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Is Pro Tools User-friendly? a beginners prespective

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The frustration of going through menus to find a particular function is the worst feeling when you pick up a new digital audio workstation. Making software like pro tools user friendly makes it accessible to all of its users and allows them to fall in love with the interface as well. this is one of the reasons why I love Ableton live.

Pro Tools is the industry standard when it comes to music production. Every professional recording artists use pro tools for its enormous capabilities in making music and recording vocals. The question about the user experience of software is a good one to have as it helps to bring advancements in the software.

In this article we will go through discussing if pro tools is user friendly and what are the things to keep in mind when you are using pro tools as well. since pro tools is a premium software sometimes people get intimidated that it might be harder to use and it will be a hassle in learning pro tools. This happens even with Ableton users. once you invest in software it’s like getting married to it.

Yes, pro tools is user friendly and has a great user experience. Pro tools Is professional software with a large audience that helps them to focus on UX/UI. This makes trusting pro tools for greater user experience easy.

Let’s dissect this pro tools thing shall we,

user interface of pro tools

having a simple user interface Is very crucial when it comes to making music. If the interface is complex you get stuck with multiple things which lead to quitting from music production. A lot of people who have an actual talent for music production quit early thinking that the interface is complex. I don’t have any words to say to them other than, you could have tried on more months.

In these cases, can you blame the company for having a hard user interface? The answer to this question is yes and no. sometimes it’s not that easy to say something is working and people doubt themselves and quit learning pro tools. In some cases, genuinely the interface or the user experience might be worst. In some cases, they won’t be able to find good quality tutorials which leads them to not having the ability to learn properly to understand music production in pro tools.

There are so many factors that can be attributed to having a poor user experience in music production and in using pro tools.

Recording interface in pro tools

The main reason why most people use pro tools is to record high-quality audio in the studio. If we can answer the question of whether or not pro tools fulfill the claims that it makes regarding its recording capabilities then it’s safe to assume that it does have a good interface. I have tried pro tools and the only thing that came to my mind is “is this a premium music production software”.

If you have ever tried Ableton and moved to pro tools, you will feel like you are in a children’s park. That’s how much the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Navigation in pro tools

This is a very important subject when it comes to a digital audio workstation. The ability to use a workstation to its full potential depends on how easy it Is to navigate across the software. When you compare pro tools to other software like fl studio and Ableton, pro tools is a lot easier than both of them. You will need more time to learn fl studio and Ableton than pro tools.

pro tools Is powerful

pro tools is used so much not just because of the navigation and the ease of use. It is used because of how powerful it is even though it has a very simple interface. This makes the software to compete with other digital audio workstations.

If pro tools was not powerful as how it is now, then it would be like Garageband which is getting overshadowed by a logic pro.

These are some of the reasons why I think pro tools is user-friendly.

Where to get pro tools.

Pro tools has various plans when it comes to their software license. They don’t offer one time fees. Instead, pro tools offers a subscription model. You will be asked to pay a small amount every month.

If you pay yearly you will save a lot.

You can get the pro tools artist version here.


The most important thing when it comes to learning or advancing in music production if you see it as a hobby or career is to put in the time to learn the software inside out.

When you start learning things you will understand other concepts in relation to music production very easily.

This is why I always address people to get skillshare. It’s much better than youtube to learn structurally.

If you are interested check my article on why pro tools is the best DAW as well.

Hustle harder guys.

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