Is pro tools the best for mixing? A mixing engineers prespective

Pro tools offers so many luxuries to its users and one of them is considered to be its ability to integrate with the recording studio mixing consoles and perform mixing and mastering for films and songs.

If you are trying to find if pro tools is really good for mixing in this article we will go through everything starting from its interface to how it interacts with the hardware consoles as well which are produced by the avid team.

Yes, pro tools is the best for mixing as it is considered to be the “industry standard” across all recording studios. Pro tools integrates well with the hardware mixing boards and offer much flexibility when it comes to recording vocals and instruments.

Mixing with pro tools

Adjusting levels in pro tools is something that can be done with precision in terms of a bus track or even a recorded track. Since leveling or gain staging is the first part of mixing pro tools can control all the levels of tracks even externally.

Adding and removing a compressor or an effects plugin way lot easier and easy to work within pro tools.

The hardware integration with the avid s- line series is not talked about when it comes to pro makes all the difference in using the software as well as the hardware in a studio rather than some other third party mixing console. Much like Apple and Microsoft, avid has created its platform as well as hardware for use in recording studios.

Advantages of mixing with pro tools

most of the studios nowadays use pro tools because of the amount of mixing consoles which are produced by avid.

The other advantage that pro tools bring is the simplicity in recording instruments and vocals. The multi-loop record for vocals and instruments is highly praised for the efficient recordings.

One other thing that should be praised about pro tools is the used of cloud resources to make sure that the collaboration within and between recording studios pretty easily. We don’t have to wait for hours to upload the files or wait for the other person to download them and arrange them as well. everything gets stored in the cloud automatically and can be accessed by everyone as well.

If you have heard anyone say that you shouldn’t mix in mono. They are completely wrong. When it comes to mixing I completely understand the argument that everything today is in stereo. What happens is the fact that your ears will get clouded by the stereo going back and forth. you will miss out on things you might need to concentrate in certain areas of making music.

How to learn mixing with pro tools

the best way to learn mixing with pro tools would be to invest in proper pro tools mixing course instead of wandering around on youtube where there is no proper structure to where to start to learn or where to even finish. This unorganized format will always put you up for failure and cause disadvantages.

I would always suggest you stick to skillshare because it offers you unlimited resources for a small cost like Netflix.

The main tip I would give if you are starting to learn mixing is to always be open to ideas and understandings of other people, even if they can’t exactly communicate what they are trying to explain.

You have to be always humble enough to learn and accept ideas instead of being a stupid who doesn’t understand the art of learning in music production.

You cannot succeed by yourself at all. You have to learn from multiple sources and while you are doing that you will find your palate and your taste in mixing. That’s where your music will become its identity. your mixing skills will also be recognized for its sound and the vibe that brings along with it. That’s what you should be striving for.


Mixing is a hard task and training your ears takes a lot of years. The more experienced you are you will able to hear things differently and understand what’s going wrong in a mix. Don’t frustrate yourself thinking that you cannot do it properly at all. It takes effort and time to achieve where you want to be.

Mix at least 5 beats per week and compare them to a reference mix that you adore and check where they are going wrong and what can be made even better and apply them in the next project. The more you stay consistent with this routine you will be able to improve your mixing skills.

Learning and working on a project to understand mixing is crucial instead of listening to a bunch of people just talk about mixing. You have to be hands-on when it comes to mixing.

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Hustle harder folks

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