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Can anyone learn Electronic Music Production? Hard Truth

learn electronic music production

Everybody has this question when they start music production. It’s because of being intimidated by hardware or even because of plenty of reasons. In this article, I am going to talk about how anyone can learn electronic music production with 5 basic steps.

5 steps by which anyone can learn music production

  • Interest
  • Persistence
  • Learning continuously
  • Mapping your progress
  • Fixing a goal

As we have figured out our 5 steps to how anyone can learn electronic music production let’s dive into this.

First I want to give you my story of electronic music production. When I wanted to get into music production, it was really hard to understand how the software was working and translating what is in my head into actual music using the software. I developed a step by step approach of moving step by step and learned to produce music in every genre. It took me about 6 months to properly make songs in 4 genres.

is it possible for anyone without even having musical knowledge to do music production?

Yes. It’s is here is how it works.


Your interest to learn electronic music production really matters on how far you will go to learn music production. If you really motivated then the small setbacks won’t bother you much and you can really take time and learn music production.

I have seen people with experience who took music production thinking that they can make a lot of money with it and they got burnt out because they dint have the passion for it.

They had it at the beginning but they couldn’t continue because of other things that distracted them. It really matters how much drive you have in you before you step in the direction of music production.

It has a steep learning curve if you are very new to music production. You will progress faster as you invest more time into it.

If you are going to learn music production make sure you have a long term drive and passion to do this.

It’s not like playing games where you learn to rules and have fun. It takes time and effort to get good at it. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have fun. It takes a little time to get a pass over the learning phase.

it’s just the mental state at which you start your journey. If you really want to learn music production and has a passion for it .it really possible that anyone can learn music production without any issues.


yes, it is going to get really hard sometimes maybe because you don’t understand a concept or you have a technical glitch and you dint know how to work through it.

if you are new and starting out, this is going to happen! the setbacks sometimes even will question why you even started music production.

the way I kept persistent when I was finding myself getting stuck was to remind myself that I am a newbie and its harder for anyone who is starting electronic music production. If I quit that is when I fail .if I keep up with it eventually I can get good at it.

It’s not a hard thing to do as well. Its all a big mind game when it comes to learning music production or even any skill in general.

Having a proper schedule to work in every aspect of music production is also essential. It’s about having a set time, maybe an hour to work on this every single day.

I use an app called Notion where I just track what are the things I have to learn and get good at each day. it just keeps me check.

The other I do is share it with my friends so that they can keep me accountable. They will ask hey how is the music production project going on or like what’s the progress so far?

3.Learning Continuously

this is a hard one, if you already have a full-time job and you are starting music production as a passion project then it’s going to be really hard at first to even find time to sit down and learn.

I have seen people who start music production as a passive income stream and drop it within a few months because they don’t learn continuously.

Learning might seem hard at first, but the resources available are abundant. We are living through a time where every information that we need is available on the internet. It’s not at all hard to find the proper information to learn music production.

The amount of electronic music production courses that are on the internet is just mind-blowing. Nobody can even complain saying that, yo there is no tutorial.

My best tip for you if you starting to learn music production is to learn your Digital audio workstation properly. Learn every function and what it does. Many people will tell you hey, watch how to make your first beat and follow the tutorial.

It will give you instant happiness like yeah I did it. But in the long run, if you would have spent that time in learning the tool which you are going to make music with. It’s going to reward you multifold.

Whenever you finish watching a video, do the exact same technique and see how it comes out and try to change things as well. Always experiment, it’s a good way to increase creativity.

4.Mapping your progress

Mapping your progress is one of the important things that you should be doing whenever you are learning a new skill.

It helps you to keep track of how much you have learnt and where you are in your journey.

Two things will happen if you don’t map your progress. You will lose motivation and you will lose continuous learning.

Losing motivation is the first issue or roadblock in learning music production.

It’s the one things that will stand against you in your passion.

I believe that motivation is earned through my own achievements rather than consuming motivational content.

The best type of motivation is by looking at our own results.

If we don’t map our results then it’s hard to be motivated since our mind will trick us in thinking we haven’t learnt a thing.

Now you might have a question “how do I even track my progress? “

It’s simple, write down what you have learnt every single day. That’s all you need. Whenever you feel Demotivated look through what you have learnt and get inspiration and move forward.

Make this your habit you will find a great difference in the music production Learning journey. Your effort will compound day by day and produce massive results. Take it one day at a time.

5.fixing your goal.

The last and final tip by which anyone can learn music production is by fixing a goal instead of picking stuff everywhere.

If you don’t have a set goal say “ I wanna make a beat within 1st month “.

Without a goal, you will learn a lot but the needle won’t move because you aren’t working in a particular direction. You are all over the place.

The goal has to be realistic as well in terms of the time you have and how much you can consume.

Always re-access your goals.


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