. Pro tools offers you all the recording features starting from comping which is nothing but a loop recording feature to complete integrating with avid s series mixing consoles.

Pro Tools offers a free version with more features than all other digital audio workstations. Pro tools offers HD options and integrations which will help to work seamlessly with the hardware equipment.

Pro Tools is also known for its ability to work with video, it has advanced rendering features that would help in rendering the video after scoring the film. The ability of pro tools to work seamlessly with multiple tracks and at the same time score for video in multiple formats makes it a major contender for the best digital audio workstation.

When it comes to pro tools the only thing that I would complain about is the prices even though I know why they are charging so much. They are charging so much around 80$ per month because of the unlimited cloud space they give for all of its users. Cloud computing takes a lot of resources to organize and manage. So it makes sense for them to charge more.

How good is Ableton?

Once I was giving so much crap about Ableton that, it can’t record vocals in a comp. well in Ableton 11 things have changed now. They have introduced comping and multi-track lock. This allows any of Ableton’s users to do advanced comping as well as editing using the multi-track lock. The Ableton 11 version update has brought things home. 

The new interface and the small tweaks declutter Ableton has worked so well.

If you told me pro tools is the premium software and there cant be any competitors to it. I would have said “ in a way yes”. Ableton 11 has changed the whole game with their Ableton 11 update. No producer has to move to another digital audio workstation to do any of their vocal recordings as Ableton comes with its track lanes which allows you to record into Ableton pretty easily and select any version of the track lane and add it to the comp. the organization and the implementation is way better than pro tools as well.

This puts Ableton live 11 head to head with pro tools. They are matched at every level. If you would ask me what’s the best thing about Ableton 11. I would say that “ if you ever need a software that could do music production, DJing, vocal recording, live performance, then you have all of these in Ableton live 11”.

The main difference between pro tools and Ableton

there were so many differences between Ableton and pro tools about 6 months ago. Not anymore. Ableton live 11 has closed the gap. It’s a competition where now pro tools has to catch up with Ableton. When comparing prices Ableton comes at a one-time price. This one-time price makes Ableton the most affordable option. Out of the three versions available Ableton live standard is all you need for the first 3 years of your music production journey.

You can get Ableton live standard edition here

You can get a pro tools subscription here.


The idea that people carry sometimes that you have to have pro tools or Ableton to succeed in music production is a idiotic statement. You can use any software and learn about music production. Producers have used software that aren’t even considered premium software to make hits.

You must have a basic setup to start producing music but the thought that you need 1000’s dollars worth of equipment is idiotic.

You can start with minimal equipment and invest as you go further in your career. The first thing that I will advise is to get pro tools or an Ableton license. Then you can build everything from there.

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Hustle harder folks.

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